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  1. TIME


    Wrestling is short lived. CG school academics is much better then Perry Township. Think about getting in college and doing well. They did you favor.
  2. Nick is a great wrestler and a better person, but with MD history he is not their top guy. Matt and Blake deserve to be on the top. IMO he should of stayed and wrestled for a state championship in this great state. HS comes around only once, enjoy the journey.
  3. I think Nick Lee is a beast, but what will be defined in the future will be titles. J Brooks was a stud ranked number one on the national level. Howe, Humpreys.
  4. Maybe the top 25. I can name 25 who had better HS careers. Just off of my head Epper, Wright, McMurray, and all the names mention above. No one cares about second place.
  5. He will be only in the record books as a single state champion. A ton of champs in front of him.
  6. Go after a state title. PS can wait
  7. Raley was the real deal, not to mention a National Champ in college. He would be at least 8 seed, some would argue maybe 7. He maybe lost 3 matches his entire HS career.
  8. Raley would be in the mix before some of these guys. 2 time champ, 1 time runner up, super 32 champ
  9. To many good hs kids don't finish up in college, hope it does not happen with these two.
  10. Congressman Jordan, do you really think anyone gives a crap about what his ears look like? No. Have you ever looked at some of the members of the Navy Seals Team 6 ? Guess what, they all have jacked up ears. It is 100% a badge of honor. Don't ever disrespect these members for their desire of working hard and protecting your family's sweet ass. Most of these guys some of the most brightest individuals you would ever know. Tell the Brands brothers, Cal Sanderson they are idiots. No one is bragging, but don't ever call these guys uneducated.
  11. Maybe you should have this conversation after 2/20/16 around 10pm
  12. TIME

    Stop Booing!

    Is booing going to stop, nope. Injury time is being abused. Blood time might need to be shorten. Fix the problem when you first notice any type of blood. I don't agree with booing, but I also know kids are using injury time to stop the momentum.
  13. The list of Indiana kids not making it through college would be endless. MMA is an option, just not at the top.
  14. I don't feel its enough heart. I think the team is just not made up to compete with the talent they are wrestling against.
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