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  1. The 300 mile rule does seem nonsensical. While it makes sense to restrict travel to 300 miles or less, the fact that our teams can't compete against teams that travel from outside that area doesn't. How does it negatively impact Indiana student athletes if a team from CA, OR or WA travel to an Indiana tourney? Or when IN teams travel to border states and those events just happen to have teams that have traveled in from considerable distance, how is that protecting our athletes or the integrity of IHSAA wrestling? Putting rules together for all the IHSAA sports can't be easy, and I understa
  2. I would agree, North Montgomery is worthy of the 2A rankings. They looked really good in the dual against Yorktown, much more competitive than the score indicated. Lots of real solid wrestlers in the lineup.
  3. Laughlin at 138, was left off SS rankings I'd also like to make a case for Meija (EM) and Tolin (Che) deserving a little more love on the SS and State rankings at 120. Tolin had a solid offseason faring very well at some national dual events. Meija made it to the ticket round of SS at 120 last year, in the toughest regional and SS in the state at that weight class, and has a convincing win vs. Langeloh at the GRR this summer (and beat some ranked wrestlers from MI)
  4. Congrats to Nick. He lost a 7-6 decision in which a fleeing call against his opponent was unexplainably waived off in the fleeting seconds of the 2nd period. Still a great performance, and I expect he'll have 3 midwest championships before he's done at UIndy.
  5. He's going 140 for sr year. 133, 141 or 149 seem the most likely. But I'm a little ignorant to Purdue's depth chart and needs in the next couple years, I'm sure that will play a big factor.
  6. Purdue landed Nate Limmex of Grand Rapids CC, MI. 2x state champ and 2013 flo national champ.
  7. Having the tournament on Sundays also allow kids playing soccer and x-country to participate. Kudos to all the INMat team for putting together a great tournament were kids can get tough matches from opponents from all over the Midwest, and not have to leave the state of indiana to do it. Thanks
  8. Article from MI grappler with some neat pics. http://www.michigangrappler.com/news_article/show/400873?referrer_id=1024194
  9. Yorktown facing Oak Harbor in finals of Comm 2
  10. Homestead does have a state champ. Mark Bruner won 160 lbs. in 1990, and went undefeated I believe.
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