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  1. Wawassee - Braxton (138) and Jace Alexander (120) ECC
  2. Would be nice to see him transfer to Minnesota, bump up to 149 and have Lee go to 157
  3. Josephfloyd


    Geremia Brooks
  4. Josephfloyd


    Geremia Brooks
  5. Josephfloyd


    Braxton Alexander
  6. Josephfloyd


    Braxton Alexander
  7. Josephfloyd


    Geremia Brooks
  8. Braxton Alexander of wawasee over Gabe Weeks mishawaka 9-4
  9. Kids who don't do Greco care about Greco when they're mid air of the wrong side of a throw realizing they should've done Greco
  10. Curtis at HWT wasn't picked to get through and ended up first.
  11. Jace Alexander of wawassee over Cruz of merriville by pin
  12. Anyone that can keep Lee in single digits
  13. Can someone post the link to the bracket
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