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  1. Tony Rodriguez is from Indiana, Hobart I believe. And Robert Humphrey is from the Fort Wayne Semi state as well, Snider. (even though he didn't make it to the semi state his SR year) that's how tough fw is.
  2. Indiana Tech DOMINATED their regional and advances 12 to Nationals.....
  3. What are these other semi states doing in practice?
  4. More like South Adams will be a contender to knock everyone off.
  5. Whether or not you teach it. It's AWESOME to see the two wrestlers get physical. For me, the fan, i love watching two wrestlers beat the **** out of each other. It's part of the game.
  6. Fort Wayne is on the rise. We can both wrestle and use proper grammer.
  7. IMO I would liked the championship matches to be in a row instead of 1st/2nd 3rd/4th 1st/2nd. It would be nice to able to sit in the middle and watch all the championships at one time
  8. Glad all the South Adams kids on here are throwing out their opinions on this. IMO nighthawk21 and Barry Humble Jr should be in charge
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