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  1. wrestlenewbie

    Fargo List

    Give yourselves some credit. Junior team finished 8th. Cadets were 12th.
  2. wrestlenewbie

    How about those wrestlebacks?

    It has been 3 hours between a wrestler's round of 16 match and his quarterfinal match at Evansville. Add wrestle backs and they may not finish before the start of state next week. Brutal.
  3. wrestlenewbie

    Nick Lee - Redshirt Coming Off?

    For those looking to watch, the PSU at Michigan dual is tonight at 8 central / 9 eastern. Its available on BTN and Flo Pro.
  4. wrestlenewbie

    Evansville SS Rankings Last Chance Results

    Thanks for doing this. We love rankings of all kinds. Best burger, best band, best wrestler, etc. That said, I noticed a few inconsistencies between State and SS rankings at 138. Campbell is below Miranda, Lee and Hunt in the state rankings, but above them in SS. Also Hunt is below Lee in the State, but above him in the SS. Please don't take this as criticism as much as help with spot checking. Keep up the good work.
  5. wrestlenewbie

    Chad Red vs Bryce Meredith

    Can I have an Amen? While I also agree Fabio Jr. that the ads in a paid service are annoying, on balance I am glad to have it. From a pure economics standpoint the savings of not having to travel and pay for tickets (plane and venue), hotels, cars, time, etc. while still getting to follow both those I am close to and those I am just curious about makes it well worth the price.
  6. wrestlenewbie

    Article: 2017 Mr. Gorilla Award

    Take note that the hate was not on Alston Bane, it was on whoever voted for Alston Bane.... Unless Alston Bane voted for himself... twice.
  7. wrestlenewbie

    Article: Karl's Komments: First Round Fights

    "likes to take his prey into the deep water" - great line
  8. wrestlenewbie

    Article: 2017 Evansville Semi-State Preview

    Amen, brother. And glad I could make you laugh. But it was remiss of me to not thank the whole Hook and the half one, and the better one and a half, Hookticia, for the hard and extremely creative work. I chuckled many times as I read through your labor of love.
  9. wrestlenewbie

    Article: 2017 Evansville Semi-State Preview

    Love, Love, Love this article, so don't take this the wrong way, BUT... How can you choose that no-name from Evansville, Matt Lee second and then saddle him with the nickname "Welcome" Matt? Way too close to doormat. How about Matty Ice? Or "Haz" Matt? Or Matt "dangerous-" Lee? Or Matt "General" Lee?
  10. wrestlenewbie

    Article: Evansville Semi-State Preview

    Thanks for the entertainment. I look forward to these previews.
  11. Sounds like The Terminator
  12. wrestlenewbie

    Article: 2015 State Finals: Takedown and Release

    yep. I implied that rather than said it
  13. wrestlenewbie

    Article: 2015 State Finals: Takedown and Release

    Every pair is unique: Bo and Blake Davis lead the pairs with 88 total wins (against 10 loses) Nick and Joe Lee have the best win percentage at 98.4% (61-1) Bo and Hunter Hiestand are the only pair in the same grade (12) Evan and Ethan Smiley are the only pair with the maximum spread in grades (12 and 9) Riley and Justin Akers are one of only two pairs where the younger out-weighs the elder (195 vs 138) and theirs is by the largest margin Jake and Nate Weimer have the greatest family parity (0.174% diff in win %)
  14. wrestlenewbie

    Article: 2015 Evansville Semi-State Preview

    Holy cow, what a great and thorough job putting this together. Well worth the wait. Loved the Sir Charles theme throughout. And the Round Mound of Rebound would love that you avoided all those 'idiot' stats and went with the eye test. Of course, 'the Hobbit from the north' needs those eyes checked. He got his Lee's backward. Great work.

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