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  • Team Race Breakdown


    By Drew Hughes


    With the 2021 state tournament approaching the team race looks to be as exciting as ever. The way that I see it there are 5 teams that will be neck and neck this year for the title: Evansville Mater Dei, Crown Point, Indianapolis Cathedral, Chesterton, and Perry Meridian. While all of these teams have a shot at the crown, they will all need certain things to go their way.


    Mater Dei:

    With 7 state qualifiers but 4 of those 7 receiving some unfavorable draws they will need some big wins to stay in the team race. With these bad draws being semi-state champ Reed Egli drawing into #1 Alex Cottey first round, Cole Ross potentially running into #1 Sergio Lemley in the quarters, Alec Freeman potentially having #3 Aidan Torres in the quarters, and returning state champ Blake Boarman on the same side as #1 Jesse Mendez. These draws possibly limiting the number of people they can put in the finals it might just kill their chances at a team title.

    Potential team scores not including bonus points:

    Worst case: 59 points

    Best case: 136 points

    My Prediction: 78 points


    Crown Point:

    With the loss of a potential title contender Cody Goodwin, they might be just short of what they need to win the title. With 8 state qualifiers and 6 of those qualifiers ranked higher than their Friday night opponents, the Bulldogs are going to need to pick up some big wins on Saturday morning to win the title. These key potential quarters match ups that they need to go their way are #5 Sam Goin over #4 Bryce Lowery, #7 Stephen Roberson over #4 Kysen Montgomery, #3 Javen Estrada over #5 J Conway, and #5 Orlando Cruz over #4 Kade Law. With a few of these wins and their other guys wrestling up to their rankings they do still have a shot at the title.

    Potential team scores not including bonus points:

    Worst case: 52 points

    Best case: 146 points

    My Prediction: 93 points


    Indianapolis Cathedral:

    The reigning team state champs for the last 3 years, Cathedral will be looking for its 4th in a row on Saturday. Bring 6 qualifiers with them they are going to need to be at their best to get it done. With everyone ranked above their Friday night opponents they will need some big wins Saturday morning to have a chance at the title. Some of these big potential quarterfinal matches include #2 Evan Dickey vs. #1 Jeffery Bailey, #12 Dillion Graham vs. #9 Tony Wood, #9 Ulrik Urasky vs. #2 Pate Eastin, and #4 Johnny Parker vs. #6 Harris Eason. Cathedral will need to win a few of these matches as well as #3 Andrew Wilson potentially upsetting #2 Brody Baumann in the semis to repeat as team state champions.

    Potential team scores not including bonus points:

    Worst case: 44 points

    Best case: 98 points

    My Prediction: 72 points



    Coming off a tight semi-state title over Crown Point and bringing 8 guys to Bankers Life Chesterton is in a good spot to steal this team title. With only one wrestler ranked under their Friday night opponent they will need some big wins on Saturday. With some key potential quarterfinal matches being #10 Hayden DeMarco vs. #6 Coy Hammack, #1 Sergio Lemley vs. #4 Cole Ross, #3 Aidan Torres vs. #1 Alec Freeman, #10 Ethan Kaiser vs. #6 Hunter May, #6 Brock Ellis vs. #7 Tyer Conley, #4 Gavin Layman vs. #1 Drake Buchanan, and #10 Gage Demarco vs. #6 Harris Eason. Chesterton will need to a few upsets in theses matches to stay in the title race.


    Potential team score not including bonus points:

    Worst case: 45 points

    Best case: 121 points

    My Prediction: 91 points


    Perry Meridian:

    Perry comes into this weekend with 9 state qualifiers and only 3 of those 9 being ranked under their Friday night opponents if things go their way, we could see Perry bring home their first title since 2013. With their key potential quarterfinal matches being #3 Toby Billerman vs. #4 Evan Seng, #2 Mathew Koontz vs. #11 Aidan Hardcastle, #13 Jajuan Dale vs. #11 Codei Khawaja, and #10 Jeffrey McClure vs. #5 Josh Howell. The real key for Perry’s path to a title will come from their returning champ and 3-time finalist Alex Cottey to be health after injury defaulting to 4th place last weekend.


    Potential team score not including bonus points:

    Worst case: 39 points

    Best case: 107 points

    My prediction: 74 points


    Based off of my predictions before taking bonus points into account I have the team placement going:


    #1 Crown Point with 93 points

    #2 Chesterton with 91 points

    #3 Mater Dei with 78 points

    #4 Perry Meridian with 74 points

    #5 Cathedral with 72 points


    Bonus points are going to be the deciding factor in this team race with the potential for any of these 5 teams to come away with the title come Saturday.

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    Not scoring friday nigh is the dumbest thing ever.  It's like not keeping score in the first quarter of a football game.  Teams like Perry, MD, CP and Chesterton might need those advancement and bonus points to help with the team race.

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