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  1. No doubt...and I predict a multi time NCAA all american BUT...he went 3-0 against rypel and if rypel is soooooo in sliga's class that anything other than that opinion is totally ignorance or bias, then mccloskey must be better than Sliga right?
  2. or the beat down at the spartan classic...yes, all three...so is McCloskey in sliga's class since he was 3-0 against Rypel?
  3. thanks for the info to back up my claim and prove that it wasnt "a joke" as Y2 claimed lol. The only thing Y2 said that isnt a joke is that both are great and both deserve to be talked about. Sliga is Sliga though and nobody else is close...fact! Rypel is great but couldnt even touch McCloskey and Im pretty sure McCloskey hasnt been talked about being in Sliga's class. my my my how some people seem to forget in just a short couple years.
  4. love to watch rypel and the kid is a very hard worker. but, its not even close. not a knock on him, i just dont see anyone in sliga's class that is out there now or since his junior year.
  5. revised 8/14/14 [pre] 106 1 Alec White New Palestine 10 2 Alex Grino Southmont 11 3 Cainan Schaefer South Dearborn 10 4 Brooke Bunch Connersville 12 5 Tyler Wilburn Milan 11 6 Dylan Culp Warren Central 10 7 Lance Ellington Cardinal Ritter 10 8 David Roth Roncalli 9 Brandon Purtha Hagerstown 10 113 1 Breyden Bailey Cathedral 10 2 Ethan Smiley Beech Grove 9 3 Jack Eiteljorge Carmel 9 4 Boone Welliever Southmont 10 5 Colton Handley Northeastern 10 6 David Bryant Pendleton Heights 11 7 Michael Deal Batesville 10 8 Ryan Surguy Shenandoah 10 9 Mateo B
  6. Indiana Elite did so well there has been more sponsirship money to enter the team into another event.
  7. Indiana elite dominates today going 4-0. Scores were 56-6, 74-0, 57-9, 69-3. Don't wrestle until 6pm tomorrow.
  8. INDIANA ELITE 2014-05-24 16:20:00 Mat-19HS-3393 (85)-INDIANA ELITE vs (86)MICHIGAN RED POPPERS Score= 0- 0 2014-05-24 18:00:00 Mat-19HS-3403 (85)-INDIANA ELITE vs (87)OHIO TITANS Score= 0- 0 2014-05-24 19:40:00 Mat-19HS-3413 (85)-INDIANA ELITE vs (88)YOUNG GUNS BLUE Score= 0- 0 INDIANA HIGH ROLLERS BLACK 2014-05-24 08:00:00 Mat-25HS-3369 (117)-INDIANA HIGH ROLLERS BLACK vs (118)TEAM POWERHOUSE Score=46-15 2014-05-24 09:40:00 Mat-25HS-3379 (117)-INDIANA HIGH ROLLERS BLACK vs (119)DMC BLUE Score=78- 0 2014-05-24 11:20:00 Mat-25HS-3389 (117)-INDIANA HIGH ROLLERS BLACK vs (121)EDG
  9. http://teamduals.escapesports.com/2014_NHSCADuals_HS_10.htm
  10. There are some open spots I am not sure who is there and a weight change or two between a couple. Indiana Elite 106 Paul Konrath 113 Garrett Pepple 120 DJ Smith 126 Zach Davis 132 CorneliousElliott 138 Josh Fuqua 145 Cody Lecount 152 Evan Loe 160 Vinny Cosaro 170 Colton Gonzales 182 Austin Mccloskey 195 Jacob Aven 220 Fletcher Miller 285 Wesley Bernard Indiana High Rollers Black 106 Colton Cummings 113 Breyden Bailey 120 Brock Hudkins 126 Niko Barrentes 132 Jack C
  11. AJ belden gets hurt...Insert Cornelius Elliott! (maybe a slight shuffle of a couple weights now but that remains to be seen)
  12. 106 couldn't make weight...never fear. insert PAUL KONRATH!!!!
  13. nobody else wanted the bigmaks lol
  14. Fabs, I doubt the fireworks. That guy harasses me on every thread then runs with his tail between his legs. He is a clown that never responds to private messages or shows when I tell him exactly where and when to find me. Therefore, I'm done dealing with him. It's crap or get off the pot and he just loves to sit there behind his monitor. No more time wasted on him. You do have a good point tho. What is the other elite roster and let's match them up and see if there are any head to head wins.
  15. That was my standing offer a long time ago.
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