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  1. Click below for USA Wrestling age groups and weights: http://www.iswa.com/wp-content/uploads/2014-Age-Divisions-Weight-Classes-with-girls-change.pdf
  2. It's been around since, at least, the early 1980's.
  3. One thing is for sure - there will be some awesome wrestling this Sunday. About 300 people have looked at this posting and no one is willing to say anything... Seriously? The silence is deafening, so let's get this party started!! Here is a list of "wrestlers to watch for" (aka: my best take on who will place in this tournament, based solely on the wrestlers registered in each weight-class thus far): 75 - Raymond Rioux 80 - Logan Bailey 85 - Zachary Todd 90 - Jake Schoenegge 95 - Mason Miranda 102 - Corban Pollitt 110 - Cody Crary 117 - Jack Eiteljorge 125 - Zach Melloh 132 - Brayton Lee 140 - Jonah Hays 150 - Marc Buehler 160 - Dylan Jolley-Little 175 - Nathan Walton 195 - Michael Boots 220 - Jack Frey 275 - Jacob Obst Please keep in mind that there is probably only about 1/3 of the wrestlers preregistered at this point (last year there were over 500 kids)... so there are A LOT of great wrestlers who are probably checking their weight and seeing who's registered in what weight-class, etc. before they register. This tournament does not let you move up if you miss weight.
  4. New Castle: 11 Fort Wayne: 8 Evansville: 7 Merrillville: 6 Total: 32
  5. Thanks for sharing dad... takes some heart just to post that. You've raised a young man who has respect for our great sport and is already a successful young man.
  6. A little evidence to support freestyle/Greco enhancing folkstyle. You might see a few familiar names. Indiana Participants at Fargo Last Year (2013) Cadet 100 Drew Hildebrandt Cadet 106 Austen Laughlin Cadet 106 Austin Slates Cadet 113 Caleb Bocock Cadet 113 Will Egli Cadet 120 Matt McKinney Cadet 120 CJ Red Cadet 120 Noah Warren Cadet 126 Jack Chastain Cadet 126 Nick Ellis Cadet 126 Brett Johnson Cadet 126 Nick Lee Cadet 132 Alston Bane Cadet 132 Evan Eldred Cadet 132 Bryant Haynes Cadet 132 Kain Rust Cadet 138 Jacob Hendrich Cadet 138 Blake Jourdan Cadet 138 RZ Teague Cadet 138 Anthony Williams Cadet 145 Thomas Dull Cadet 145 Kellen Vancamp Cadet 152 Kyle Spurr Cadet 152 Ben Stewart Cadet 170 Dylan Lydy Cadet 170 Jeremy McKinley Cadet 170 Tristen Tonte Cadet 182 Bristen Dial Cadet 182 Jonathan Morales Cadet 195 Jacob Cavins Cadet 195 Randy Scott Cadet 285 Shawn Streck Junior 120 Jacob Cottey Junior 120 Forrest Glogouski Junior 120 Ruben Rodriquez Jr Junior 126 AJ Belden Junior 126 Erique Early Junior 126 Brandon James Junior 126 Deondre Wilson Junior 132 Devin Broukal Junior 132 Dillon Eldred Junior 132 Alec Noworul Junior 132 Dominique Shelby Junior 138 Justin Atkinson Junior 138 Wyatt Seng Junior 145 Tommy Forte Junior 152 Vincent Corsaro Junior 152 Shabaka Johns Junior 152 Matthew Ruddick Junior 160 Chase Hack Junior 160 Kenny Hughes Junior 160 Alex Rinehart Junior 170 Jacob Franklin Junior 182 Riley Lefever Junior 182 Austin McCloskey Junior 195 Kevin Cain Junior 195 Mitch Sliga Junior 220 Fletcher Miller Junior 220 Charles Neisius Junior 220 Brad Sadilek Junior 220 Connor Tolley Junior 285 Wes Bernard
  7. 106 Results Guaranteed Places 1st Place - Karl Wilhelm of Carmel 2nd Place - Reid Hutson of Westfield 3rd Place - Azariah Ellis of Zionsville 4th Place - Zack Bowling of Lebanon 5th Place - Kyle Johnson of Hamiliton Southeastern 6th Place - Colten Mennen of Clinton Central 1st Place Match Karl Wilhelm (Carmel) 28-4, Sr. over Reid Hutson (Westfield) 28-11, Fr. (Dec 5-2). 3rd Place Match Azariah Ellis (Zionsville) 19-6, Fr. over Zack Bowling (Lebanon) 16-16, Fr. (Dec 4-0). 5th Place Match Kyle Johnson (Hamiliton Southeastern) 15-18, Fr. over Colten Mennen (Clinton Central) 21-10, So. (Dec 10-8). 113 Results Guaranteed Places 1st Place - Austin Holmes of Hamiliton Southeastern 2nd Place - Caleb Bocock of Lebanon 3rd Place - Andrew Hayes of Carmel 4th Place - Cole Wilson of Zionsville 5th Place - Hunter Arndt of Westfield 6th Place - Caleb Wright of Fishers 1st Place Match Austin Holmes (Hamiliton Southeastern) 31-1, So. over Caleb Bocock (Lebanon) 22-7, So. (SV-1 5-3). 3rd Place Match Andrew Hayes (Carmel) 16-10, Jr. over Cole Wilson (Zionsville) 16-17, So. (MD 8-0). 5th Place Match Hunter Arndt (Westfield) 17-22, Fr. over Caleb Wright (Fishers) 22-14, So. (MD 19-7). 120 Results Guaranteed Places 1st Place - Edrece Stansberry of Hamiliton Southeastern 2nd Place - Preston Mantel of Zionsville 3rd Place - Morgan Pruitt of Carmel 4th Place - Zachary Steele of Westfield 5th Place - Nolan Talbott of Lebanon 6th Place - Brandon Parsley of Western Boone 1st Place Match Edrece Stansberry (Hamiliton Southeastern) 19-1, Sr. over Preston Mantel (Zionsville) 19-3, Sr. (Dec 3-2). 3rd Place Match Morgan Pruitt (Carmel) 26-7, Jr. over Zachary Steele (Westfield) 21-12, So. (Dec 5-1). 5th Place Match Nolan Talbott (Lebanon) 11-12, Sr. over Brandon Parsley (Western Boone) 6-16, Fr. (MD 14-0). 126 Results Guaranteed Places 1st Place - Jack Chastain of Hamiliton Southeastern 2nd Place - AJ Belden of Westfield 3rd Place - Skyler Collins of Frankfort 4th Place - Caleb Archibald of Clinton Central 5th Place - Jerrrod Smith of Carmel 6th Place - Bryce Easter of Zionsville 1st Place Match Jack Chastain (Hamiliton Southeastern) 32-1, Jr. over AJ Belden (Westfield) 29-7, Sr. (Dec 7-5). 3rd Place Match Skyler Collins (Frankfort) 21-12, So. over Caleb Archibald (Clinton Central) 14-9, So. (Dec 7-4). 5th Place Match Jerrrod Smith (Carmel) 12-14, So. over Bryce Easter (Zionsville) 4-8, Fr. (Fall 0:23). 132 Results Guaranteed Places 1st Place - Evan Eldred of Westfield 2nd Place - Lance Syverson of Fishers 3rd Place - Sam Kern of Zionsville 4th Place - Nick Patterson of Carmel 5th Place - Sam Weber of Hamiliton Southeastern 6th Place - Dallas Davis of Frankfort 1st Place Match Evan Eldred (Westfield) 27-2, So. over Lance Syverson (Fishers) 18-5, Sr. (Dec 5-4). 3rd Place Match Sam Kern (Zionsville) 24-12, Jr. over Nick Patterson (Carmel) 24-7, Sr. (Dec 8-5). 5th Place Match Sam Weber (Hamiliton Southeastern) 4-6, Sr. over Dallas Davis (Frankfort) 14-19, Fr. (Dec 6-4). 138 Results Guaranteed Places 1st Place - Dillon Eldred of Westfield 2nd Place - Austin Smith of Lebanon 3rd Place - Jimmy Wallace of Hamiliton Southeastern 4th Place - Kweisi Mak-Dawson of Fishers 5th Place - Emerson Knoebel of Carmel 6th Place - Matt Kern of Zionsville 1st Place Match Dillon Eldred (Westfield) 34-1, Sr. over Austin Smith (Lebanon) 22-3, Jr. (Dec 3-0). 3rd Place Match Jimmy Wallace (Hamiliton Southeastern) 25-9, So. over Kweisi Mak-Dawson (Fishers) 17-7, Sr. (Dec 7-4). 5th Place Match Emerson Knoebel (Carmel) 13-9, Jr. over Matt Kern (Zionsville) 19-14, Jr. (Dec 5-0). 145 Results Guaranteed Places 1st Place - Kellen VanCamp of Lebanon 2nd Place - Jeffrey Helm of Westfield 3rd Place - Jordan Lile of Fishers 4th Place - Nick Fox of Carmel 5th Place - Spencer Irick of Hamiliton Southeastern 6th Place - Matt Delph of Sheridan 1st Place Match Kellen VanCamp (Lebanon) 27-5, Jr. over Jeffrey Helm (Westfield) 25-6, Sr. (Fall 1:20). 3rd Place Match Jordan Lile (Fishers) 5-2, Sr. over Nick Fox (Carmel) 17-11, So. (Dec 9-2). 5th Place Match Spencer Irick (Hamiliton Southeastern) 11-6, So. over Matt Delph (Sheridan) 18-8, Sr. (Dec 5-0). 152 Results Guaranteed Places 1st Place - Eli Carlson of Carmel 2nd Place - Michael Steele of Westfield 3rd Place - Evan Stambaugh of Lebanon 4th Place - Mason Gaines of Fishers 5th Place - Corbin Gregg of Hamiliton Southeastern 6th Place - Zachary Ragains of Frankfort 1st Place Match Eli Carlson (Carmel) 28-3, Sr. over Michael Steele (Westfield) 28-4, Sr. (Dec 3-2). 3rd Place Match Evan Stambaugh (Lebanon) 27-8, Fr. over Mason Gaines (Fishers) 24-11, Jr. (Fall 2:05). 5th Place Match Corbin Gregg (Hamiliton Southeastern) 21-12, Jr. over Zachary Ragains (Frankfort) 22-11, Sr. (Fall 5:27). 160 Results Guaranteed Places 1st Place - Ben Krege of Carmel 2nd Place - Josh Sutcliffe of Fishers 3rd Place - Corbin Pedigo of Western Boone 4th Place - Alex Ragains of Frankfort 5th Place - Shane Haverson of Zionsville 6th Place - Daniel Kainrath of Westfield 1st Place Match Ben Krege (Carmel) 26-3, Sr. over Josh Sutcliffe (Fishers) 10-6, Sr. (TF-1.5 5:02 (16-0)). 3rd Place Match Corbin Pedigo (Western Boone) 29-12, So. over Alex Ragains (Frankfort) 25-8, So. (Dec 9-6). 5th Place Match Shane Haverson (Zionsville) 26-5, Sr. over Daniel Kainrath (Westfield) 17-14, So. (Dec 9-8). 170 Results Guaranteed Places 1st Place - Austin Mccloskey of Western Boone 2nd Place - Jeffery Scott of Clinton Central 3rd Place - John Theriot of Carmel 4th Place - Drew Williamson of Zionsville 5th Place - Freedom Mak-Dawson of Fishers 6th Place - Austin Hoover of Sheridan 1st Place Match Austin Mccloskey (Western Boone) 13-0, Sr. over Jeffery Scott (Clinton Central) 24-3, Sr. (Dec 3-2). 3rd Place Match John Theriot (Carmel) 24-5, Sr. over Drew Williamson (Zionsville) 27-10, Fr. (Dec 3-2). 5th Place Match Freedom Mak-Dawson (Fishers) 14-9, Fr. over Austin Hoover (Sheridan) 11-11, Jr. (Dec 7-6). 182 Results Guaranteed Places 1st Place - Jonathan Morales of Western Boone 2nd Place - Adam Miller of Clinton Central 3rd Place - Griffin Steffy of Lebanon 4th Place - Jack Johnson of Carmel 5th Place - Scott Fuller of Zionsville 6th Place - Nick Schaeffer of Westfield 1st Place Match Jonathan Morales (Western Boone) 31-6, Jr. over Adam Miller (Clinton Central) 27-2, Sr. (MD 16-8). 3rd Place Match Griffin Steffy (Lebanon) 24-8, Jr. over Jack Johnson (Carmel) 18-11, So. (Dec 8-4). 5th Place Match Scott Fuller (Zionsville) 13-6, So. over Nick Schaeffer (Westfield) 18-16, So. (Fall 1:56). 195 Results Guaranteed Places 1st Place - Jacob Aven of Zionsville 2nd Place - Sam Hipple of Carmel 3rd Place - Jeff Dixon of Hamiliton Southeastern 4th Place - Erik Hart of Lebanon 5th Place - Jordan Petty of Clinton Central 6th Place - Austin Mazura of Westfield 1st Place Match Jacob Aven (Zionsville) 33-1, Sr. over Sam Hipple (Carmel) 24-7, So. (Dec 11-5). 3rd Place Match Jeff Dixon (Hamiliton Southeastern) 24-5, Sr. over Erik Hart (Lebanon) 20-11, Jr. (Fall 1:28). 5th Place Match Jordan Petty (Clinton Central) 21-4, Sr. over Austin Mazura (Westfield) 15-16, Jr. (Fall 1:42). 220 Results Guaranteed Places 1st Place - Christian Warner of Zionsville 2nd Place - Georges Brantley of Hamiliton Southeastern 3rd Place - Keion Garcia of Carmel 4th Place - Daryn Milton of Westfield 5th Place - Charley Chang of Fishers 6th Place - Michael Smith of Lebanon 1st Place Match Christian Warner (Zionsville) 29-2, Sr. over Georges Brantley (Hamiliton Southeastern) 22-6, Sr. (TB-1 5-4). 3rd Place Match Keion Garcia (Carmel) 22-6, Sr. over Daryn Milton (Westfield) 25-9, Jr. (Fall 4:05). 5th Place Match Charley Chang (Fishers) 19-12, Sr. over Michael Smith (Lebanon) 21-8, Jr. (Dec 10-4). 285 Results Guaranteed Places 1st Place - Drew Hobick of Zionsville 2nd Place - Chet Maxey of Hamiliton Southeastern 3rd Place - Cody Bauer of Lebanon 4th Place - Steven Chakiry of Fishers 5th Place - Alfonso Ruiz of Frankfort 6th Place - Austin Dollens of Westfield 1st Place Match Drew Hobick (Zionsville) 19-9, Jr. over Chet Maxey (Hamiliton Southeastern) 23-11, Sr. (Fall 5:09). 3rd Place Match Cody Bauer (Lebanon) 20-5, Sr. over Steven Chakiry (Fishers) 11-11, So. (SV-1 3-1). 5th Place Match Alfonso Ruiz (Frankfort) 24-9, Sr. over Austin Dollens (Westfield) 19-19, Fr. (Fall 1:59).
  8. Luckily post quantity, rather than post quality and humility, are what count... j/k Congrats! ;D
  9. The Askren brothers are a class act...! Great format - got to love the music in the background and the overtime rule (go until someone scores - no time limit). They are making our great sport more exciting - watch for more to come.
  10. While my absolute favorite has already been mentioned (Chris Taylor getting suplexed), the Flying Squirrel ranks right up there... Got to love how Coleman just gets up after the move expressionless like this is nothing out of the normal.
  11. Fantastic choice Wes! Congratulations on all of your hard work paying off. Look forward to watching you at the next level.
  12. Well done and that's the way to represent Gavan. Congratulations!
  13. Absolutely! Unfortunately, the subjective nature of determining football skills gives football coaches power to put undue pressure on players to do everything the football coach desires (including giving up wrestling so they can "focus" on football year-round). If there were a wrestle-off type (non-subjective) contest that football players could rely on, rather than winning the popularity contest with the coach, you would see many more football players wrestling. Smart football coaches know that wrestling skills are very important and therefore support their wrestling program. Sadly, this is not the norm.
  14. http://boston.com/metrodesk/2013/04/19/cambridge-wrestling-coach-recalls-dzhokhar-tsarnaev-dedicated-kid/WjY1NDVadrsVFI2IhyHsLI/story.html Cambridge wrestling coach recalls Dzhokhar Tsarnaev as ‘dedicated kid’ Peter Payack, the assistant wrestling coach at Cambridge Rindge and Latin School, said Dzhokhar Tsarnaev wrestled on the team for three years and was captain for two years and a Greater Boston League all-star. Though he had graduated from Rindge, Tsarnaev came back to wrestle with the team in February, he said. “He was a dedicated kid, and all the kids loved him,” Payack said. “We only name captains who are good, but who also gain respect from his fellow wrestlers. He had to be a leader, and he had all those qualities. He was one of my guys.” Payack said the wrestling team thinks of itself as a family and there was nothing amiss about Dzhokhar, whose name is pronounced JA-har. “Everybody loved him,” Payack said. “He wasn’t a loner, the complete opposite. … He seemed like one of the most well-adjusted kids on the team. He seemed like he didn’t have any problems. He did his work, came out and became a captain.” In a public high school that prides itself on its diversity, “he got along with all the different groups on the team,” Payack said. “He never talked about being a Muslim. We’re in Cambridge. We have a completely diverse team. So nobody talked about religion,” Payack said. “He was just one of us.” “We never saw his mother or father and never saw his brother,” Payack said. “He just came back to wrestle with us in February. I mean, he said, he went to UMass and he was studying some sort of engineering and he came back and wrestled, and he was joking with everyone. “Never in a million years did [we] expect anything like this,” Payack said. “He never talked about violence or anything. Some of the kids say, ‘I’m going to beat you up or something like that.’ He just did his work and was a good student.” Payack, who has run the Boston Marathon 24 times and often wears his blue-and-yellow Marathon jacket, said he was particularly saddened that Dzhokar would target the race. “It was like a bomb going off in my heart this morning because he’s one of our wrestlers. I said ‘That guy looks like my guy.’ ” Ashraful Rahman, a Rindge senior and friend of Dzhokhar, described the alleged bomber as “just a normal guy, very chillaxed, and very laid back.” He and Dzhokhar wrestled on the Rindge team together, hung out together at Dana Park in Cambridge and attended the same mosque, the Islamic Society of Boston, in Cambridge. “We just chilled out man, just average teenagers,” Rahman said. “He never stated that he was against the government or for anarchy or anything.” Rahman said Dzhokhar mentored him on the wrestling team. “I looked up to Dzhokhar because he won states his second year. Seeing this, it’s like seeing one of your heroes and finding a flaw in one of them,” he said. Dzhokhar did not have a girlfriend, he said. Rahman said the last time he saw Dzhokhar was on Ramadan in 2012, at the Islamic Society. “He said ‘what’s up’ to me,” Rahman said. “He seemed peaceful, actually.” Essah Chisholm, 17, a senior at Rindge and member of the wrestling team, said the coaches would tell funny stories about how people would mispronounce Dzhokhar’s name. “He seemed pretty nice, pretty normal person; he was always smiling,” Chisholm said. “Everything is pretty shocking.” John Allan, owner of Wai Kru Mixed Martial Arts Boston, said the older brother, Tamerlan, was an accomplished amateur boxer, competing in the national Golden Gloves competition. “He was the best boxer in Boston,” said Allan, who remembers helping in a competition three years ago. “He smoked all the professionals.” Allan said Tamerlan was trained by his father, who was also a skilled boxer. And he was always respectful. “They were an incredible family....This was so shocking to me.” But Tamerlan hadn’t been to the Wai Kru Mixed Martial Arts center in years, instead going to another nearby boxing gym. Until this month. Allan, who is currently traveling in Thailand, got an e-mail within the past week saying Tsarnaev showed up at the gym acting rude and disrespectful, using other people’s equipment, walking on the mats with his shoes. “It was a clear indication that something was up,” Allan said, noting that (Tamerlan) Tsarnaev hadn’t even been to his gym before the incident in years. “He was becoming a complete [expletive]. “It was completely out of place of place for him,” said Allan, who was also contacted by the FBI about Tamerlan. He also said he thought that the older brother did so well in the Golden Gloves several years ago that he could have qualified for the US Olympic trials, but that he may not have been eligible because of a paperwork problem. Allan said Tamerlan mainly boxed at the Cambridge-Somerville Boxing Club, which he thought used the YMCA facility in Central Square in Cambridge. Tamerlan, who boxed at 196 pounds, studied at Bunker Hill Community College and wanted to become an engineer. He attended the school part time for three semesters, from 2006 to 2008, according to the school. In the photo essay, called “Will Box for Passport,” Tamerlan stops to answer a phone call while walking from his Mercedes to the martial arts center. He has a long wool scarf wrapped fashionably around his neck and gleaming white leather slip-on shoes and is carrying an Oceanfly dufflebag. He said in the essay that he quit smoking and drinking. “God said no alcohol.” A Muslim, he says, “There are no values any more,” and worries that “people can’t control themselves.”
  15. One of the things they do is TRAVEL. I'm a firm believer that in order to be the best, you have to wrestle the best. For the most part, our IN HS kids don't get to do that (other than Disney Duals in the "off-season" and some USAW events) but they don't travel as a team out of IN during the season. With the IHSAA travel restriction, IN HS teams will never get the benefits that the PA teams do by travelling. The top team at the Reno Tournament of Champions (dubbed the "toughest tournament in the country") has been won by a PA high school team many times. The PA team that won this year flew right over our great state on their way to Nevada. PA and OH teams beat the snot out of each other all year making each other better when the IN teams stay home. Ohio's Rule: 2) Out of State Travel A wrestling team may travel out of state to compete in contests (scrimmages, previews and games) in states or provinces in Canada that are contiguous to Ohio regardless of distance traveled. The states include Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Pennsylvania and West Virginia. The province includes Ontario. Additionally, a wrestling team may travel out of state one time per interscholastic season to compete in states or provinces in Canada that are not contiguous to Ohio... hmmm... makes one wonder.
  16. Sounds like it might be time to form a Indiana Middle School Wrestling Coaches Association (IMSWCA)?
  17. First the Pope resigns and now wrestling is being removed from the Olympics... http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/sports/more-sports/wrestling/IOC-drops-wrestling-from-2020-Olympics/articleshow/18464676.cms Wow.
  18. First the Pope and now wrestling... ? http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/sports/more-sports/wrestling/IOC-drops-wrestling-from-2020-Olympics/articleshow/18464676.cms
  19. I have to agree that coaches should dress so as to not draw attention to themselves. Over-dressing like a pimp or under-dressing like a beach bum should be avoided. We should remember this is a scholastic sports event in which we are attending and therefore the focus should be on the student-athletes and not the coaches. It's been said that the best official is the one who nobody could remember did the tournament after it was over. Coaches could learn something from that.
  20. Yes, a 5! I really liked the 2nd one too... even though it is a 3. And to think, our head football coach doesn't think wrestling helps make better football players...
  21. Mat has been sold. Thank you. ------------------------- Three (3) section mat for sale. Overall when put together it's 27' x 27' x 1.5" thick. Has nine (9) circles with starting lines on one side and one (1) large circle with starting lines on the other side. It's blue with white lines. All three sections are blue with white. The black mats in the picture have already been sold. Asking $1450 obo with free delivery to the central Indiana area.
  22. Congratulations Kayla! Even though you came up just short of your goal this year, your hard work and dedication are paying off. My money is on you for gold next year.
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