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  1. IHSWCA Middle School State

    Optional for weighin
  2. Middle School State System Glitch

    I did provide "human intervention" by changing the birth date range so your wrestler will fall within that range. Ten people have emailed concerning a problem and four were due to the birth date range. The others were merely user error or a local internet problem. If you tried again after I reset the birth date then about the only advice I have is to continue to try.
  3. IHSWCA Middle School State

    All information and rules can be accessed through www.newcastlewrestling.com Click on the big link where it says IHSWCA Middle School State. The information on trackwrestling also indicates that you can find this information in this location as well. Please read it thoroughly.
  4. Where are the rules listed for Middle School State?

    All information and rules can be accessed through www.newcastlewrestling.com Click on the big link where it says IHSWCA Middle School State. The information on trackwrestling also indicates that you can find this information in this location as well. Please read it thoroughly.
  5. IHSWCA Middle School State

    Shoes are optional
  6. IHSWCA Middle School State

  7. Legal or Not??

    I have seen several two piece uniforms that are illegal this year, but the IHSAA does not seem to care about it.
  8. State of the Mat Address

    Thanks for serving Tyson. You did a great job! Rex Peckinpaugh
  9. IHSWCA Survey

    I never got one. I may not be on the list. Rex
  10. New Castle Middle School needs one team to fill a spot of a team that just dropped out of a triple dual scheduled for Saturday 2/25/2017. If you are interested please contact NCMS Athletic Director John Griffith at 765-524-5110 or email him at the address below. 7655245110@mms.att.net
  11. Official (Somewhat) Middle School State Team Scoes

    Chesterton actually has 77 points (figured based on one wrestler scoring per weight class.), but when entered as Chesterton WC it leads one to believe that more than one school is represented.
  12. These scores are based on placement points with only one wrestler from each school being allowed to score points for their team. No Academies are listed becasue the team competition aspect of this tournament is only for Middle Schools. If a Team had "Wrestling Club" or "Academy" after their name then I ruled them out because that seems to indicate that all of their wrestlers are not from the same Middle School. If I am wrong please have someone in authority from that team contact me. The order and scores for the top six teams are as follows: 1. JYMS Middle School (Mishawaka) 81 2. Franklin Community MS 65 3. Bellmont MS 49 4. South Dearborn MS 47 5. Carrol MS 46 6. Western MS 41 I do want to acknowledge the great job that is being done by several wrestling academies. There were some impressive performances.
  13. Middle School State

    It is not really about the money. We have gotten to the point where the tournament runs fairly smoothly, but it is ponderous. We have simply not changed due to the fact there has not been much impetus for change. I can tell you this...I would love to see us have qualifiers and end up with brackets of 16. I would love to be able to walk out the doors with clean-up complete at 5pm or 6pm. I think you would need three (3) qualifiers. One more north, one more south, and one in central Indiana. The idea of just a north and south qualifier leaves our biggest number of wrestlers in this tournament (central Indiana) traveling to a site that should be well north or well south. Three qualifiers with the top six from each advancing would work well because not all six would probably come to the State. Four qualifiers (qualifying top four) is probably too many because the numbers at the tournament might not be substantial enough for the host school to pay the "bills". If we made the qualifier a ten dollar ($10) entry fee though maybe that would draw a few more people at the first level and make it more viable. We would also need to find schools that could host the event on the Sunday after IHSAA Sectionals and have a make-up date the Sunday after IHSAA Regionals. If you would be interested in hosting a qualifier for Middle School State let me know. I plan to meet with the Officers and discuss this at (or before) the Spring Clinic.
  14. IHSAA High School Women's Wrestling

    Here is what I think has to happen...and it has happened in other sports such as Soccer. Someone (or a group) who has a passion for girl's/women's wrestling must decide that they are going to be the driving force and not stop until the job is done. This will not happen in a year or two.....it will have to be a long terms committment. The person/group needs to find a group of schools in close proximity that would be willing to have girl's Club Team that would compete against each other in a league sort of situation. As this is established then they would need to work to expand it until 50% of the IHSAA member schools are doing it. This is exactly what Soccer and some other sports have done. If you cannot get 50% of the member schools to have teams/clubs you would still increase the number of girls wrestling and have enough viable teams and individuals to have a legitimate State Championship event much like boy's/men's Volleyball currently has. I would add this as well....Gymnastics is actually below the level where they should be sanctioned and it might be that if girl's wrestling were to get a reasonable number of schools involved (more than Gymnastics) then tey might consider dropping one and adding the other. Most schools do not like Gymnastics becasue it cost too much. The IHSAA is very concerned about the balance of boys and girls sports Girls wrestling (if it had a decent number of teams participating) would make a nice pairing if gymnastics were dropped.
  15. IHSWCA Middle School State

    I think I have it AJ. I will check tomorrow. Rex