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    Rooks and Mulkey Drama

    This is Graham's mom. I'd like to make sure our side of this story is heard, as Joe seems reluctant to let this go for some reason. Most of Joe's account of what happened is true. Graham did not make the weight, cut and dry. Should he have? Of course. He tried everything within "healthy" reason to get down to 139 lbs. Graham did text Joe asking how official the weigh in was because he had been to another tournament where the weigh in wasn't as "official" and he had worked hard to cut for it as well, without really having had to. Joe's response was "Be on weight, I don't want another Chad Red situation like we had at Pittsburgh." After contacting him on Thursday, letting him know he was still over 7 lbs, very disappointed that the weight wasn't coming off even after how hard he was working, Joe told him Mulkey was trying to get to weight but who ever weighed less would wrestle. There was no mention that they would still get to work out after the "official" weigh in. Graham asked him how much Mulkey was over and was not given an answer. So he messaged Blake on Thursday night after talking with Joe. This is the message you see above. He felt at that time that if Blake was under 5, it would be hard for him to get under that, and he would just give up the spot. Mulkey never responded. He worked out all morning Friday and on our way to Indy, around 1:30, Mulkey messaged him back saying he was 146. Graham was 144.6 at the time. We went ahead and continued to Brownsburg, still under the impression that whoever weighed the least amount would wrestle. When Joe got to Brownsburg HS, Graham weighed in, in underwear, at 144.4. Joe did not write his weight down. He never asked Graham if he was going to continue to work out. Graham got a drink, got his wrestling gear on and went out to the mat to practice. Mulkey walked in so he went back to the locker room to watch Mulkey weigh in. Mulkey weighed in at 144.4, no underwear. Nothing else was said. Graham went back out the the mat to practice. He never saw Joe or Mulkey again. He messaged Joe not long after, and while he was still at Brownsburg HS asking who was wrestling since they weighed the exact same and Joe said Mulkey was in. He asked why, and asked if Joe could come talk to him and explain. He never received a response. We ate, checked out the hotel that we had just checked into and went home. Graham messaged Blake telling him good luck. They wrestle together at Red Cobra and we think Blake and his family are great people. On the way home, Joe called Ben, (at Cooper's request) and told him he was sorry that Graham didn't know he couldn't keep working out. The conversation ended friendly. We thought that was the end of it. We would like this to be the end of it. Please. Graham is the least dramatic person I know. While he's disappointed that he wasn't able to wrestle in this match, or to have his rematch against Woods, he's excited about his future in wrestling and the opportunities he'll have wrestling for Coach Escobedo at IU. He's blessed to have had such a great high school career under Coach Cooper at Columbus East.

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