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  1. I am doing well, All is quiet after wresting. I really can't wait for this match.
  2. If Lee is 100% health I would call this a 50/50 match. But if he is not. Red will win, No 132lb in the country will stay with Red if they are not 100%.
  3. Jack Chastain is going to Purdue to study Engineering. He is not sure what type yet. Should he apply?
  4. My son never cut in the off season. As he got older. He cut less and less. This year he did not cut much at all. I would say 6 lbs at the most this season. There were many times he was under weight on Friday after practice. Just had to watch his intake until Saturday morning.
  5. I was assuming last years Ritz compared to this year's Cummings. Of course Ritz would win head to head. He is 2 weight classessment bigger.
  6. I think you missed on 2. Commings and Kelley both win. Other than that. I think you got it.
  7. Jordan Humphrey is great to work with. He spends a great deal of time working with his guys 1 on 1.
  8. How many guys made it to state and were academic all state? I believe HSE had 3. Holmes, Chastain, and Stansberry.
  9. Vito I kind of get your thinking here but In this case. I think it is more the... act like a complete jerk and get my way, thinking that is running ramped today. People are used to being able to say or do what ever they want. I for one am tired of the person who eats half their meal and then screams about how bad it is. Just to try and get it for free. Or the guy who talks crap and doesn't expect to get hit in the face. I for one and sick of these people. I guess the boo at a High School kid guy falls into that category for me.
  10. Looks like I am leaving Indiana Wrestling in good hands. There are at least 2 of you who vehemently defend their right to boo young men who obviously wrestle so that guys like the Troll and RegionRoyalty can be entertained.
  11. Either one, Spell check guy. So you are proud of the fact that at least 2 great kids got booed in the Merrillville finals. You are proving my point for me. Keep talking RegionRoyalty.
  12. Man, You and the Troll must live right next to each other. Must be something in the water up there. You pay money so you should be able to boo who ever you want? You might want to think this one threw a little more!
  13. I agree with you completely on that one.
  14. I woundering about that. I will stop before I get booed! Just seemed to fit really well with this topic. By the way. Congrats on your son making it to the finals!
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