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  1. WrestlingDad1


    Noah Clouser
  2. 132 - UR frosh Clouser over #7 EVSS senior J.Bechert by major 12-2 in JoCo finals
  3. Also, I believe the +2lbs is now given on December 23rd. I’m assuming to allow guys to eat something on Christmas lol
  4. Yep, CG adding Mills, Clouser, Courtney, McConnell, C.Larocca, Johnson also Tharpe will be back from injury (SSQ)
  5. The Haines boys are not eligible as I understand it. Should be a lot of good matchups though!
  6. With middle school team state happening this Sunday was curious to see who everyone is picking for top four finishers? Thinking Brownsburg, Center Grove, Perry, Delta, Portage and Franklin will have the best shot to bring home the gold
  7. 117 looks like it’s gonna be a huge bracket. There are a few guys that could win there. Any thoughts?
  8. Noah Clouser is another 8th grader at Center Grove up and coming. 7-1 at NHSCA and team MOW, 6-2 at AAU Nats, 4-3 at NMSDs, 5-3 at West Penn, Multiple time state placer, 2019 Barbarian Nats Runner up, Indy Nats Runner up/4th/5th, Brute Nats Runner up, IWL Champ, 2x Johnson County Champ, current MICC conference champ
  9. The one on the calendar is a team Duals middle school state I believe. CG will be hosting the individual again this year and I have heard it will be Feb. 9th
  10. CG National Middle School Team looking for a 136 (+2) for National middle school Duals on Nov. 9-10. Spot is paid Contact Landon 317-756-7656 (text or call) if interested
  11. Just wanted to give a shout out to our Indiana wrestlers who showed out in VA Beach. Seems like elementary, middle, and High School guys did very very well out there. Might finally be time for the rest of the country to put us on their radar!
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