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  1. Wow - Fattore pinned himself!

    Arousing call, old cod!
  2. On this day 1985-Big Match

    My club coach wore a singlet over sweats and took smoke breaks during practice.
  3. East Chicago weather report

    Illinois put out official word that if you don't come- season done. They are looking to combine their two-day sectional (their state qualifier) into one day if needed.
  4. Rest In Peace Anthony Eddy

    fair winds and following seas
  5. Bumping up

    Who has bumped up a weight class for sectionals this year?
  6. Best and Worst Sectionals

    Just like the NFL. I thought the AFC teams, eventually aside from, but early on including the Patriots, stunk to high heaven this year, including PIttsburgh and Jacksonville. However, anyone can gain confidence and refine as you go, which all of the aforementioned three teams did to some degree this year.
  7. Sectional Surprises

    Glad to see Reese Rodriguez of Hammond Morton back.
  8. Illegal equipment

    Anyone use these back when? They changed the game when they came out. http://kneepadswrestling.plqioi.com/➨-red-force-10-knee-support-with-neoprene-impact-pad-➨.html
  9. IndianaMat Poster Hall of Fame

    Chuck Barnett
  10. IndianaMat Poster Hall of Fame

    Grecoref (rip) IndianaMudflap Donnie Baker And just to cover any future employment, Rob Sherrill.
  11. IndianaMat Poster Hall of Fame

    BrokenTowelRack. Has been a bedrock for the site from high school, through college and now while reffing and starting his own household club team.
  12. Brownsburg vs. Perry Meridian at 6:30pm Tuesday

    Hooking one arm with your arms and scissoring/hooking the other arm with your legs.
  13. Seeding Meeting Change???

    You could do walkovers and/or a repêchage as well. Illinois used to do walkovers at state, but they do repechage for early losers.
  14. NLC Conference

    Northridge and Wawasee bring in some great teams, but who will be the team who makes these two teams gnash their teeth in some late-round matches?
  15. Favorite Excuses

    I can of pop = 1 pound.