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Everything posted by RAJR

  1. Think they are red shirting. Both wrestled unattached Saturday at Michigan State Open.
  2. FWIW, Pendleton regional brackets were up. Didn't check all others but the few i did were not released. Yeah, not hard to figure it out but nice to see them IMO.
  3. Lights out Gorilla radio, turn that stream up! Lol Live or link yet?
  4. I know that and wasn't what I meant. Hard to score if you loose first round and are out with tougher draw vs a bye or fft. The bye or fft have a chance to advance and score in round 2 and beyond. Regardless, thankfully, this bracket has been updated and looks much better now!!!
  5. I was SMH after seeing that bracket. 11-15 kid lost in recent dual to 4 seed in OT as well. At least bye has to win for team points. This example could impact close team scores as well. Maybe improvements can be made i the future. Obviously have to win to advance and score team points. I will take it "positively" as some early sectional excitement, I guess, since I have too, if I must. 😊
  6. Having to place 12 mats is part of it and some is an illusion. Smaller schools bring lots of fans too. Check your math with the mat placements, looks like 3A has the most or very close.
  7. RAJR

    Spartan greed

    BREAKING: Unconfirmed reports of rogue 4G internet use by event staff for live results and updates. Details coming.... #bazinga!
  8. Yes, great job on the stream! Thanks to all involved! Teams came ready to scrap for sure and was fun to watch. Way to keep the sport moving forward and growing...
  9. The old leave the bus running annual post. 😊 Looking back, yeah, I am now spoiled!
  10. If you go to any event live you have to pay to get in not to mention gas and other expenses. Seems similar to the trackwrestling model to me. Just saying i see both sides of the story. I personally dont care for how flo has handled some customer service situations at times. Regardless, it's great having options and both available! Not that long ago it was travel or nothing.
  11. Yeah, made me smile. Must be a typo or something has seriously changed. ? only on Sunday starting at 3pm. Rest is on BTNplus or Flo for a fee.
  12. Anything is possible and Hall was impressive. I felt his moves worked against Viduya, got a lead and kept rolling. They didn't work with Smiley who is always tough at NC and maybe more "fundamental". Can't wait for state and a rematch would be very interesting.
  13. There are many very big for their weight class. What does that have to do with 106? Fair at 120 is vey big for example. 106 is 108 for the tournament, so already tough on many. I know of sr 106 that weren’t big for the class and never cut weight. Heck, they could eat breakfast and be under.
  14. Guess I don’t see a problem needing a solution. Why not count wrestlers who bump weight classes to avoid FFTs as FFT. 196 is 285, or 171 at 195 or any weight class for that matter. Nobody bumps to 106 and very few to 113, Maybe use the actual weight at weigh in in comparison with this data? There were many times these bump up wrestlers might as well been a FFT. 6 is 6.
  15. Oh sweet baby Jesus, don't let them add a 245...
  16. Agreed. A lot of work and great to see it made available. Knightstown is a good example of being higher than several that have beaten them. It seems like some teams with higher SOS are at a disadvantage somehow. Not dinging Knightstown just an observation. Thanks for the time and effort putting these out!!!
  17. Eppert/Wright were never in the same sectional. Met at regional but a great rivalry it was!
  18. Trick question? ☺ That would violate the weight management plan. Neither seem healthier than the other. I get your point and it relates with mine. There are some athletes that need the lighter weight classes just like there are some between 250-285. Neither are a majority but both should have the opportunity to wrestle. No other sport teaches better life lessons and that's what I love about the sport.
  19. That’s a shape, but not wrestling shape. I am sure you know how lineman eat to be heavy and it’s not always healthy. Health and safety were two of the factors unlimited was changed to 275 at the time. Again, I enjoy the big guys at state too. Just leave the light weights alone unless the heavier weights are changed as well. Most matches and local tourny’s have lots of “out of weight class” atheletes between 182-285.
  20. Don’t think it’s a national rule, but several states have a minimum weight for 106 and 113. How many healthy, fit high school athletes weigh over 250 let alone 285? No, I am not saying 285 should drop. I don’t want to see any weight class reductions.
  21. Easy, throw them in a pigtail, no wrestle backs and let the IHSAA sort it out. LOL!
  22. That's debatable, otherwise all would wear them. If there was an advantage it would be very hard to measure unlike swim suits. But I agree don't see any competitive advantage vs fight shorts. Nor did I say I was against fight shorts.
  23. Have seen many track athletes wear singlets with no issue. Maybe it's because it's their choice? Like already stated, have seen many 2 piece i really liked that fit well. Others, usually fight shorts, fit too loose and didn't look as good. Have seen hands get caught a bit but nothing major or worse than at practice. I wonder if the ability to choose is as big a factor as the singlet itself? Heck, down the road the trend may be a preference for singles? My opinion, let the teams choose and hopefully that helps grow the sport.
  24. He was lucky Baker continued not to mention the no pin call. Looked pretty flat for a long time. Regardlesx, glad the match continued and Cornwell did get it done in OT.
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