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  1. Big Matches Tonight

    I was told Cayden Rooks did not weigh in, Graham Rooks beat Kreitzer 6-3 and Combest beat Mulkey in UTB.
  2. Brownsburg vs. Perry Meridian at 6:30pm Tuesday

    Lane would have had the pin if ref didn't stop the match for PD 12-9 Lane (PM) over Glaze (B-burg) 3-0 Falcons Hammonds (PM) vs Aiken (B-burg)
  3. Brownsburg vs. Perry Meridian at 6:30pm Tuesday

    Video and sound is working fine now....thank you!
  4. Brownsburg vs. Perry Meridian at 6:30pm Tuesday

    Same, right now I get the "cannot load M3U8: 404 Not Found
  5. Nick Lee question

    Naturally confidence has a lot to do with your performance in any sport, actually in life in general so there is no debating Red would look better when he believes he will win. I don't agree with your analysis that "Red has to also be thinking he has improved more than Lee since then because he has had more College Practices and matches" -- Lee has been in the Penn State room drilling with extremely talented wrestlers. Advantage Lee. Their high school match was as even as you could get. Red won, but many had Lee winning the match after watching the replay and the back points awarded. I have watched Red 4x this year and he is not the same wrestler he was in high school. I hope he can string together a bunch of wins and make a run at AA; Lee is looking fantastic and is definitely in the mix for the final 8.
  6. Undefeated????

    I met this young man last Spring and I have been trying to find results on his progress. In the rankings I only see 1 (9-3 dec over Boots). Is that his biggest win and who else has he defeated that is ranked in their SS? Thank you.
  7. Undefeated????

    I am 100% positive when a wrestler wins vs an out of state opponent (ranked or not) they INCLUDE them in their record. You can't have it both ways.
  8. Undefeated????

    I don't believe this type of thinking is prevalent though. I commend the individuals who have wrestled outside of our state but a loss is a loss. IMO
  9. Undefeated????

    If they have faced top talent there is no doubt it is a great accomplishment; if you haven't faced any wrestler ranked in the State or even the SS it is slightly devalued.
  10. Cathedral vs Perry

    JV 1st, then Varsity? What time will the introductions/festivities begin for varsity?
  11. Finishes

    Did Bradberry lose to Ramos 5-6 times that year? I believe they were his only losses.
  12. Cathedral vs Perry

    I believe this is going down Wednesday at Perry Meridian. Do we have any injuries on either team?
  13. ISWA Elementary Team Duals

    Are all of the participating wrestlers from a given team in the High School district? If so should we expect bigger things from CG in the next few years?
  14. 12/30/2017

    Alec Viduya
  15. 12/30/2017

    Alec Viduya