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  1. for 2A...who all is on the Rankings Committee?
  2. North Montgomery sends everyone, - also set all time points record for Cville sectional with 307 Still gotta go through one of the toughest Regionals though
  3. I think this refers to my post....Thats not exactly what I meant....I meant that the RELEASE should be just released through track...then everybody gets it at one time, not sporadically like it sounds happened this time, where one semi state got the "formula" before the others were even finished or b4 the Merriville tourney was even finished...if that is wrong, then my mistake..thats how I understood the situation....and I didnt mean do pairings mat side...I was just asking how the information is entered into track wrestling, is it done manually by semi state or how?
  4. seems like now that its all on Track, they shouldn't be released to the semi states at all....then the IHSAA would have more conrol over it and only release the info when they are entirely sure the semi states are over...or do they have to be manually entered?...
  5. Nothing ever goes as planned...heck of a notion
  6. Registration for the Normonco Folkstyle Open has been extended til 5 PM on Friday Jan. 30th....Please register on Trackwrestling.com Thanks....hope to see you there!!!!!!!!
  7. Jesse Archer - 160 North Montgomery 27-0
  8. Jesse Archer - 160 North Montgomery 24-0 I believe
  9. Im not worked up..just trying to understand...
  10. by beating #5 by 4 after the loss to #8...but thats just me
  11. Ok...so if I understand correctly, hanging your hat on a win over #5 and losing by 10 to #8 as an Unranked team just isnt good enough.....Got it...but im not really worried about it,,,this team only has 3 seniors and a junior, rest are fresh/soph...so all is good
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