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  1. greco165

    An Idea to Think About.

    You seem easily triggered for a conservative
  2. greco165

    An Idea to Think About.

    Please GTFO with that "liberal society" garbage that has absolutely nothing to do with the discussion at hand
  3. greco165

    Most Indiana Triple Crowns?

    That didn't really answer my question. Is drilling 9,500 single legs vs. 10,000 single legs a big difference compared to exposing some kids to new techniques that may benefit their style/ body type? I mean, if they don't like it, they don't have to use it, but they can't use it if it's not taught.
  4. greco165

    Most Indiana Triple Crowns?

    So, because you happened to be successful without any Greco experience, no kid would ever benefit from exposure to even the basics?
  5. greco165

    Most Indiana Triple Crowns?

    So you can't train both? More wrestling, regardless of style, is better than less wrestling.
  6. greco165


    Who are you to judge what weight a young man, state champion at that, chooses to wrestle at a very tough national tournament?
  7. greco165

    Angel to head coach

    I've been following the team for 20 years or so, and I'm not a fan of Goldman by any stretch, but I'm not sure what you mean by the impact of East Coast wrestlers. Perhaps I'm missing someone, but how many All-Americans do you count in that time? I count 3 (Dubuque, Walsh, Becker).
  8. greco165

    State Records takedowns etc

    I believe Hasseman briefly held the record, but Milius broke it a few years later https://m.facebook.com/materdeiwrestling/posts/923128321105351
  9. greco165

    TEC - Most Underated Conference

    Well, when you start a thread called "Most Underated Conference" (sic), you do invite some criticism
  10. greco165

    Takedown Leaders?

    Chuck puntillo, don't think he ever made State in the grinder of the region but was a tough kid.
  11. greco165

    Takedown Leaders?

    Memory is a little fuzzy but I believe Puntillo from Highland scored once or twice on him in a match
  12. 157 as well. Returning champ and 3-time top 4 placer is a 4 seed in his own conference tournament.
  13. Bah, I meant 60, but does it really matter when there has only been one from 1950 until now?
  14. Not to mention Angel winning a title and Dubuque winning two while Purdue had none. In fact, Purdue has had a single national champion in the last 70 years (1992).
  15. greco165

    Hoosier Heritage Conference

    I wouldn't call Farrell the favorite over Carroll at 119.

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