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Everything posted by dangood1

  1. dangood1


    Did the post making fun of someone get deleted? Im not seeing it...
  2. Exactly, wasnt like he wasnt called for it once already
  3. Dont get called for 1st one and you dont have to worry about 2nd one. ??‍♂️
  4. Was that Mulkeys first stall call
  5. Welp, this response didnt age well
  6. There is a way to fight for your kid w/ class and w/ out. Period.
  7. He should be thrown out for the rest of the day.
  8. Team should lose a point for the way the coach acted
  9. Got heated early. Lots of hands in face. Lee did the “break em” motion over his knee twice after match.
  10. No wrestlebacks. Thats what makes SemiState round 2 so beautiful. Its very tough, and the way it should be. No other sport can you lose at sectionals, regionals, and semi state and still be a state champ.
  11. wrong coach same school....
  12. I don't have much knowledge on what is allowed and what isn't. But he came up to one of my wrestlers and his family at state 2 years ago and asked if they'd be interested in transferring over to be able to wrestle for them. I just assumed they were allowed to do that.
  13. I cant find online anywhere what the criteria for qualifying is. I have a highschool State Champ who wants to go wrestle this weekend but was unable to wrestle at the Folkstyle State as he was at the Ind/Ill duel. Ive sent a few emails per the website but Ive gotten nothing back. Any help would be great. Thanks
  14. huh? are you serious? Brownsburg is less than 5 minutes from the colts complex on 56th street.
  15. why not just put the coaches name vs "hall of fame" ? Not like you have anything to be worried about.
  16. very classy and deserving young man. Another Indiana stud to the Big Ten
  17. Franklin is in the Indianapolis area? you have to drive through Greenwood and Whiteland to get there.
  18. Kelvin Jackson or Dave McCubbins.
  19. beautiful....YES! hes getting hungrier the more success he has.
  20. Yes football. Eli turned into a beast at linebacker this season. I really think it helped his confidence goto another level.
  21. At tourneys, he gets better as the day gets long. Really started to see it at Indy Nationals last year. Those 4th, 5th, etc matches of the day are always his best.
  22. He wants too. hes got a couple visits coming up over the next few weeks.
  23. I didnt think of it that way, i see what you are saying.
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