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  1. I hope that Jacob has a great year next year but they don't have a axe to grind with anybody except themselves and crown point ..
  2. Luigis is a really good wrestler. He is also a really good kid.. He got a gift at Evansville not getting called pinned in the center of mat and flopped on his back out of bounds in the Noah Franklin match.. That was the worst no call I have seen in the last 15years , when the referee is looking at Luigis's back and then looks to the crowd that says he is trying to make a decision instead of calling what he sees.. Bailey and Luigis was very close , the referee made the call and was in position, he did not waver .. Great match by two good kids..
  3. Luigs has beaten some good kids this year.. I think it comes down to match ups and who is on their game that day.. Mater Dei will have him ready for Friday.. I say this knowing that luigis appeared to be pinned against Noah Franklin yesterday.
  4. I will take Luigs by a major .. though out a season , some wrestlers have some let downs while others wrestle out of their minds at some events ...that's why they wrestle the matches . That's why their entire body of work is what they should be judged on ..
  5. Look at the hhc thread from last night , three different matches I received videos of were the examples of where the referees decided the outcome , I was interested in some of those matches A lot of people that I had talked to said similar things about the referees.. I am surprised you hadn't already read all of the posts ..
  6. Becareful you will also be considered the same person if you have a similar opinion .. that match was just one example .. a lot of pins were missed as some of the referees were not able to get down to see .. Just hoping those referees don't make it down south for semistate..
  7. My IP address is my iPhone so I don't know after that .. Not the same person !! Obviously everyone knows you can look at the information..
  8. Joe , you are wrong !! not sure why you keep saying that .. Just because two people have similar opinions doesn't mean they are the same person .. Blast double has much better punctuation I am guessing ..
  9. Maybe just more noticeable in the really close matches ..
  10. Maybe just more noticeable in the really close matches ..
  11. You did forget to mention that immediately at the conclusion of match I was told the referee went over and hugged the Jennings coach .. (super weird ) maybe a conflict of interest ..
  12. I didn't post this .. I posted a similar comment about a video of the 145 match I seen .. sounds like a another person seen the same thing ..
  13. I thought today's tournament was really good and a good showing by all the teams..
  14. How bad where the referees at the Hoosier Hills Conference Tournament? I have been sent three videos of three matches that the referees missed obvious calls or made up calls that decided the matches ... Before thinking that this is mad parent you are totally wrong , I wasn't within two hours of the tournament ... the parents that sent me the videos were on the winning team of the blown calls .. The referees in south west Indiana were terrific today..
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