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  1. hummels

    Saving Seats

    25 years ago we would stand in line between rounds so we could get lower, middle seats. When we would get there, there would be Tape across several rows and newspapers over many seats left from the round before. I would do my part in cleaning trash from the sections and gather up all the tape and throw away all the discarded newspapers ! ! !
  2. hummels

    State Suite

    I have heard the same thing. More demand for Wrestling than any of the other events. Boy, we're a High Maintenance pompous group, aren't we!
  3. hummels

    State Suite

    My son works for the Pacers. He got an email yesterday saying they were sold out of Wresting State Finals Suites.
  4. hummels

    Cathedral vs Perry

    I'm a bit biased, but good luck to both teams. Looking forward to a high-intensity night!!
  5. hummels


  6. Congratulations Breyden. One of my favorites!
  7. hummels

    Who are the most annoying fans

    EVERY opposing cheering section !
  8. hummels

    Celebrities and wrestling

    Chuck Norris ? Gotta be on the list.
  9. hummels

    Parade of Champions

    I don't think they announce each individual, but it is a pretty emotional site for us old dogs that never made it down there ! :-\
  10. hummels

    PH Trackwrestling ?

    . Didn't think about that. I should have known better. You need electricity for that too I hear !
  11. hummels

    PH Trackwrestling ?

    PH regional on Trackwrestling hasn't updated at all. Anyone able to get it? Or anywhere else for updated results?
  12. hummels

    Fleeing the mat vs. Stalling

    If they call it like the rule says, there would be a bunch of fleeing the mat calls. I see wrestlers, when they are near the line, shove their opponent out of bounds. As stated, that should be called. If you are riding them on the line, and you take them out of bounds, as stated, that should be called. It would be stupid, but . . .
  13. hummels

    Enrollments released

    That can't be right. A school with exactly 513 students would be in both 1A and 2A. A school with exactly (1068 or 1086) would be in both 2A and 3A.
  14. Not from the Arch Dioscese, but CYO does not allow girls to wrestle.
  15. hummels

    IHSWCA State Duals Tournament Team Scores

    What happened at 152 in the cath-pm match?

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