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  1. New Startup Team North Harrison Ramsey, IN

    Wes Koch. This program is in great hands with Wes. He has alot of knowledge in Wrestling. He also has a whole lot of connections with people that has been around the sport a long time or has had a lot of coaching experience that he could contact if he needed any help or if he needed to know anything at all. He is very excited about this opportunity and even more excited to finally have the greatest sport on earth at another High School. CONGRATULATIONS AND GOOD LUCK WES!!
  2. IHPO

    it's gonna take a bad man to win the 116,123 and 135 pound weight classes. them are 3 of the toughest I've ever seen in any tournament. not knowing the seedlings yet I guess I'll take a shot at picking top 3. wow. I can see 8 different guys that have a legitimate shot to win this one! 116. 1.Horst 2.Curtis 3. Littell I see 10 guys that i wouldn't be surprised if they win it!! 123. 1.Ford Melton 2.Garcia 3.Mills I also see 8 in this weight class also. 135. 1.Fields 2.Rachal 3.Munson This is absolutely incredible because usually when you look at a bracket even in some of the toughest tournaments around you may find 3 or maybe 4 guys with a decent shot to win it, well Im sure others may not see as many as me and some may see more but we can all agree that this tournament and these weights especially have got to be one of the toughest in the nation. very nice job by indiana mat to get this tournament to where it is today. the first few years were just like a normal tournament. Now this is THE tournament.
  3. Jesse Mendez

    Is their any wrestlers in particular that you would like to see sign up at 109? Just curious, because I'm really excited to watch this weight and see how it plays out. I can't really think of very many at all that HAS NOT signed up from Indiana that could make things much more interesting for Mendez and the other studs. You know alot more than me tho. Is their any Middle Schoolers that are in his league? Can you think of anyone else that is not signed up or that I forgot that could sign up for Indiana that is in his league? Here is the only ones I can think of off the top of my head that could definitely cause him and the other studs some problems that are not signed up. Let me know if I forgot anyone or if their are any other middle schoolers that can compete with him and the others that are signed up. Andrew Black(I really wanna see him sign up. I believe he can compete with anyone that has signed up) Hunter Watts (don't know if he could make 109 or not? but if he did he'd be right in the mix also) Brock Peele (don't know if he could make 109 either but if he did and wrestled well then he could be dangerous)
  4. Indiana Dream Matches

    Remember when Josh Bowman beat Radnovich at the Jeff Classic? I don't think he lost again after that. Lol
  5. Pretty sure it was Shaefer Jankowski Davis Cook( he threw me in a left handed headlock. Best one I ever remember)
  6. I remember being in the toughest bracket in my life in freestyle. Jankowski Greg shaefer Dustin Davis Cory cook Nathan challis Vinny vaccaro Josh Stith Corey Williams Cassidy Wilson And several I'm missing I'm sure. Only time in my life I ever was proud of a 5th place state finish lmao
  7. ISWA State

    Mason Paris is at 285 lol. I guess he's getting bored at 220.
  8. Best Matches Ever

    All I know is I have watched the 30 second overtime period of Maurer and Dolly 20 times and I still have no clue how Maurer stayed on top of him. It could be the best "move" I have ever seen to win a match in the biggest situation possible. It's unreal. He was literally on his back. I'd love to hear from him and find out what he thinks about it. If you haven't seen it you have to go watch it and try to explain to me how he did it. Especially against someone as good and as strong as Dolly. Just still confused lol
  9. 2017' Mr. Gorilla

    BB=Brendan Black of course right? Lol
  10. 2017 finals Video

    It actually showed the face offs on Ihsaatv.org. I was very surprised. It was a good view also.
  11. bailey vs luigs....luck of the irsh? 132/138?

    Actually if anyone got screwed by this it was probably Combest. I believe Luigs beats hunt and Combest Beats Luigs again like the week before. Of course Bailey woulda still been the champion lol. Just crazy how things coulda been so different over something so small. Lol
  12. 138 Finals - Rumph vs. Black

    No. It wasn't inbounds at all. I watched it 4 times on replay. Was a great move tho
  13. THANK YOU Clark and Samuels

    I felt bad for them because they had to wrestle and not get to watch that match lol
  14. bailey vs luigs....luck of the irsh? 132/138?

    I don't know if this helps or not but the only matches I got to see was the streamer on the ihsaatv.org site or something like that. But I quickly noticed a difference in the clock and when the whistle blew and the ref stopped the match. Their was several close calls that the ref stopped the match and I'm like but their is still 2 seconds left on the clock. I was going crazy but I knew the clock had to be off by 2 seconds. It's the only thing that made sense. It made every close call seem alot closer for me lol.
  15. In vs Ky state champs

    Jaden Sonner who lost in the ticket round while being undefeated Also beat Buckman this year 6-3 and controlled the whole match in the finals of the Mater Dei Classic. Moore got pinned by Buckman in the semis and finished 3rd. Moore gets 6th in state and Sonner doesn't make it lol. Wrestlebacks would make things so much more accurate when it comes to who the best are.