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  1. sounds like trackcast is the only way to watch tonight.....
  2. thanks matt!....hate to see broadcast sports not doing it like always but getting some live coverage of the finals will be great for indiana wrestling....
  3. Is broardcastsport.net going to carry the state finals like in the past or is Fox Sports the only way to watch? It appears that the Fox Sports coverage isn't up in the Elkhart area. Maybe I'm missing something but we can't find anything.
  4. good luck to jack this weekend....hard to believe these boys are seniors already.....seems like just yesterday when tony and jack were battling it out as middle schoolers in Indy and now their high school careers are wrapping up......
  5. That's a group of tough ones for sure......anyone know anything about how Hayden Lee is doing out west?
  6. heavy accusations?......are you kidding me?.....wow you are worse than Y2 at reading something into my questions and statements that obviously wasn't there.....and there was no backtracking or apologizing on my part bud......nothing to apologize for......and lastly if you don't like it, well you know what you can do about that......
  7. i do see now that your logo is on the bracket i was emailed.....i did not notice that when i saw it......sorry for causing you so much anquish this evening by asking questions and commenting on your website......
  8. you need to read what i said.....i didn't say i got it from another website.....i was emailed a picture of one bracket......
  9. and if i had thought that you made them up i would have no problem saying so and would not have been hinting at it.......i was merely trying to understand what happened.....
  10. let me set you straight......i had absolutely no idea as to who put the brackets together or who first posted them.....i didn't even see them here on your website......i was emailed a picture of my sons bracket and that was it......sorry for your confusion......
  11. would you like to explain that?.....cause i have no idea as to what you're referring to.....who is the "we" that pulled a fast one as you say?
  12. thank you karl.....i guess now that i have asked a couple questions and received actual answers, i would have to agree that it sounds as if the ihsaa did something wrong or is not following their own rules......seems like they owe everyone an explanation at the least.....
  13. well lets see if i or anyone else fully understood all of this no one would be posting anything....that is why people ask questions.....and i guess i have another one since i have such a hard time understanding things......who is it that handed out the brackets at merriville?.....an ihsaa official?......sorry i don't know that already.....
  14. is it possible that the brackets that were posted saturday night were just plain and simple, not properly done, and that the ihsaa did nothing wrong?.....they (the ihsaa) drew the brackets as they always do on sunday and the only one to blame for this mess is whomever put together the brackets saturday and posting something that wasn't right? and then the next question is who put the brackets together saturday evening if the ihsaa didn't?.....or did they?
  15. this seems to be the death draw of all death draws this year......for both of them......two great athletes but only one can move on.....
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