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  1. Also this weekend: --Jacob Covaciu takes 2nd for Wisconsin at 174 at the Cal Bakersfield tournament, losing the final 2-1 to his 2-time NCAA qualifier teammate. --Mitch Sliga takes 2nd at 184 for Northwestern at the U Penn tournament, falling to #1-ranked Bo Nickal in the final. --Connor Tolley takes 4th at 285 for UT-Chattanooga at the Army-West Point event
  2. From TrackWrestling: 125 Hayden Lee (Cumberlands (Ky.)) over Sawyer Miller (Indiana Tech) (Dec 5-3) 0 3 133 Jake Sinkovics (Cumberlands (Ky.)) over Erique Early (Indiana Tech) (Fall 3:52) 0 6 141 Gaige Torres (Indiana Tech) over Trent Leon (Cumberlands (Ky.)) (Dec 14-11) 3 0 149 Tres Leon (Cumberlands (Ky.)) over Thomas Garty (Indiana Tech) (Fall 2:48) 0 6 157 Chase Hack (Indiana Tech) over Bobby Ehman (Cumberlands (Ky.)) (MD 11-3) 4 0 165 Mitch Roadruck (Indiana Tech) over Tristan Macri (Cumberlands (Ky.)) (TB-1 2-1) 3 0 174 Scott Sopko (Indiana Tech) over Micah Linton (Cumberlands (Ky.)) (Dec 7-4) 3 0 184 Max Emerson (Cumberlands (Ky.)) over Zach Davis (Indiana Tech) (Fall 0:00) 0 6 197 Eric Deluse (Cumberlands (Ky.)) over Tyler Moser (Indiana Tech) (TF 15-0 3:00) 0 5 285 Quandre Chisolm (Cumberlands (Ky.)) over Eric Ousley (Indiana Tech) (TF 17-0 3:00) 0 5 Team Score: 13 31
  3. Good results from some ex-Indiana high schoolers yesterday at Navy: 125: #13 Luke Welch of Purdue CHAMP 133: Nathan Boston of Campbell 3rd, Garrett Pepple of IU 4th (Boston 10-1 over Pepple in their match; Pepple picks up an upset over national #17 in the first round) 157: Zach Davis of Navy 5th 165: Bryce Martin of IU 2nd, getting a win over national #13 174: #20 Dylan Lydy of Purdue 5th...gets upset in the quarters and no full wrestlebacks prevent him from placing higher 285: Shawn Streck of Purdue 3rd place. As the 4-seed, he loses 6-5 to the national #8 in the semi's, crushes all of his other opponents, and far-outperformed the national #17 who took 2nd and lost convincingly to the national #8 that Streck almost beat. Another strong performance...Streck is knocking on the door of the national rankings. Lots of other names we know wrestled for IU and Purdue yesterday too.
  4. Who is Daniel Below?

    With their Varsity B last year, Below was 17-4 in varsity matches, including at least one win over a semi-state qualifier. Crazy depth for Perry there this year. As noted, they had the Champ at 182 at the Capital City and Champ & Runner-up at 182 at the 24-team John Hurrle, where they allowed multiple entries per team.
  5. I've tried to raise this subject before, but it seems to go off-topic quickly into best team ever. With college commitments from them now complete, I want to ask the question again: Is it possible that Brownsburg's current senior class is the best graduating class from one school ever? Or at least the best Top 4 from one class ever? Even if they don't all win it this year (which they definitely could), I think there's an argument for them being the all-time best. If they do all win it, I think it would be pretty hard to suggest anyone else has them topped. Lee: Two titles, ranked #1 in the nation, #6 P4P in the nation, D1 commit Mills: 2nd-3rd-2nd, D1 commit Walton: 8-3-3, college commit Mulkey: 3-2, D1 commit Before you say it, I know, I know...Lawrence North had 4 champs one year--they weren't all seniors. Griffith's group was amazing--not all in the same class. EMD's four champs in '03 were also not all seniors. Still, all of those schools had strong senior groups. Did any of them have three D1 recruits?
  6. Nick Lee question

    Right, sorry. He gets 2 techs and a major. Yianni gets 2 techs, a pin, and a major over Harvard's #1 who went 22-12 last year. People who watched the tournament say Yianni looks like a title contender and Lee looks like an AA. Consensus seems to be that Lee is very, very skilled, but a bit too irrationally aggressive at times and not quite physically strong enough for the weight yet if we're talking title contenders. Seems like he's progressing quite well if that's the nitpicking people are doing!
  7. Nick Lee question

    Repeat today in another open tournament: Nick smashes everyone at Binghamton until the final, where he falls 12-7 to fellow freshman phenom, cadet world champ Yianni Diakomihalis.
  8. Football vs Wrestling....risk/reward

    Ha...no doubt my quick illustration does not qualify as full-on research. However, it's a tiny example that represents a common theme highlighted in many prominent books and articles the last 15 years or so. That theme is this: assuming your talent level is at whatever needed minimum, your quantity of hours of investment will equal your level of advancement or accomplishment in a given skill across many fields of art, sports, and tech. But that by no means refutes any of your points. I definitely agree that there are numerous factors leading to the wrestling boom in our state--not least of which (even though you joked about it! :)) is the impact of the information age. I also 100% agree you CAN be successful doing multiple sports if you're dedicated. And the biggest point of all from this entire thread is your last one: you should never, ever make any of these decisions outside of doing the things you love--otherwise you'll shrivel up and die and/or live with lots of regrets. Thanks for highlighting this point so poignantly, Coach P.
  9. Football vs Wrestling....risk/reward

    Man, I loved lots of sports and I'm trying to expose my two girls to lots of different things at their young age--but the evidence for eventually making a choice if you have next-level goals is just so hard to ignore. The age of specialization and year-round competition from an early age didn't exist before the 1990s. It picked up steam and reached a tipping point in the late 1990s that gave birth in the early 2000s to an ongoing golden age of individual wrestling in Indiana. Number of 4-time state champs from 1953-2003: 1 Number of 4-timers from 2004-2017: 5 3 or 4-timers by decade: 1960s--2, 1970s--2, 1980s--2, 1990s--2, 2000s--7, 2010s not including '18 & '19 grads--5 If you want to do something special in a skill, there's simply no substitute for time invested in that specific skill. All the research points to it--from music to sports to computer programming. This is just to say, I get your dilemma as a father. You want your son to do the things he enjoys and have diverse experiences, but it's hard to ignore the potential at his disposal and the limited time he has to maximize it. And one more anecdote to add to those of others above: My brother was a starting linebacker as a sophomore for a good 5A football program and loved the sport possibly more than any other. But he was a very gifted pitcher in baseball and became the ace of a good team that sophomore season. So gifted, in fact, that he decided to give up football and play baseball year-round. He made big leaps in his development, eventually becoming a first team all-stater and a pro prospect. He didn't reach all his goals after high school, but he got most of his college paid for, played professionally a couple seasons, and came to love the sport of baseball much more than any other AFTER he went deeper into it following that sophomore year. He always says it was worth the risk and he never regrets not playing the junior and senior years of high school football--even though all his buddies came an eyelash from state his junior year and spent time ranked #1 his senior year.
  10. IHSWCA Business Meeting Minutes- Fall Clinic 2017

    The main date for team state that's been looked at is the first regular competition Saturday in January. Meaning 3 weeks before sectional. This misses all conference tourney weekends and is usually outside of everyone's winter school break. Surprisingly, when given the option, only half of coaches would prefer that option over the current system of using the 22-23 December or 2-4 January, during Christmas break and squeezed in between holiday events. I believe that's the reason no change has been made yet.
  11. Daktronics Open and Clarion Open

    As noted on another thread, Fletcher Miller also took 3rd at Clarion and Joe Lee defaulted into 4th after losing in the semi's.
  12. Nick Lee question

    Sounds painful
  13. Super 32 updates

    National #6 Davison with a crushing 13-0 win in the semi's. He'll face #8 Ball of Ohio in the final. Updated recap: Davison in the championship McIntosh, Penola, Pokorney in the consolation semi's Garcia wrestling for 7th
  14. Super 32 updates

    Penola got down by 5 early against national #8 Ball of Ohio but battled back in the second to within a couple points before getting controlled in the third and falling 11-6. Drops into the consi semi's.
  15. Super 32 updates

    Pokorney with a fall to move to the consi semi's