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  1. Don't forget the built in sauna. Gotta bring a fan next year. But it was an awesome layout
  2. Do we have to pay the $10 entry fee online? And I have 3 different athletes wrestling 3 different sessions do the 2 not competing have to wait in the car or how does that work?
  3. Will we still be able to coach with just a regular admission?
  4. I'd be interested to see how many guys make 116
  5. 106 - Miller Brooks Zirkelbach West 113- Ross Gilbert Schoeff Lykins 120 - Freeman Bechert Carrington Knox 126 - Rioux Dalton Montgomery Hayhurst 132 - Watson Egli Deckard Alcala 138 - Boarman Conway Campbell Boe 145 - Baumann Tucker Reynolds Cash 152- Boe Fulks Law Phillips 160- Dickens Schroeder Asbury Morrill 170 - Ruhlman Deters Ward
  6. 126 Mooresville has Kysen Montgomery, Ben Dalton, and Raymond Rioux.
  7. I'm sure more than a couple opted for football
  8. Josephfloyd


    Eli Brooks
  9. Eli Brooks- Whiteland dec over Hyatt Yeager- center grove 8-1
  10. Wawassee - Braxton (138) and Jace Alexander (120) ECC
  11. Would be nice to see him transfer to Minnesota, bump up to 149 and have Lee go to 157
  12. Braxton Alexander of wawasee over Gabe Weeks mishawaka 9-4
  13. Kids who don't do Greco care about Greco when they're mid air of the wrong side of a throw realizing they should've done Greco
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