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  1. maligned


    It is actually the double bronze era (began way back in 2005, surprisingly). In the above results, Sadulaev and Gaidarov were gold/silver and Murtazaliev and Vereb were both bronze medalists.
  2. maligned


    I just realized who "jc" is. I was trying to figure out the joke myself. I get it now. I'll bite...check out who came within a 6-6 loss of getting bronze at the Euro in 2014:
  3. maligned


    Angel Escobedo got 5th in the world and was an NCAA champ. Andrew Howe was also an NCAA champ and was the 3rd or 4th best freestyle wrestler in the United States for several years but couldn't quite get over the hump against a guy named Jordan Burroughs. He would have medaled every year at Euros for about 5 years in his freestyle prime. I also think Humphrey would have medaled at the Euros about half the time over a 6 or 8-year period if he'd been eligible. I just mean to say I don't think Micic stands alone at the top of the mountain. However, he is unbelievable and an all-time great. Definitely hoping he can get the right kind of draw at worlds next year or in Olympic qualifiers so we can see him in Tokyo in 2020.
  4. maligned

    IHPO rumors

    Might want to put a spellcheck on your puzzle app. Seems you're suggesting the mystery champ is from Avon--but he has runnier poo than normal.
  5. maligned

    Article on Sarah Hildebrandt

  6. maligned

    An Idea to Think About.

    In my opinion, it's the effects of technology and economic progress. With the advent of the internet and then social media, ideas/schedules/plans are shared more quickly and easily. And the average American family, with our nation's steady economic progress, has significantly more flexibility in their spending that allows for more camps and travel--and therefore a building of wrestling networks and an exposure to what's out there. Once you've got all the info of what's happening in wrestling, you've built your wrestling community network from a distance, and you've got that slightly more income and awareness of jobs available elsewhere--the leap to a family move is relatively quick and painless compared to 30 or 40 years ago. Then when a couple families do it, it's that much easier for others to follow suit. We're getting more mobile on every level as a society--not less. It's happening on a national level in terms of populations in cities, for example. People are trickling away from all the big Midwest cities and landing in coastal or warm-weather or tech-oriented cities. I'm not sure what the smart answers are to the issues Coach P. raises. If we as a society are clearly migrating toward what's perceived to be bigger/better/smarter/hipper, it will be tough to slow the trend in high school wrestling. How do you build those arguments to families that "better" can actually mean bettering your community, being loyal, and growing as human beings in accomplishing what others say we can't?
  7. maligned

    Past State Brackets

    Wow! Amazing work! 140 in 1996 takes me to an error page every time.
  8. Bottom line is that we have great depth (again). All of the guys mentioned here that didn't get into the preseason rankings are capable of getting wins over top guys in the country.
  9. maligned

    Micic at European Championships

    Yeah, he gets the takedown to make it 10-0 for the tech and the guy just lies back flat and gives up. Ha. Very solid match by Micic...looked much more hydrated than this morning.
  10. maligned

    Micic at European Championships

    Micic came out and dominated El Ouarraqe of France for the first 3 minutes this morning, heading to the break up 6-0. But he could barely stand up during the break because he was so exhausted. He hung on for dear life in the second period and advanced with an 8-4 win. He looked fantastic in his first match against the Russian yesterday; but if he's always struggling like he was today after making weight on back-to-back days at 57kg/125lb, I wonder if he'll consider wrestling closer to his college weight in the future in the 61kg/134lb division. He'll be first on the mat for his bronze medal match when finals start at 11am eastern time. His Spanish opponent was hammered by the Russian but does own a couple of wins over the Frenchman in the past couple years, so it will be a difficult match.
  11. I know Joe already tweeted updates but... Stevan Micic started his first tournament wrestling for his father's native country of Serbia this morning at 57kg at the European Championships in Russia. He lost a tight one 6-4 in the Round of 16 to the Russian. However, the Russian advanced to the final so Stevan will be in the repechage tomorrow morning. In the repechage, he'll have a solid Frenchman who's beaten some top guys in the past, including an upset over a Georgian today. He'll wrestle a Spaniard for bronze if he wins that. The Russian beat the Frenchman 6-0 and teched the Spaniard so it would seem Stevan has a good chance to medal at this loaded event.
  12. Cool...missed the story
  13. Now we all know it's not definitely gonna happen cause of weight differences they're both going to be beasts at the same weight for the next 4-6 years. It's just a matter of time, so hopefully we can all just be patient to find out the truth. ?
  14. Atwood gets 7th and the final Trials challenge tournament spot. Harvey takes 6th and gets a trials spot too. Streck falls one spot short.

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