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  1. 160 will be exciting~Potter edged out Johnson 6-5. Johnson got a takedown with :01 left in the 3rd to win the SAC over Fisher 5-7. I didn't see Lentz and Potter wrestle, but it was a close match. Potter beat Fisher in Woodland in a competitive match for the championship. Tucker from Woodland or Mossberg from Snider could end up advancing to Regionals. My best guess is at least 3 of the 160# will advance to Simistate~possibly all 4. Looking forward to Saturday.
  2. Bishop Luers coach Rodney Boulden has done a great job developing Luke Fisher over the last four years. Luke only had a handfull of wins as a Freshman and Sophmore years and lots of teachable moments (losses). 21-0 most by pin and today 5-0 OW = Great Coaching.
  3. Congratulations!!! I was there~He wrestled well and finished at the top. While there are lots of wrestlers that have over 100 wins ~ There are many more that don't~ Congratulations!!!!
  4. Luke Fisher from Luers ~ no "c"
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