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    Hamilton Southeastern
  2. I have to say I really miss the team state tournament. I am not sure how to pull it off again but It would be nice to see who would win head to head. I really think Hamilton Southeastern could be a top 10 team this year. I wounder if there is a way to take some of the early Dual format tournament and have the winner qualify for the team state?
  3. jchas

    Deep thinking question...

    It is funny I was having a similar conversation this week with my sons club coach. My son is in 8th grade and trains with a club in Indy. We we talking about the huge gap between the average wrestler and the top five present. A talented kid can train hard and beet 90% of the guys he goes against in a year or 2. The next five in another year but that last 5 can take a long long time. The hardest part is figuring out what works against those really good guys if you are not able to train with one or two. I wrestled in Indiana and I have no doubt that the top guys are way better now than in the past.
  4. jchas

    Doing Questionable Things to Win a Match

    Maybe someone should come up with a better under garment that would protect the back end and cover up the front end! My son and I call the front end ppp. You can fill in what the letters stand for.
  5. What are some of the most important characteristics of a great wrestler? Both Physical and mental. Maybe give some examples that you have seen in wrestlers that have set them apart.
  6. jchas

    Football & wrestling

    You need to have your coach come to 1 wrestling practice and go live for 6 minutes. He would more than likely change his mind about that!
  7. jchas

    Football & wrestling

    We must have it good at Hamilton Southeastern. I know that the football players and the wrestlers are doing the off season weights and conditioning together.
  8. jchas

    Football & wrestling

    For me this post was more about the wrestling side. Weather a wrestler could play football and keep his wrestling skills up enough to compete at the state level. As far as football coaches blackballing kids. I believe that is few and far between. With football you have to put your best players on the field no matter what. If you don't you are going to lose. You will also find that most of your football coaches love wrestlers. You just need to go to both of the coaches and work out a schedule that satisfies both.
  9. jchas

    Football & wrestling

    I would say that a lot of the bigger guys are playing both and doing well in both. I just wounder how many of the guys that are below 145 can compete at the State level and play football.
  10. jchas

    Football & wrestling

    There seems to be a push lately that you can't play football and win a state title in wrestling. Can anyone tell me the guys over the last 5 years or so that placed 1st or 2nd in the state and played football?
  11. jchas

    Greco throws

    This looks like a Indian kid. Does anyone know where he is from?
  12. jchas

    Asics All-American Team

    Looks like we need to make some trips to PA and see how we stack up!
  13. jchas

    Greco throws

    I saw one by a kid in a blue singlet with a cross on the back. It was a perfect suplex. Does anyone know who he was?

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