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  1. Dont sleep on Caden Rooks!!!
  2. South got lucky????...well,all ill say is the more he works in the room,and in the gym, the "luckier" he gets!!!..kids an absolute beast,my pick at 160!@! GO ROCKET!!!
  3. I went thru the same thing this year,and 2 years ago..this year my son,like myles,technically an adult informed me he was quitting.i told him no,absolutely not,but his mind was made up.hes 18,6'1",300,i cant make him do crap!!.but i love him,and hes my son..its such a touchy and sore subject,and can put serious strain on a relationship..i dont condone or approve of his decision, but ill support him til the end,as i will myles...and fyi,Scott and Elaine and 2 of the best parents and peoole ive ever met!
  4. Not 100%,but i believe D.Craig (J.C) beat Campbell (B.D) today
  5. Congrats to NH!!..i have family that lives in ramsey,good school...ive been in this great sport for 30+ years..my oldest is an asst coach at JC,my middle son is,a senior,they both have been very successful at the state and national level..if you have any questiins,feel free to email me..chuck shepherd. (charlesshepherd1970@gmail)
  6. Yes,projected to go 160 for CE..took noah warren to triple overtime at disney...hes a beast!
  7. Dont sleep on Columbus East....
  8. I believe EMD was undeafeated..Team Balboas (columbus east) with only loss to EMD,by 4pts....
  9. Can anyone tell me the teams expected for this years duals??
  10. No love for my little buddy breyden bailey??..it's a stacked weight,but he's still #1 in my book..and I haven't had the pleasure of watching Streck this year,but Oglysby(sp) looked very impressive at Evansville. And don't sleep on Herrin from JC,he's peaking at the right time. Good luck to all these amazing young men!!
  11. Fine article!!!...spot on. Should be some great action,and a few upsets through all the classes..thanks for all your time preparing this for us fans!!
  12. I believe coach Bryan Bailey was state runner up,and 2x state champ winning sectional only once,if I'm not mistaken.
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