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  1. jmills

    Past State Brackets

    2000 189 won't open
  2. jmills

    2018 Dream Team Classic April 14

    Thanks for the play by play. Did I miss the final team score?
  3. As title states. http://emueagles.com/news/2018/3/20/general-eastern-michigan-university-athletics-to-reduce-varsity-sports-from-21-to-17.aspx?path=softball
  4. jmills

    Girls HS State Champ help

    Did not realize that Indiana wrestling high school state champions received rings.
  5. jmills

    2018 Sectional Forfeit Data

    Not for eliminating weight classes. Many very good seniors have wrestled 103/106. More weight classes, more participation.
  6. jmills

    Regional first round death matches!

    Wasn’t all that long ago one had to win their first 2 matches to move to semi-state. Took only top 3.
  7. That method would not take into account the wrestlers that decide not to participate after body fat testing.
  8. jmills

    #3 Brownsburg vs. #4 Avon

    Time to update the rankings.
  9. Participation numbers- That is a huge jump 1000 kids in a year. Curious where the numbers come from so early.
  10. jmills

    Dual Results

  11. jmills

    New Uniform issues

    Shoe color (strings) does not match.
  12. jmills

    NLC 2017-2018

    Who is the front runner? Warsaw had 9 forfeits against Wawasee?
  13. jmills

    Football vs Wrestling....risk/reward

    What is the real likelihood that a high school wrestler will receive a full ride to college that they need to even consider being a one sport athlete? What is the real likelihood that a high school football player will receive a full ride to college that they need to even consider being a one sport athlete? If adults really did not want to sway them one way or another they would just stay away from the discussion altogether.
  14. jmills

    What are the number one things to teach a beginner

    Body awareness, wrestling in the middle, shooting with head/face up, blocking with head, hand fighting/control, not to tie up, sprawling, standup, hand position on stand up 2 on 1, blocking legs, don't stop until the whistle and on and on and on. Great wrestlers seem to pick it up naturally, good wrestlers practice hard, average wrestlers come on after years of training.

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