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  1. Chad Red vs Bryce Meredith

    Can I have an Amen? While I also agree Fabio Jr. that the ads in a paid service are annoying, on balance I am glad to have it. From a pure economics standpoint the savings of not having to travel and pay for tickets (plane and venue), hotels, cars, time, etc. while still getting to follow both those I am close to and those I am just curious about makes it well worth the price.
  2. Fargo Juniors

    Anyone who blinked missed it. It was 58 seconds (and the last several were because the ref didn't realize the score) and an 11-0 clinic.
  3. Fewest victories

    bluechipper started a number of interesting topics last week that I enjoyed reading. In his best 1 timer thread SWINfan mentioned Nick Lee was 3-0 going into the state series before finishing 19-1. That got me thinking. Does anyone know who has won a state title with the fewest number of victories?
  4. Article: 2017 Mr. Gorilla Award

    Take note that the hate was not on Alston Bane, it was on whoever voted for Alston Bane.... Unless Alston Bane voted for himself... twice.
  5. The Long Run

    Great post. One wrestler at each weight class can point to the result with absolute pride, but every wrestler at every weight class can point to the process with absolute pride.
  6. 152 Finals - Lee vs. Warren

    You can take those chances. They're just not good.
  7. 145 Finals - B. Lee vs Crary

    Nope, the other Lee wins. Nope, the other Lee wins.
  8. 152 Finals - Lee vs. Warren

    Only upset was that he didn't TF him.
  9. Article: Karl's Komments: First Round Fights

    "likes to take his prey into the deep water" - great line
  10. Most Impressive/Improved

    I assume those are two different categories as you can be impressive without improvement. If so... Any list of most impressive has to include Joe Lee. Someone mentioned in another thread he had not given up an offensive point to an opponent this year. And he put all four losses on your number 4 ranked wrestler. Hard to beat someone the quality of Bethel four times in a row.
  11. Some interesting stats going into state

    Any idea how many of those 250 points were on the way to a pin or a tech fall? I imagine almost all.
  12. Article: 2017 Evansville Semi-State Preview

    Amen, brother. And glad I could make you laugh. But it was remiss of me to not thank the whole Hook and the half one, and the better one and a half, Hookticia, for the hard and extremely creative work. I chuckled many times as I read through your labor of love.
  13. Article: 2017 Evansville Semi-State Preview

    Love, Love, Love this article, so don't take this the wrong way, BUT... How can you choose that no-name from Evansville, Matt Lee second and then saddle him with the nickname "Welcome" Matt? Way too close to doormat. How about Matty Ice? Or "Haz" Matt? Or Matt "dangerous-" Lee? Or Matt "General" Lee?
  14. My school, [fill in the blank here], is pure Yours is tainted. I honor none other because surely they are not as pure of motive as mine.
  15. Evansville Central Sectional Preview

    There is just so much quality writing and true "pun"ditry in this preview I look forward to it every year. Impossible to pick a favorite nickname, there are just too many great ones. But I especially loved the line "you can bet your sweet bippy the restrooms will be empty for this one". Never mind how you knew my bippy was sweet. Great job. The volume and quality of work is much appreciated.