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  1. IHSGW.net

    I need a contact number for someone in charge please or call me at 219-229-0894 we r suppose to attend north regional
  2. New Prairie JV Friday-weather

    its cancelled
  3. Freshman Sophomore State

    so in order to qualify for this u need to lose at sectional or regionals ? or can a jv kid who didn't wrestle in sectionals also allowed to enter? and will you need to preregister ?
  4. East Chicago semi state rankings

    what studs u hear lost wrestle offs ?
  5. East Chicago semi state rankings

    oh yea forgot about lemley, bates put on a lot of weight for football seems. this summer he wrestled a lot of 152 I think
  6. East Chicago semi state rankings

    which prolly means bates heading down to 160, hes to good to not be varsity
  7. michigan city junior high

    looking for matches from nov 6 thru December........tourneys welcomed
  8. looking to add a tourney to our schedule , individual or dual formats..... contact tom Vasbinder 219-229-0894 or mc AD craig shamon thank you very much , tourney cancelled on us..
  9. we need to pick up anything JV with in 1 hour drive ..all dates pretty much avail.. c contact tom Vasbinder 219-22-0894 or contact MC athletic director craig shamon
  10. michigan city in search of tourney

    I believe we filled our jan 6th opening but now we have a jan 20th opening
  11. we had a tourney cancel on us for jan 6 , so we are looking to join a tourney. please contact me Tom V 219-229-0894
  12. rumor has it

    that dembowski transferred to Chesterton. if true they r gonna b loaded this year cause they r adding like 3 stud freshman also.
  13. pico

    much anticipated debut and he gets smashed, by a nobody....
  14. 2 piece uniform

    anybody know of the best prices and who u going thru ?
  15. Bautista Slam?

    I happened to b mat side when slams took place , 1st one def a hard slam , 2nd wasn't as bad , 3rd I didn't think was a slam he returned him hard and threw his shoulder into him as he hit the mat so that made it look bad , but gosh after getting hit twice already why in the world would u pick him up again and risk it , why not circle front and take him back down in a double .... Why in the world would u take the chance and pick him totally off the mat .... I commend the penn kid for continuing each time ... He coulda easily said I'm hurt after the first one ...