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  1. Prediction Time

    Calumet College
  2. Prediction Time

    If you know my dad, he is not the richest nor he is near the grave. Just a real region rat, straight from a little town in Mexico.
  3. Prediction Time

    38 years? My dad put in 45 years and just got hired back as a supervisor for Rogers and Sons. The Rat must be going soft if he can't make 40 years.
  4. Head Coach Dan Bedoy and Assistant Coach Julio Cisneros are sending an open invitation to all high school coaches, wrestlers and their parents, to e-mail them any information regarding a student-athlete wanting to further their athletic and academic careers at jcisneros1@ccsj.edu. Julio Cisneros Assistant Wrestling Coach Calumet College of St. Joseph
  5. Fargo cadet fs

    So we have 6 guys left after the 1st session?
  6. Juniior Duals (Greco - FreeStyle)

    This has always been a problem with the Duals Team. I wonder how a team put together by a club or clubs would do? By this I mean the ISWA letting someone put together a duals team, by no restrictions or requirements, and letting them fund raise for the trip expense, and the ISWA just paying the entry fee and giving permission to compete. Do you think a better team could be assembled?
  7. Coach Bill Hawkins back @ CP

    Was he not working with Tsirtsis at Mt. Carmel last year?
  8. New IHSAA State Series Alignments

    He does Football as well as wrestling.
  9. New IHSAA State Series Alignments

    Why don't the committee members just come out and say who they are? They could shed some light on what was discussed with the IHSAA.
  10. New IHSAA State Series Alignments

    It is funny because they could have easily put 2 Duneland schools in each sectional Merr and LC, CP and Valpo, Port and Chest, and then LaPorte and MC. Not very hard to do when realigning sectionals. Did you guys have the meeting before the sectional seeding meeting started? I was there during the seed meeting. Or maybe you had it after the seed meeting? The only talk I heard was from Jim, who stated that Calumet was not going to host the sectional or regional anymore. Why did Griffith and Hobart not state that they would be hosting?
  11. New IHSAA State Series Alignments

    I find it funny that the Duneland Conference has half their teams in 1 sectional, another has 2 teams, and Portage and Merrillville are in a sectional by themselves.
  12. New IHSAA State Series Alignments

    I bet that 90% of the coaches involved in the re-alignment committee will not respond, they will just sit behind closed doors. I was not aware of any meeting or conversation that they had with our head coach to ask on suggestion or opinions.
  13. New IHSAA State Series Alignments

    Sad to see Calumet not host anything. Thanks for the info.
  14. Inspired

    Steve Balash from Hobart. Great guy that gave an 18 year old and a 1st year head coach in Middle School a lot of advice, practice tips, and an open room at Hobart to help my kids get better. Never had him as a coach, but it has been great competing against him now for 27 years.
  15. The 5A coach of the year for the Woman's division use to wrestled with my sister in college. She told me that the girl/boy did file to wrestle in the boys division but was denied by the state association.