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Everything posted by 3xStateChamp

  1. Click, Spin, Click, Spin, Click, Click, Spin Spit ! I’m your huckleberry @TeamGarcia @FCFIGHTER170 Woooooooo..... Bang ! Bang ! Bang ! Fastest Trigger Finger in the Galaxy Pistol Pete
  2. click ... spin ... click... spin .... click .... spin.... click... spin.... click.... spin... click ... spin Wooooooooooooooooo..... BANG ! BANG ! BANG ! Pistol Pete 🤠
  3. Woooooooooooooo...... Woooooooooooo...... BANG ! BANG ! BANG ! Did some body say Fight Season ..... BANG ! BANG ! BANG ! since we’ins challenging people on Indianamat Interwebs . Yes... that’s what Pistol read on this thread . it’s Pistol Pete ..... your big bad shootin, one good eye showing up for a gun fight, 2 blazin Colt 357, hollow points, fastest automatic trigger finger in the World..... maybe in the Galaxy. Not to mention your 34x NCAA National Champions Oklahoma State Cowboys mascot . Thee one ..... Thee Onlyest PISTOL PETE ! I’ll make ya Famous ! BANG ! BANG ! BANG ! so I’m challenging that @donniebaker you in’s wanna test your numb chucks skills Champ vs. my 357’s . Picture Pistol staring at Donnie with one Red eye like Clint Eastwood in the Good, The Bad, The Ugly . My 357’s Guaranteed to put a lines in that mullet of yours faster than Pistols can twist his handle bars mustache. Pistol Ain’t scurd of some nUmb Chucks lovin, lethal moves, thumb wrestlin, . I’m the Onlyest National Threat beside that copy cat lovin Pistol Pete Brother Wyoming mascot . Shootin up everything in the North Territory. Btw...... we are twins . Wooooooooooooooooo..... BANG ! BANG ! BANG ! Pistol Pete 🤠
  4. Wooooo.... Bang ! Bang ! Bang ! Pistol would Like to welcome Shawn to Dem Boyz . Go Pokes Pistol Pete
  5. Mus of cause you replying . Even Pistol can see that wit one good eye . They’ll Make Ya Famous .... Wooooo Wooooo...... Bang ! Bang ! Bang ! 34x National Wrestling Champs Oklahoma State Cowboys Pistol Pete 🤠
  6. Wooo.... Bang ! Bang ! Bang ! Thats how you make a Entertainment Since these amateurs wanna play meteorologist, fortune tellers, wannabe fortune cookies ... which Pistol eats everyday to get his magical powers, Pistols trigger fingers gotta get feed . Heck ya, Pistol called you wannabes cause your trying to do something your not good at like predicting stuff . Going to give you some examples of Pistols abilities: 1. Pistol predicted when Chuck Norris was born, soon after Oklahoma State wins 34 National Championships. 2. Pistol predicted when the Dinosaur died “I single handling shot every one of those critters with one eye” call Pistol a liar one more time . Ask yourself was you meteorologist there . NOPE ! 3. Pistol predicting right now @Mattyb will say “with that said” 6 more THOUSAND times . It’s in every single post he’s ever posted ... call Pistol a liar . Look it up. Only reason he’s going into Indianamat HOF . “With that said”..... Take that Avon lover ! 4. Pistol going to say “Pistol” 999,999,999,999 x 1+7 = 3x Noodling State Champ in his post . Don’t believe me. Watch me ! Wooooo.... Bang ! Bang ! Bang ! Just a tip of the iceberg what Pistol Famous (Smoke of Time) can do . Pistol Only Picks Winners Picture Pistol firing 12 shots in the Air creating his “Smoke of Time” . There it is.. Pistol sees them 106- Freshman school that loves guns and a Academy, Pistol loves guns .... Wooooooo..... Bang ! 113- Senior kid wearing red & white in a few years 120- Junior Little guy that rhymes with little 126- Freshman that’s won everything as a youth wrestler and it shows on the mat . 132- Senior wearing red & white in a few years . Trying to be a 3x like Pistol is a Noodling State Champ. His dad is bi-polar and thinks he knows Pistol. Woooo.... Bang 138- Senior wearing red & white in a few years and wears Pistol favorite colors Orange & White wishes his school wasn’t called the Olympians and called Cowboys instead Wooooo....... Bang ! 145- Pistol sees a kid probably wearing Blue & White in his bright future . Has more takedowns than Daton Fix this season . Intermission: (Side Note) Did you know Pistol is the Most Famous Mascot in College Sports according to Flowrestling.com ... Woooo... Bang ! Bang ! Bang ! Take that you Wyoming copycat Cousin ! 152- Senior coming out of nowhere on the bottom bracket . He has Cat like reactions . Cliffhanger there 160- Senior that will be Red & White in a few years . Will cradle you from anywhere and is 6’3 . 170- Senior that will be Red & White in a few years . Kid isn’t as strong as Pistol, he thinks he is. He not . School should be called the Cowboys . Wooooo.... Bang ! 182- Senior that will be wearing Green & White in a few years . “With that said.... “ Pistol is faster than him on a quick draw .... Woooo..... Bang ! 195- Junior that will be a Cornhusker in a few years . He’s from Muncie and that town produces Champions . 220- Senior that will be wearing Red & White in a few years . 285- kid has Voltage in his name maybe Watts is his name . Can you smell what Pistol is Firing out Pistols Guns .... Champions ! Woooo..... Bang ! Bang ! Bang ! Pistol Pete
  7. Pistol agrees with @TeamGarcia , your a Homer of Mater Dei like he is of Avon. Wooooo... Bang ! Bang ! Bang ! Pistol Pete
  8. Pistol agree with you to @RKS22 . @TeamGarcia is so angry right now those panties hurt so much. Such a Homer picking all 9 Avon guys . Take that @TeamGarcia cause you said Pistol was spotted down in Evansville hold up Sectional brackets. Wrong Hater ! Pistol was in Madison County hold up their Sectional brackets to stay on . You think you know Pistol. Woooo.... Bang ! Bang ! Bang ! Pistol Pete
  9. Chad Red vs. Nick Lee ..... SUNDAY Woooooo.... Bang ! Bang ! Bang ! Pistol Pete Young Gunz Gang
  10. Crap ...... and it Begins ! Woooo.... Bang ! Bang ! Bang! Pistol Pete
  11. Pistol wants to know of the Ranked individuals and who’s Ranked now . Can someone breakdown who’s been tested the most (Wins) over ranked top guys at the 3/4 mark of the Season leading into Conference and the State Series ? Lots of individual results are in for this . Maybe give Top 10 of tested wrestlers to this point, winning percentage ? @maligned or @Indysportsfan Pistol Pete Woooooo..... Bang ! Bang ! Bang ! Young Gunz Gang
  12. 2018 Josh Lowe Press Release... The 58th edition of the nation’s oldest continuous running “holiday” tournament returns to Brecksville-Broadview Heights High School on Friday, December 28 and Saturday, December 29. The field will feature an event-record 51 teams in total, including 21 programs from northeast Ohio battling it out with a diverse field of teams from across Ohio, three from the state of Michigan, and three from Indana Featured from the teams this field are 147 wrestlers that have previously appeared in a state wrestling tournament. This includes sixeen wrestlers that were state champions in 2018: Jacob Lagoa (Ashtabula Lakeside); Nick Burgard (Ashtabula St. John); Asa Garcia (Avon, Ind.); Victor Voinovich (Brecksville); Tyler Stein (Canfield); Jacob and Jordan Decatur (CVCA); Josh Edmond, Derek Gilcher, Kevon Davenport, and Easton Turner (Detroit Catholic Central, Mich.); Stoney Buell (Dundee, Mich.); Austin Boone (Lowell, Mich.); Casey Barnett (Milan Edison); Carson Kharchla (Olentangy Liberty); and Jacob Moran (Portage, Ind.) An additional eleven wrestlers finished second at the state tournament last year: David Cumberledge (Ashtabula St. John), Cole McComas (Beaver Local), Cameron Amine and Steven Kolcheff (Detroit Catholic Central, Mich.), Tyler Swiderski and Christian Killion (Dundee, Mich.), Dylan Shawver and Mick Burnett (Elyria), Nick Kohorn and Avry Mutschler (Lowell, Mich.), along with Kyle Rowan (Perry – Lake County). In all 89 members of the field placed in the top eight of their state tournament bracket last year. Seeking to repeat as champions are Detroit Catholic Central (Mich.), and they are also the field’s highest ranked team at No. 7 nationally. The Shamrocks are anchored by four returning state champions, led by three-timer Kevon Davenport; along with two-time finalist Josh Edmond, Derek Gilcher, and Easton Turner. They also return two state runners-up in Cameron Amine, a two-time previous state champion, and Steven Kolcheff. They return four additional state placers, another state qualifier, and add an impact incoming freshman in Cadet National freestyle runner-up Manuel Rojas; so there is a log-jam of talent present for the Shamrocks. Detroit Catholic Central has won the last two dual team state titles in Michigan’s big-school division, earning that distinction in six of the last nine seasons. The other two nationally ranked teams in the field are Elyria and Brecksville, champions of this tournament in December of 2016 and 2015 respectively. Elyria, which has qualified for the dual team state tournament and finished in the top five of the Division I individual state tournament the last four years, is currently ranked No. 27 nationally. The Pioneers are anchored by returning state runners-up Dylan Shawver and Mick Burnett, state placer Matt Zuckerman, state qualifier Jake Evans, and impact freshmen in Peyton Fenton and Nate Burnett. Brecksville has qualified for the dual team state tournament in all six years of the event, and have finished top five at the individual Division I state tournament in all of those seasons. The Bees are ranked No. 37 nationally, led by returning state champion Victor Voinovich. They also feature returning state placers Jack Stanley, Jimmy Carmany, and Marco Regalbuto, along with state qualifiers Ben Vanadia and Ethan Hatcher. State championship and runner-up teams are abound through the field of this event, ten in total, from either the dual meet or individual bracket state tournament: Ashtabula St. John (Division III individual runner-up), Brecksville (Division I individual runner-up), Brownsburg (Indiana state runners-up), Canfield (Division II individual runner-up), Detroit Catholic Central (Mich. – Division 1 state champions), Dundee (Mich. – Division 3 state runner-up), Lake Catholic (Division II dual meet runner-up), Lowell (Mich. – Division 2 state champions), Tuslaw (Division III dual meet runner-up), and Wauseon (Division II dual meet champions). On the individual side of things, seven wrestlers will seek to repeat as champions in this year’s edition of the Brecksville Holiday Invitational Tournament (BIHT): Jacob Decatur (CVCA), Dylan Shawver, two-time champion Jordan Decatur (CVCA), Kevon Davenport, Victor Voinovich, Connor Brady (Olentangy Liberty), and Carson Kharchla (Olentangy Libety). Six additional wrestlers seek to move one step higher on the podium after finishing as runner-up in a previous year: Jacob Moran (Portage, Ind.), Asa Garcia (Avon, Ind.), Cameron Amine, Jacob Lagoa (Ashtabula Lakeside), and Easton Turner; while Marco Regalbuto was a runner-up in 2015. The BIHT would like to welcome all 51 teams to the event, in particular the twelve teams making their overall debut in this event. Those includeAshtabula Lakeside, Avon (Ohio), Berea-Midpark, Bishop Hartley, Brownsburg (Indiana), Elmwood, Louisville, Newark Catholic, Norwalk, Tiffin Columbian, Toledo Whitmer, and Watkins Memorial. A cordial welcome back is also given to five squads returning back to the event after hiatus: Beaver Local, Bellevue, Independence, Massillon Perry, and Mechanicsburg.
  13. Bang ! Bang ! Pistol Gun Smoke of Time..... Thee most reliable wrestling forecast according to Meteorologists, Miss Cleo & End of the Earth prediction . 106- PM... dec. maybe Major . Both are pretty good . 113- EMD ... maj. 120- EMD ... maj 126- EMD ... dec. 132- EMD ... dec. 138- EMD ... dec 145- PM ... dec. worth the admission 152- EMD... dec. worth the admission 160- EMD.. dec. 170- EMD.... dec. 182- PM... dec. 195- PM... dec. maybe Maj 220- PM ... Pin 285- PM... Pin Bang ! Bang ! Bang ! Pistol Pete EMD Wins ..... maybe Home Mat Advantage, it’s going to be load in there.
  14. Pistol didn’t notice this ... Does Coach Nickal have cauliflower ears like his boy or did he wear his head gear ? Wooooo..... Bang ! Bang ! Bang ! Bo should of stayed close to Texas and wrestled for the Great John Smith at Oklahoma State ! Pistol Pete Young Gunz Gang
  15. Click.... Click..... Wooooooo... Bang! Bang! Bang! Pistol Pete Young Gunz Gang
  16. At Evansville Mater Dei 12/8/18 1. Evansville Mater Dei 2. Avon 3. Castle 4. Bloomington South 5. Jeffersonville 6. McCracken County (Ky) Wooooo.... Bang ! Bang ! Bang ! Pistol Pete
  17. Hmmmmmm.....🤷‍♂️ Is Conley wrestling 152 now ? 🤠 Woooo.... Bang ! Bang ! Bang ! Pistol Pete
  18. 2018 Notable Teams Notable teams in field based on 2017-18 state tournament performance... Dual Meet State Participants: OHIO Brecksville – Division I semifinalists Elyria – Division I quarterfinalists Marysville – Division I quarterfinalists Massillon Perry – Division I quarterfinalists Wauseon – Division II state champions Lake Catholic – Division II runners-up Canfield – Division II semifinalists Claymont – Division II quarterfinalists Tuslaw – Division III runners-up MICHIGAN Detroit Catholic Central – Division 1 state champions Lowell – Division 2 state champions Dundee – Division 3 state champions **Indiana does not have a state association dual team tournament Individual State Tournament Top Ten Teams: OHIO Brecksville – Division I runners-up Elyria – Division I fifth place Cincinnati Elder – Division I sixth place Massillon Perry – Division I seventh place Olentangy Liberty – Division I eighth place Marysville – Division I ninth place Canfield – Division II runners-up CVCA – Division II third place Wauseon – Division II sixth place Claymont – Division II eighth place Lake Catholic – Division II tenth place Ashtabula St. John – Division II runners-up Milan Edison – Division III third place Tuslaw – Division III tenth place INDIANA (single class) Brownsburg – runners-up Portage – fourth place Avon – ninth place
  19. 2018 Returning State Place-winners/Qualifiers 17-18 WT Name School Grade Division RANK 106 Jacob Decatur CVCA 2019 II 1 106 Casey Barnett Milan Edison 2021 III 1 106 Jacob Moran Portage (IN) 2019 -- 1 126 Asa Garcia Avon (IN) 2019 -- 1 130 Josh Edmond Detroit Catholic Central (MI) 2020 D1 1 132 Jordan Decatur CVCA 2019 II 1 135 Derek Gilcher Detroit Catholic Central (MI) 2020 D1 1 135 Stoney Buell Dundee (MI) 2021 D3 1 138 Nick Burgard Ashtabula St. John 2019 III 1 145 Victor Voinovich Brecksville 2021 I 1 145 Kevon Davenport Detroit Catholic Central (MI) 2019 D1 1 145 Austin Boone Lowell (MI) 2020 D2 1 170 Carson Kharchla Olentangy Liberty 2019 I 1 215 Easton Turner Detroit Catholic Central (MI) 2019 D1 1 220 Tyler Stein Canfield 2019 II 1 103 Nick Kohorn Lowell (MI) 2020 D2 2 106 Kyle Rowan Perry (Lake County) 2020 II 2 112 Tyler Swiderski Dundee (MI) 2021 D3 2 113 Cole McComas Beaver Local 2020 II 2 113 Dylan Shawver Elyria 2020 I 2 126 Mick Burnett Elyria 2020 I 2 130 Christian Killion Dundee (MI) 2020 D3 2 135 Avry Mutschler Lowell (MI) 2019 D2 2 152 David Cumberledge Ashtabula St. John 2020 III 2 152 Cameron Amine Detroit Catholic Central (MI) 2019 D1 2 SC-16/17 285 Steven Kolcheff Detroit Catholic Central (MI) 2020 D1 2 106 Lucas Uliano Olentangy Liberty 2021 D1 3 IA-3A 106 Caden Natale Perrysburg 2021 D1 3 MI-D4 120 Raymond Rioux Avon (IN) 2020 -- 3 120 Jake Canitano Solon 2019 I 3 125 Dominick Lamazzo Detroit Catholic Central (MI) 2021 D1 3 138 Marco Regalbuto Brecksville 2019 I 3 145 Jax Leonard Louisville 2020 II 3 160 Ethan Hernandez Norwalk 2020 II 3 170 Anthony D'Alesio Canfield 2020 II 3 103 Austin Fietz Dundee (MI) 2021 D3 4 106 Jack Stanley Brecksville 2019 I 4 106 Garrett Lautzenheiser Louisville 2021 II 4 113 Ray Adams Milan Edison 2019 III 4 126 Jimmy Carmany Brecksville 2020 I 4 132 Skyler Lasure Beaver Local 2020 II 4 132 Colin Kreitzer Brownsburg (IN) 2019 -- 4 135 Mark Shaeffer Detroit Catholic Central (MI) 2020 D1 4 145 Beau Smith Beaver Local 2019 II 4 152 Farouq Muhammed Elyria 2019 I 4 160 Santino Kusic Bridgeport 2019 III 4 160 Nevan Snodgrass Kettering Fairmont 2020 I 4 106 Kysen Montgomery Brownsburg (IN) 2021 -- 5 113 Gavin Ritter Wauseon 2019 II 5 132 Caden Blust Tiffin Columbian 2019 II 5 138 Andrew Garr Aurora 2019 II 5 145 McCallister McAvoy Dundee (MI) 2019 D3 5 152 Will McGhee Aurora 2019 II 5 152 Donnell Washington Portage (IN) 2019 -- 5 152 Kyle Ryder Tuslaw 2019 III 5 170 Cole Hivnor Lake Catholic 2021 II 5 195 Nick Crawford Canfield 2020 II 5 220 Josh Bever Ashland 2019 I 5 285 Tyler Connolly Marysville 2019 I 5 119 Jonathon White Dundee (MI) 2019 D3 6 120 Drake Campbell Brownsburg (IN) 2020 -- 6 120 Brady O'Connor Indian Valley 2019 II 6 126 Nolan Ray Wauseon 2020 II 6 132 Jack Gorman Aurora 2019 II 6 138 Jordan Keegan Milan Edison 2019 III 6 145 Walker Heard Marysville 2019 I 6 152 Billy Luft Newark Catholic 2019 III 6 160 Xavier Torres Wauseon 2019 II 6 182 Gabe Phillips Norwalk 2020 II 6 182 Jake Loar Tuslaw 2019 III 6 106 Michael Petrella Bishop Hartley 2020 II 7 119 Dawson Jankowski Lowell (MI) 2020 D2 7 120 Davin Rhoads Louisville 2021 II 7 120 Brock Peele Portage (IN) 2019 -- 7 138 Matt Zuckerman Elyria 2019 I 7 140 James Fotis Lowell (MI) 2020 D2 7 145 Nathan Conley Avon (IN) 2019 -- 7 160 Justin Mayes, Jr. Bellevue 2021 II 7 171 Jaxon Guinn Dundee (MI) 2020 D3 7 285 Tyler Delooff Lowell (MI) 2020 D2 7 106 Wiliam Doepker Elder 2020 I 8 120 Kyle Petersen Aurora 2019 II 8 125 Zeth Strejc Lowell (MI) 2021 D2 8 130 Doak Dean Lowell (MI) 2021 D2 8 132 Blake Saito Perrysburg 2020 I 8 140 Logan Sanom Detroit Catholic Central (MI) 2020 D1 8 145 Sam LoFaso Padua 2019 II 8 189 Brendin Yatooma Detroit Catholic Central (MI) 2020 D1 8 195 Griffin Rathburn Bishop Hartley 2019 II 8 132 Jordan Crace Elyria 2019 I SC-17 152 Connor Brady Olentangy Liberty 2019 I SP-16/17 138 Jarrett Bischoff Wauseon 2020 II SP-17 106 Shane Heil Berea-Midpark 2021 I SQ 106 Ethan Fletcher Canfield 2021 II SQ 113 Tyler Conley Avon (IN) 2021 -- SQ 113 Pino Dipiero Berea-Midpark 2020 I SQ 113 Jake Williams Massillon Perry 2020 I SQ 113 Jimmy Balazy Padua 2019 II SQ 113 Richard Hegedus Portage (IN) 2019 -- SQ 113 Jack Haskin Toledo Whitmer 2021 I SQ 120 Kyle Maville Oregon Clay 2019 I SQ 126 Jack Collins Elder 2020 I SQ 126 Michael Kucera Independence 2019 III SQ 126 Dalton Burcher Indian Valley 2019 II SQ SP-16 126 Connor McCrone Lake Catholic 2019 II SQ SP-16/17 126 Mike Daly Oregon Clay 2021 I SQ 126 Jamie Viront Tuslaw 2019 III SQ 130 Jeff Leach Lowell (MI) 2019 D2 SQ 132 Jake Visintine Ashland 2019 I SQ 132 Adam Lenhoff Indian Valley 2019 II SQ 138 Dylan Dodson Licking Valley 2021 II SQ 138 Darese Sparkman Massillon Perry 2019 I SQ 138 Brier Marthey Tuslaw 2020 III SQ 140 Grant Ott Dundee (MI) 2019 D3 SQ 145 Mason Kuneff Bridgeport 2019 III SQ 145 Joseph Urso Detroit Catholic Central (MI) 2019 D1 SQ 145 Brennan Shirley Tuslaw 2019 III SQ 152 Jared Wright Beaver Local 2019 II SQ 152 Ben Vanadia Brecksville 2021 I SQ 152 David Reinhart Canfield 2019 II SQ 152 Joey Simcoe Tiffin Columbian 2020 II SQ 160 Jake Evans Elyria 2021 I SQ 160 Troy Murphy Oregon Clay 2019 I SQ 160 Cole Foor Watkins Memorial 2020 I SQ 170 Carson Brewer Avon (IN) 2019 -- SQ 170 Ethan Hatcher Brecksville 2020 I SQ 170 Trent Davis Wauseon 2019 II SQ 182 Jacob Meek Oregon Clay 2020 I SQ 195 Colin McNamara Aurora 2019 II SQ 195 Caleb Wood Fremont Ross 2019 I SQ 195 Brodey Parsons Indian Valley 2019 II SQ 195 Jarin Curtis Massillon Perry 2019 I SQ 195 Alec Maroney Norwalk 2020 II SQ 220 Jack Roesch Avon (Ohio) 2019 I SQ 220 Kole Aubiel Claymont 2019 II SQ 220 Breslin Walker CVCA 2020 II SQ 220 Blake Robbins Louisville 2020 II SQ 220 Ethan Smeagal Marysville 2019 I SQ 220 Adam Luster Massillon Perry 2020 I SQ 285 Kane Brossia Elmwood 2019 III SQ 285 Max Millin Massillon Perry 2020 I SQ 285 Michael Mather Uniontown Lake 2019 I SQ 152 Derek Spears Western Brown 2019 I SQ-16 113 Jarrett Warrington Claymont 2019 II SQ-17 120 Ricardo Oviedo Perrysburg 2020 I SQ-17 126 Andrew Branson Tiffin Columbian 2019 II SQ-17 126 Tanner Donathan Western Brown 2019 I SQ-17 132 Deshea Pettiford Fremont Ross 2019 I SQ-17 160 Christian Blank Ashtabula St. John 2019 III SQ-17
  20. Teams : Ashland Aurora Avon (IN) Avon (OH) Bellevue Berea-Midpark Brksvl.-Brdvw. Hts. Bridgeport Brownsburg (IN) Canfield Clay Claymont Cols. Bishop Hartley CVCA Detroit Catholic Central Dundee (MI) Edison Elder Elmwood Elyria Fremont Ross Independence Indian Valley Kettering Fairmont Keystone Lake Lake Catholic Licking Valley Lisbon Beaver Louisville Lowell MI Marysville Massillon Perry Mechanicsburg Newark Catholic Norwalk Olentangy Liberty Padua Perry (Lake Co.) Perrysburg Portage (IN) Solon St. Ignatius St. John Tiffin Columbian Toledo Whitmer Tuslaw Walsh Jesuit Watkins Memorial Wauseon Western Brown National Ranked : #7 Detroit Catholic Central #16 Elyria #39 Brecksville
  21. Pistol hearing Culver Academy & Franklin Central has been added to Cathedral Duals this year . Wooo.... Bang ! Bang ! Bang ! Pistol Pete
  22. Wooooooo.... Bang ! Dec. 1st Bang ! Cathedral Super Duals Bang! Ranked Teams : #1 Cathedral #5 Avon #11 Warren Central not sure who’s coming Bang ! Ranked Indv. in duals possible 113- #3 Seltzer #4 Pierson 126- #5 Rioux #6 Walendzak #10 Lawson #15 Ross 132- #1 Garcia #2 Bailey 138- #10 Reynolds #12 Rowlett #15 Wilson 145- #1 Mosconi #6 Coleman 152- #1 Rodgers #4 Graves #5 Conley #12 Ruble 182- #1 Brewer #10 Wagner #13 Friedt Going to be a good one in Indianapolis Pistol Pete NOTE ........ **** Might of forgot a few wrestlers, never know with teams & weights on who’s wrestling where or if they wrestling ****
  23. It’s on trackwrestling Woooo... Bang ! Bang! Bang! Pistol Pete
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