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  1. PH regional needs strength? Really, not sure what your point is but you may want to check your school sizes again. Sounds like you are for class wrestling. No problem here. Got to see Big O hand out medals for 3A and 2 schools win there first state championships in basketball. The sport that was ruined, course didn't hear or see anything but excitement and celebration!
  2. The decision of the athlete and family includes the ramifications of the decision made. This is an unfair advantage and there is likely more to why the state association has this rule. What happens when a male says their gender identity is female, should they compete n the women's tournament? Look at the trackwrestling info, interesting, not seeing a strong desire to compete against males. Regardless, looks like Texas has women's and class wrestling, Indiana is slacking, ought ohh... :-)
  3. Upsets / Big Matches

    opinions, everyone has them, especially on coaching. No reason to disparage a coaching staff or program! Frankton had a good day overall sending 2 to state. Dru seemed off today, was up 2-1 at the time and am sure he will be back, sharper than ever. Thanks to all the wrestlers today for a great, exciting day of wrestling!
  4. Elwood 145 finals seems to qualify: Jarron Grubb (Tri-Central) over Clayton Cowan (Hamilton Heights)
  5. Questionable calls?

    Have to say the officiating at Elwood was outstanding. Had to be one of the best crews in the state. Well, except for 2 older guys with glasses that may need a trip to the eye doctor. :-). I kid, I kid! There weren't names in the program but recognized several and a few were new faces to me. Thank you gentlemen!
  6. Avon Sectional Predictions?

    I see now my iPad smiley didn't take. It was meant to be in good fun :-). Not meant to be a ding at all on the Avon coaches or program. The record speaks for itself. But, I would still take Kerry McCoy, you know he was an ok wrestler. LOL
  7. Avon Sectional Predictions?

    #TheRealWorld can confirm the Terps win especially with a coaches match tiebreaker. #FearTheTurtle #EvenIUwouldWin
  8. Best wrestler in your county?

    Good wrestlers for sure but Kerkhoff may not even been the best from Delta considering John Ginther and David Palmer. Palmer would get my vote in a tight one.
  9. Moran brothers?

    Yes. It's interesting how things can sometimes change when an attorney is engaged. And to be clear, I am not referring to nor do I have any specific knowledge of this specific case.
  10. Rankings updated

    . Seems like 4-3 is a popular score. That's what I was told the Bane vs Berkebile score was, got there too late to watch.
  11. Avon vs Brownsburg Let The Talk Begin

    Thanks to those involved with streaming this great dual! Wow, really enjoyed watching both teams getting after it in that environment, well done!
  12. A front head isn't always "defensive" it can be worked offensively especially from the feet. Shooting isn't always offensive either especially with a good head snap.
  13. How To: Indiana as a top 5 wrestling state

    So Anthony Robles and other wrestlers with one leg who always go to a knee should be hit with stalling? The lack of action seems to be a better approach to call it then automatically when dropping to a knee.
  14. Pick a sport

    Most CC programs include other workouts besides just running long distances. Sprints, intervals and even some weight training. Not to mention some of the mental toughness that can transfer. To say it absolutely does not help isn't accurate.
  15. Question is why are the people leaving? Lack of action or just cause it's getting late? Maybe if stalling was called more like the lighter weight classes, it would help? Never understood why all of a sudden stalling in the last 15-20 seconds is called and sometimes twice, yet that is how the match had been going for the previous 5:45. I am personally looking forward to the big boys this year! Hasn't always been the case though.