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What are the odds of having some from Indiana repping the USA team next year. As Joe has stated, they don't normally do the event back to back in a state. With that being said, we have some studs in the ranking but are down the rankings a bit. Hopefully with some big wins in the off season and next year they can move on up. Here's some on the move depending on what ranking you look at: first is Flo then Intermat

Moran-Unranked, 17th

Curtis-15th, 11th

Garcia-17th, Unranked

anyonelse I'm missing

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Yea I was thinking the juniors are tough this year. Going off weights this year and moving them up one 

113- moran champ

120-Curtis 2x champ

126-Watts champ

132- Garcia 2x champ

138-mosconi Runner up

145-gimson 5th

152-slivka champ 

160- Washington 5th 

170-south champ

182/195 Brewer(sq) and mahan(5th)

220-Cornwall 5th

285-pokorney champ 


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Pokorney has has the most national success, he will be behind Cohlton Schultz in the rankings unless something crazy happens.

Being on Team USA for this event can be hit or miss depending upon who declines and such. Being a part of it, it is never easy to get kids to commit and with a million other events going on it makes it even more difficult.

One of the funniest things when I went to pick up the kids at the airport, Jacori Teemer from Long Island texted me saying he landed. I told him, "we are all by the pigs and cows in baggage claim." When he came up, I asked him what he thought of that text, he said...I wasn't sure what to think I'm in Indiana haha.

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