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  1. None of the class wrestling pundits are going to bite on this comment? Last week, 30+ plus pages of debate, today nothing. It's the Wednesday before Spring Break I could use some semi-entertainment....!
  2. vito pepperelli

    Lawrence Schools being changed?

    The report I refer to was the Kernan/Shepard study done on local government reform, which included the recommendaton fo consolidate all school corporations under 2,000 students. An excerpt is below: The Kernan-Shepard report contains several recommendations for public schools. One recommendation is to reorganize school districts to achieve a minimum student population of 2,000. ?Indiana has too many school districts and administrators, but Indiana does not have too many schools. We recommend retaining geographically dispersed schools to allow districts to maintain optimal class sizes and serve local populations and needs.? (Report-pg. 28)
  3. vito pepperelli

    Lawrence Schools being changed?

    Indiana Wrestling Guy: Mitch Daniels is in his second term. He is limited by statute to two terms as governor. His "reign" will be over in a little more than three years. A commission study recommened consolidation for school corporations under 2,000 students and it wouldn't fly. If that won't go, you will NEVER be able to consolidate IPS and Marion County schools. If it were to become the case, the private schools in the area would jump for joy because they would net a huge increase in enrollment requests.
  4. The racing thing has been done, BUT has the singlet itself ever been a checkered flag? Just a thought.
  5. vito pepperelli

    quick career question

    As a school administrator I can tell you that good Science teachers are in very high demand. To say the least, the applicant pool is extremely thin. Willingness to coach an extra-curricular position(s) is a bonus, but effective classroom instruction should come first. Positions in certain certification areas run cyclical (e.g. English and PE). However, Social Studies and elementary are saturated with applicants, and has seemed to be the case for quite some time. Math and Science will always be in demand. Other factors in the hiring process: years of experience and geography. I have interviewed many highly qualified applicants that I could not hire simply because of budgetary issues. Secondly, I have been burned by hiring people not from the area who seemed willing to make a long term commitment until a job opened up close to home. Last piece of advice - 4-5 years from now when you are interviewing for jobs, always ask yourself this huge question: Can I see myself spending my career here? Because years of experience equals $$$, 10 years from now you may see yourself teaching at a place you don't enjoy working and your experience makes you immobile. There is little in life that stinks more than waking up every day going to a job you hate. Every school in Indiana possesses one or two people like this and all they do is suck the life out of their kids and colleagues. Teaching is a great profession. Good luck.

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