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170 Finals - Webster vs. Stock

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Glad to be able to gloat a little without "rubbing it in peoples face" All thos nights wrestling in a garage under kerosene heaters, doing whatever it took to get better paid off. So proud of that dude.


VanHorn coming over and shaking his parents hands was pure class, kudos to him

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This just goes to prove the fact that rankings don't mean anything. Those who get caught up in all the rankings need to raise their expectations. If you focus on training for the top 5%, it's an expectation to beat anyone and everyone in Indiana. Stock winning a state title was a surprise to everyone but the people who trained him. Nobody in the state deserved it more! #getdownorlaydown

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He had quite the impressive path! He had a ton of tough matches vs quality wrestlers!


Over #1 vanhorn SV 3-1 at sectionals

Over #14 Hays 8-2 at sectionals

Loss vs #1 vanhorn SV 3-1 at regionals

Over #16 Cicciarelli 3-1 at regionals

Over #20 Keller 7-3 at Semi-State

Over #13 Fuller 12-8 at semi-state

Over #14 Hays 7-3 at semi-state

Over #1 vanhorn SV 3-1 at semi state

Over Groover 9-3 first round

Over #9 Ruberg 3-2 in quarters

Over #11 Goering 17-5 in semis

Over #2 Webster by fall in finals

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