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  1. Team State Vote-In Results

    Sorry, I didn't see that post. That's what I know too. 5 strong guys with legit credentials. I didn't know how openly it was being shared.
  2. Team State Vote-In Results

    I'll leave it to their people to share that info. I don't know how their enrollment process works in terms of making things official and I don't want to speak for them.
  3. Team State Vote-In Results

    They just missed the vote-in process. Sadly, they forfeited a weight and had 4 guys not make it out of one of the thinner sectionals in the state. If they'd had one more guy make it to regional or had a warm body in that forfeited weight, they would have been in the vote-in discussion. It's true they beat Rochester head-to-head but remember scoring is heavily weighted toward returning guys and CA had 3 of their top guys graduate--meaning they bring back 10 compared to 14 starters from Rochester (I'm just speaking in terms of how scoring works...CA's incoming class could make them a force but that's not part of the scoring process.) They would have been an amazing candidate, sadly, with all the credentials they've got coming in for next year. They'll be very good for the next few years it seems. We just don't have a fair way to consider incoming 8th graders, move-ins, etc. before the voting process, so you've got to get that far at least first.
  4. Wow. I thought he looked phenomenal physically at 170. They're thinking of him as possibly a 157-pounder? Even if he was a light 170-pounder and not cutting weight, will he be able to suck down that far as a still-growing/maturing teenager in a college strength and conditioning program?
  5. 2018 Dream Team Classic April 14

    awesome...i mean awful
  6. Team State Vote-In Results

    He's being sarcastic bc everyone is stating their case. They bring back all 14, including 4 ticket rounders and 6 total SS qualifiers.
  7. FloNationals

    Parris by Tech over a PA runner-up.
  8. Wow...could make that IU/Purdue dual very interesting in 2-3 years.
  9. Kasper McIntosh: 6th in Indiana

    Moran national champ too
  10. Prayers for Jim Beeson -- long time IHSAA official

    Sad to hear. Jim is an incredible person.
  11. 2018 NCAA Tournament Contest

    Lee 3 Gross 5 Yianni D 1 Retherford 10 Nolf 6 Joseph 2 Hall 7 Nickal 8 Darmstadt 4 Snyder 9 Penn St. 145
  12. Hatch, Bethel, and Schurg are All-Americans and will all wrestle in the consolation quarterfinals starting at 10am ET/9am CT this morning. The other three all fell a couple matches short.
  13. Glogouski and Faulkenburg end up 1-2 and fall in the All-American round. Crume and Kemper are 2-1 and have clinched All-American status. They'll be wrestling live for free on the NCAA.com stream starting at 11am ET/10am CT
  14. Team State Bid Acceptance List

    Cathedral accepts its bid and completes the list of 30 automatic bids. We will send out team info sheets to vote-in candidates in the next couple days.
  15. Big Ten

    I haven't looked at it closely, but it almost always goes to guys who were in or near both the RPI and the Coaches' panel rankings before the conference tournaments. Hildebrandt doesn't fit that. Sliga could be more of a possibility, but I haven't looked closely at it. Zack Davis also could have been a decent candidate but he had an awful 0-2 tournament. Not sure we'll get anyone more than the 9 we have.