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  1. State Records takedowns etc

    I believe Hasseman briefly held the record, but Milius broke it a few years later https://m.facebook.com/materdeiwrestling/posts/923128321105351
  2. TEC - Most Underated Conference

    Well, when you start a thread called "Most Underated Conference" (sic), you do invite some criticism
  3. Takedown Leaders?

    Chuck puntillo, don't think he ever made State in the grinder of the region but was a tough kid.
  4. Takedown Leaders?

    Memory is a little fuzzy but I believe Puntillo from Highland scored once or twice on him in a match
  5. Mayweather vs McGregor

    No offense, but you must not follow MMA, let alone train. Pretty much anyone on the UFC's roster at 155 would destroy Mayweather in MMA with a simple game plan (minus a lucky punch). Under your setup Mac loses boxing, wins MMA, and GnP Mayweather to TKO him in an even round to win.
  6. Top 5 #thecounties in the state

    Adams county deserves to be on there if for no other reason than they are much smaller than the other powerhouse counties. Delaware is also on the smaller side compared to others listed.
  7. What is the most embarrassing move to be done to you?

    None of the above, leg cradle
  8. Nick Lee

    I was thinking about year after next, when Zain/McCutcheon are gone and Teasdale would be in the lineup assuming he doesn't redshirt. Next year McCutcheon would likely slot in at 197 again.
  9. Nick Lee

    Penn state just stole one of the top recruits in the country, 3x PA champ Gavin Teasdale, from Iowa. He'll likely go 133. Their lineup has the potential to be one of the best ever over the next couple years. 125 suriano 133 teasdale (if no redshirt) 141 lee 149 ? 157 nolf 165 joseph 174 hall 184 nickal 197 ? Heavy nevills They will only lose Retherford and McCutcheon after next year. This is just not fair to be that young and stacked.
  10. Team State accept/decline updates: Update 3-20

    I believe they have declined every year that they have qualified, something about not wanting to disrupt the schedule they already have in place
  11. Elkins!

    Maybe the greatest comeback in an MMA fight I've ever seen, especially given the fact that he was a massive underdog
  12. Craig Macke

    He was the widest 103lber I've ever seen, could bench press well over 200 lb. Although, he was something like 4'6".
  13. Best Matches Ever

    My memory may be fading but I believe the opposite happened in the Doherty-Lund match. Doherty hit that nasty headlock twice to go up big then Lund came rallying back and almost won it
  14. Craig Macke

    Macke did the same thing with Aaron Clark when they were at 103 in 2001. Got dominated their first couple matches, had a close one at individual state, then upset the undefeated state champ the following weekend at team state. Many thought Clark was untouchable at 103, as he had pretty much pinned his way through the entire year, and would have had a decent chance at winning senior nationals if he would have went.
  15. Best 1xer

    I guess a d1 championship isn't enough when your name is lee and haven't yet wrestled a collegiate match for your team