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  1. Not for Egli...or the rest of the field!
  2. Yes, Bickel beat Courtney in the semi-final at 113, then Buttler pinned Bickel in the sectional championship
  3. Don't forget the built in sauna. Gotta bring a fan next year. But it was an awesome layout
  4. Do we have to pay the $10 entry fee online? And I have 3 different athletes wrestling 3 different sessions do the 2 not competing have to wait in the car or how does that work?
  5. Will we still be able to coach with just a regular admission?
  6. I'd be interested to see how many guys make 116
  7. 106 - Miller Brooks Zirkelbach West 113- Ross Gilbert Schoeff Lykins 120 - Freeman Bechert Carrington Knox 126 - Rioux Dalton Montgomery Hayhurst 132 - Watson Egli Deckard Alcala 138 - Boarman Conway Campbell Boe 145 - Baumann Tucker Reynolds Cash 152- Boe Fulks Law Phillips 160- Dickens Schroeder Asbury Morrill 170 - Ruhlman Deters Ward
  8. 126 Mooresville has Kysen Montgomery, Ben Dalton, and Raymond Rioux.
  9. I'm sure more than a couple opted for football
  10. Eli Brooks- Whiteland dec over Hyatt Yeager- center grove 8-1
  11. Wawassee - Braxton (138) and Jace Alexander (120) ECC
  12. Would be nice to see him transfer to Minnesota, bump up to 149 and have Lee go to 157
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