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  1. White vs Cummings Stewart vs Eli
  2. I second that. Both made an amazing run.
  3. He had quite the impressive path! He had a ton of tough matches vs quality wrestlers! Over #1 vanhorn SV 3-1 at sectionals Over #14 Hays 8-2 at sectionals Loss vs #1 vanhorn SV 3-1 at regionals Over #16 Cicciarelli 3-1 at regionals Over #20 Keller 7-3 at Semi-State Over #13 Fuller 12-8 at semi-state Over #14 Hays 7-3 at semi-state Over #1 vanhorn SV 3-1 at semi state Over Groover 9-3 first round Over #9 Ruberg 3-2 in quarters Over #11 Goering 17-5 in semis Over #2 Webster by fall in finals
  4. I'm not trying to argue either. lol I was just curious.
  5. Why was he looking for blood and not the pin? The dude was flat on his back..
  6. Ripple dec. Henson 6-2 although ripple had Henson pinned and they called for blood time...
  7. Micah Keller over Chase Wilson 5-4
  8. nak

    MD next year

    Heard Konrath took a tour of the school the other day. Also heard they bought a house fairly close to the school. Kinda interesting I guess.
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