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  1. Andrew Himes- Plymouth 285 over Swallow (Monroe Central)
  2. Maybe the Ply wrestler beat the cma wrestler who was a state qualifier last year?
  3. Plymouth 132 How did Nick Felke 25-2 get seeded 4th?
  4. Thanks for the play by play. Did I miss the final team score?
  5. As title states. http://emueagles.com/news/2018/3/20/general-eastern-michigan-university-athletics-to-reduce-varsity-sports-from-21-to-17.aspx?path=softball
  6. Did not realize that Indiana wrestling high school state champions received rings.
  7. Not for eliminating weight classes. Many very good seniors have wrestled 103/106. More weight classes, more participation.
  8. Wasn’t all that long ago one had to win their first 2 matches to move to semi-state. Took only top 3.
  9. That method would not take into account the wrestlers that decide not to participate after body fat testing.
  10. Participation numbers- That is a huge jump 1000 kids in a year. Curious where the numbers come from so early.
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