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  1. I know he didn't get past Stage 1 in Las Vegas because his name isn't on the list of advancers, but did Brad run at all? I skimmed through the two Stage 1 episodes looking for him but didn't see him shown, even in the "while we were away" segments that seemed to cover all the non-aired runs.
  2. Hellen Maroulis World Champ

    The headlock she hit for the fall in the semi's would do the trick.
  3. Hellen Maroulis World Champ

    That's world gold at 55kg, olympic gold at 53kg (cutting down for a vision quest victory over the Japanese women's GOAT), and world gold at 58kg in 3 straight years. Amazing to watch her. So slick. Kayla Miracle can actually look back at this April world team qualifying result with pride--making it to 5:45 AND scoring 2 points. No one else in the world could pull off either of those two feats. K. MIRACLE SKWC 2 H. Maroulis SKWC 15 SP 5:45 #2537 Alli Ragan (60kg) goes for gold and Victoria Anthony (48kg) goes for bronze starting at 1pm Indiana time today for free on the UWW site. Day 1 prelims for men's freestyle will run from roughly 4am until 10am tomorrow morning. We'll have Thomas Gilman, multiple time AA from Iowa, at 57kg (125.5), defending world champ Logan Stieber at 61kg (134), defending Olympic bronze J'Den Cox at 86kg (189), and 2-time NCAA champ Nick Gwiazdowski at 125kg (275).
  4. Avon Head-Coach Resigns

    Swain clicked on "like"...it must resonate with him.
  5. NFHS Rule Changes

    I wouldn't want our officials to be associated with the mafia and gambling activity that the name "tuxedo" shirt would immediately evoke in all our minds. Would your proposed "shirt designed for being an official" have a specific sleeve length and material constitution? Would the shirt designed for being an official also have standard markings across all regions or could there be style and coloration differences based on an area's preferences for certain historical styles or accessories (cummerbunds, suspenders, etc.)? Would the shirt designed for being an official be required or initially introduced as an optional shirt choice?
  6. Caught red handed

    Huh? I hope this is tongue-in-cheek. Not sure how one person caught cheating means a place of education and, in this context, a group of parents and kids in our wrestling community is "full of bad people." I've talked to dozens of coaches and officials about Roncalli over the years, often hearing their passion about how good it feels to beat their program when they were lucky enough to do it. But I've never once heard someone make such a silly blanket statement slightly resembling this post, hook.
  7. It would go to a vote between Hobart, Bloomington S, Carmel, Zionsville, and Floyd Central. It's always a vote among teams within 15 points of the first available candidate. CG was automatic because they were 18 clear of the next team.
  8. NFHS Rule Changes

    Also, can you change uniform mid-match? You're wearing your singlet with a pair of "shorts designed for wrestling" over your singlet and a compression shirt under your singlet. It's headed to overtime and your opponent is getting his tape fixed. You're sweatier and slipperier now, so you quickly pull the shirt off from under your singlet and slide off your "shorts designed for wrestling." Is that cool?
  9. NFHS Rule Changes

    I understand the desire not to be associated with MMA in this age range. I just find the struggle to find a name for the shorts a bit comical. I think they will of course quickly just become known as "wrestling shorts" in kids' homes. In the meantime, I don't think it would have been so harmful to call them "grappling shorts" in recognition of their prior association with grappling-related sports, including our own. It wouldn't even have been strange for them to introduce them as "shorts designed for wrestling", then "these wrestling shorts", and finally, simply "wrestling shorts" as they progressed in the description. But to keep calling them "shorts designed for wrestling" a dozen times just draws more attention to it and solidifies the perception that they couldn't find a name for them and wanted to avoid "fight shorts."
  10. NFHS Rule Changes

    And be sure to call the shorts a cumbersome name such as "shorts designed for wrestling" as many times as possible in all communication about them.
  11. All 12 Team State participants in each class for 2017-18 have been confirmed. Note there was a last-minute change at 3A since the voting: 3A: Portage Brownsburg Carroll Avon Columbus East Mater Dei Castle Penn Harrison (WL) Roncalli Perry Merdian Center Grove 2A: Yorktown Edgewood North Montgomery Wawasee Bellmont Indian Creek Garrett New Prairie New Haven Franklin County Lawrenceburg Jimtown 1A: Prairie Heights Shenandoah North Posey Cass Central Noble Knightstown Eastern (Greentown) Frankton South Adams Adams Central Milan Attica
  12. 3A Team State Qualifying: thru State

    I don't think there would have been much drama for Perry. I wasn't in the room, but I collected all the teams' information and put together the team reports. Firstly, had Fair not gotten hurt at regional, they would have been in the event already. More importantly, in the projected lineup the gave us, they've got 3 placers, another state qualifier and a semi-state qualifier starters back, 2 incoming freshmen triple crown winners with big-time national resumes that will be state title contenders, 5 JV guys who have wins over semi-state and state qualifiers between the high school season and recent folkstyle events...and so on and so forth. They've only got 5 starters back, but they've got 50 total high schoolers back before we even talk about their insane incoming 8th grade class. They were only in the vote-in situation because of having so few starters back and because of having several instances of bad luck in the qualifying process. They will be loaded again.
  13. 1A Team State Qualifying: thru State

    Prairie Heights Shenandoah North Posey Cass Central Noble Knightstown Eastern Frankfort Frankton South Adams Adams Central Milan Attica
  14. 2A Team State Qualifying: thru State

    Lawrenceburg and Jimtown were selected as the final two 2A teams for next year's event.
  15. 1A Team State Qualifying: thru State

    Attica was selected as the final 1A participant.