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  1. Loss of control. It was close, i originally thought it was a reversal. But hard to tell from where I was on time... Tough call either way
  2. I don't agree that Cathedral was screwed. Both had chances to win. Definitely a close match.
  3. Bates was fortunate it wasn't called. Great match!
  4. I thought it was 2, but not sure on time. Too far away, course the guy next to me said no way it was 2. Lol
  5. I've got 500 bananas on MBFIGHTER215 over PrivateLightMindz. 😂 Oh, and don't make us stop this car! 😀
  6. Cowan should be New Haven. Thanks for the update!
  7. 1995 - Courtney Duncan - 106 - Frankton
  8. Thanks for this, very cool! I did notice it has Asa Garcia HS as East Noble. Should it be Avon or am I reading it wrong or something?
  9. For 195, this is different from what I saw on trackwrestling. I was wondering how a 9-21 record was seeded 1st. Unless a typo or maybe they beat everyone else in the bracket head 2 head? Assuming now the above is correct and track is wrong... Oops, these are picks, sorry...
  10. And not all public schools/districts charge tuition for out of district students either.
  11. As mentioned by others, I liked the changes this year as well. Seating, continuing to the next round vs waiting for other mats/classes to finish and the ref's shirts with the red and green sleeves. Is that new or have i just missed it? Great job to all involved!
  12. Since neither team is currently ranked in the top ten of 1A, would say yes. It would be a bit if a surprise if either team won. Anything is possible, but North Posey looks tough. Not to mention the other top ranked teams.
  13. I like consistent stall calls early and often. 😃 Only saw the finals via stream (Outstanding job btw and THANKS!) and thought officials did a pretty good job. I think there could have been more stalls called in some of the later matches. IMO, stall calls shouldn't change if ranked wrestlers are involved or even weight class. Lack of action or avoiding action = fist.
  14. Thanks for the updates. How is parking, still a challenge? Haven't been in 5 or 6 years and it was a big pain back then. Ended up street parking in a neighborhood several blocks away and saw some notes on some cars that evening. Enjoyed the facility but parking was a head scratcher.
  15. Guess our definition of good is a little different too. Regardless, you being an educator and staying classy, possibly suggesting a rewrite would have been a better approach?
  16. Slang does not override the original meaning or definition of a word. Nor does it make it derogatory in every context.
  17. Think they are red shirting. Both wrestled unattached Saturday at Michigan State Open.
  18. FWIW, Pendleton regional brackets were up. Didn't check all others but the few i did were not released. Yeah, not hard to figure it out but nice to see them IMO.
  19. Lights out Gorilla radio, turn that stream up! Lol Live or link yet?
  20. I know that and wasn't what I meant. Hard to score if you loose first round and are out with tougher draw vs a bye or fft. The bye or fft have a chance to advance and score in round 2 and beyond. Regardless, thankfully, this bracket has been updated and looks much better now!!!
  21. I was SMH after seeing that bracket. 11-15 kid lost in recent dual to 4 seed in OT as well. At least bye has to win for team points. This example could impact close team scores as well. Maybe improvements can be made i the future. Obviously have to win to advance and score team points. I will take it "positively" as some early sectional excitement, I guess, since I have too, if I must. 😊
  22. Having to place 12 mats is part of it and some is an illusion. Smaller schools bring lots of fans too. Check your math with the mat placements, looks like 3A has the most or very close.
  23. RAJR

    Spartan greed

    BREAKING: Unconfirmed reports of rogue 4G internet use by event staff for live results and updates. Details coming.... #bazinga!
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