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  1. Great work this season Caleb; especially since you are not from the area. Hopefully you will be doing them next year as well. The Major salutes. If you bump into Rod Lone tell him The Gen says, "What's up!"
  2. I predict that 160 will be the most competitive weight. 132 may be a shocker. I also predict a little guy who resides in Iowa will make his presence known.
  3. 152Woenker won the Woodlan invite by fall so.......... 160 I'll take Johnson from Wayne lost to Potter earlier in the year 6-5, however he has wrestled a tough schedule and I believe he takes this one. And of course I'm biased.
  4. Our sport has been under attack for nearly 30 years. Those of us who have children, friends, who wrestle or just love the sport, must take matters in our own hands. If I, living in Cedar Rapids, IA, got the play by play from East Noble and Wabash, we all can do better. Tell the lay person about the site. Tell parents coaches and even student athletes to report results. Loki don't be disinterested. Now; some of your humor I've yet to connect with, however the wrestling community needs more than anything else is fans bro. We need guys like you. Ok, we need you. Collectively if we want this b
  5. Don't forget The Venerable Eddie Palmer!
  6. And a Lady. Sarah Hilderbrandt. Too many accolades for me to type not to mention 2X WCWA national champion at 123 pounds.
  7. If we are talking collegiate accomplishments then we have to mention Snider's Tony Vaughn and Greg Wagner both Ncaa All Americans. Oliver Richmond from now defunct Elmhurst was a 2X state champ as well as Talamentes. Honorable mention has to go to Ebert Starks from Snider as well. He pulled the rare 4,3,2,1st...
  8. Austin Ochoa is at 145 this year from Northrop. In limited action he is 5-0.
  9. Luke Fischer from Bishop Luers is undefeated as well. He had a productive off-season and I've heard it before so hear it goes: He beat a couple guys you have in the state rankings during the off-season. I'm not saying he should be state ranked, yet..but semi-state rankings I believe he deserves some consideration.
  10. Chandler Woenker from Bishop Luers was a sectional Champ, Regional runner up and made it to the ticket round. This year he is 10-0 and has pinned everyone in the first period. He should be considered....
  11. I heard that guy moved back to Iowa to coach his younger son's who are starting to come along..The 8 year old defeated a Contender's wrestler in the finals of Preseason Nationals. He can't possibly have his finger on the pulse of the SAC as well. Too busy.
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