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  1. busstogate

    Assistant Coaches

    Welcome aboard and Semper Fi!
  2. busstogate

    Reasons why IN mat is terrible

    Reason # 6- The staff doesn't work as hard as the big websites. If it did, there would be an equal amount of love and respect for us all.
  3. busstogate

    2018 IN vs IL All Star Classic Dual Team

    Doesn't look like Rumph or Rachal made the event. That was a marquee matchup.
  4. busstogate

    NCAA DI National Qualifiers from Indiana

    What about the Dekalb hurtybutts?
  5. busstogate

    NCAA DI National Qualifiers from Indiana

    Farmer, campus townie, suburbanite; take your pick.:p
  6. busstogate

    NCAA DI National Qualifiers from Indiana

    I'd say all of Lake and Porter Counties make the cut. Laporte County is the sad orphan, but I'd say we should claim the city of Laporte and leave the rest to Michiana. Lastly, if you are not in the Tri-City (Hammond, East Chicago, and Gary), you are Region farmers or in the suburbs of the Region.
  7. busstogate

    2018 IN vs IL All Star Classic Dual Team

    Elkhart Memorial*
  8. No need to be nice to them if you are a paying customer and get denied your purchased product by their blind greed.
  9. busstogate

    Wow - Fattore pinned himself!

    Arousing call, old cod!
  10. busstogate

    On this day 1985-Big Match

    My club coach wore a singlet over sweats and took smoke breaks during practice.
  11. busstogate

    East Chicago weather report

    Illinois put out official word that if you don't come- season done. They are looking to combine their two-day sectional (their state qualifier) into one day if needed.
  12. busstogate

    Rest In Peace Anthony Eddy

    fair winds and following seas
  13. busstogate

    Bumping up

    Who has bumped up a weight class for sectionals this year?
  14. busstogate

    Best and Worst Sectionals

    Just like the NFL. I thought the AFC teams, eventually aside from, but early on including the Patriots, stunk to high heaven this year, including PIttsburgh and Jacksonville. However, anyone can gain confidence and refine as you go, which all of the aforementioned three teams did to some degree this year.