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  1. Football vs Wrestling....risk/reward

    From the school or administrative perspective, I grew up at a small school and have coached at small, medium sized, and large schools and I can say without a doubt that trying to convince any kid to pick one sport over another is a dangerous precedent to set. Obviously for some, you could say it is the right move and I am not saying Silas should play football or not, but I know that if you take the wrestlers off the football team at most small schools, you start a war that you may not win. If one wrestling team tells their kids they need to focus on wrestling and pull even just one key cog off of the football team, suddenly the football coach no longer wants to work with the wrestling coach and he starts convincing his kids not to wrestle because of "the weight cutting" or "skin conditions". You do NOT want to make an enemy with a football program, because they can decimate a wrestling team by pulling key upper weight wrestlers out of your lineup and hurting the team aspect of the sport. Picture this scenario: A 195 pounder that is a stud middle linebacker and state qualifier for wrestling is on the team. You also have football players filling 160, 170, 182, 220, and 285 with very little behind them because you are a small school with limited athletic options. The Middle Linebacker shows a lot of promise and somebody convinces him to focus on wrestling. That takes a key piece away from a football coach that may lose his job if he doesn't win ballgames (a harsh reality in football and basketball). Some coaches, the greats, I'm sure, would rise above and nothing would come of it. The 195 pounder may go on and be state champ and get a college scholarship. But oftentimes, the football coach resents the wrestling program for that and you start to see that key 8th graders that were going to fill holes in your lineup the next year decide they want to play football and focus on that. A couple upperclassmen come to you and say "I just don't think it's for me any more" or "I wanna focus on lifting in the winter." Suddenly a small school that may have had a full lineup starts seeing holes in the upper weights. And make no mistake, this happens at large schools too. In program building, we unfortunately are in the sport that does not attract the large numbers of athletes. Many kids see Friday Night the whole lives growing up and dream about playing on that field in front of the crowd. If we force kids to choose, we may not like what they choose. Obviously, this bears little over Silas' decision as you have to do what's best for your child and this does not account for possible injuries (those certainly happen in football), but I just wanted to throw my two cents out there.
  2. Michigan state open

    I did watch it as I was grading papers yesterday and I thought the first stall was warranted (in the first period) as Streck backed up a lot and really made no attempt to get back in bounds, but the last 2 in the third period, you could argue that Coon was not allowing Streck back in. Coon would bully Streck to the line, then post hard as Streck tried to push back in. As big as Streck is, Coon made him look small and easily pushed him out of bounds. The official was consistent, calling it stalling every time, but Coon was not trying to score, he was just driving Streck out and it cost Streck a point in Unsportsmanlike too as he looked to have told the official what he thought about his stall penalties in the third. Long way to go, but promising start for him and a lot of Purdue's Varsity Lineup.
  3. How to Run a 12 Team Dual Tournament

    In my experience, a 12 Team Dual tournament can be run one of two ways: Option A: Set up 3 pools of 4 teams each: (These teams were chosen purely out of familiarity with their districts and nothing should be read into) EXAMPLE: Pool A- Pike, North Central, Lawrence North, Lawrence Central Pool B- Ben Davis, Decatur Central, Perry Meridian, Southport Pool C- Warren Central, Franklin Central, New Palestine, Greenfield Central You then run 3 rounds, dueling all 3 other teams in your pool: (Round 1: Pike vs NC, LN vs LC. Rd 2: Pike vs LN, LC vs NC, Rd 3: Pike vs LC, NC vs LN) Keep track of records, use standard pool tiebreakers (most points scored, etc;) and place the teams 1-4 in each pool. Then, place each first place team into a pool of 3 and each second place team, etc; So If Pike, BD, and WC all won their pools, they would be in the same pool together (the championship pool): Then you have each team dual the other two teams. NOTE: In this plan, you get a true champion, but you have to have it last an extra round because of byes. You'd run 6 mats during rounds 1-3, but during rounds 4,5, and 6, you'd have 4 teams on bye, which seems like a waste of time, but it's the only way to ensure everybody wrestles 5 times and a true team champion is determined. Option B: Set up exactly what Trackgopher has done and instead of 3 pools of 4, do 4 pools of 3 (still have the bye problem) and then have 3 pools of 4 for placement. I believe this is what the IHSWCA Dual Championship tourney utilizes. Only 5 rounds. Still have four teams on byes for 2 of those rounds though and everybody gets only 4 duals instead of 5. You can obviously do two separate pools of 6 as you mentioned as well. In any of these options, there will be strong wrestlers on weaker teams that don't get to face the better wrestlers on better teams, there will just be less of that in the first two options. Good luck!
  4. EVille Semi State Rankings Startup Help

    Almost forgot about Keegan Overton at 106/113 for Greenwood as well.
  5. EVille Semi State Rankings Startup Help

    Obviously from Center Grove you'll have Mappes at 152/160 and Hayes at 170/182. Cory Heinrich at HWT will be a solid senior as well. Throw in the addition of Littell at 113/120Martinsville will have a tough 145/152 in Dexter Grubb and Monrovia will have Brycen Denney back at 120/126. Mooresville will have a solid Senior class with Spencer Cox at 120/126, Nick McGowen at 126/132, Ethan Wymer at the same weights, and Michael Craig at 138. Riley Robertson returning for his Junior year after an injury (was undefeated before the injury) will be nice at 145. Franklin's Manny cheam at 220/HWT will be a force as well. Greenwood will have Jacob Schaeffer at 160/170. Just some Mooresville Sectional ideas. Don't know much about the new schools Cascade and Cloverdale.
  6. Avon Head-Coach Resigns

    Avon Oriole Athletics Twitter page announced it: https://twitter.com/OrioleAthletics
  7. Avon Head-Coach Resigns

    Having worked with Zach at Mooresville when he was the AD, I can say with certainty that this is an outstanding hire. He's an awesome coach who cares about his athletes as people and students first and pushes them to be their best. Congratulations to Coach Errett!
  8. Two years ago, we used the most anticipated match to determine the order of wrestlers at the Mooresville Holiday Classic. We didn't do it this year because the new Tourney director didn't want to be tasked with picking the weight class. I have to say, there were a lot more fans in their seats to see the 152 pounders wrestle for a title there than we did this year watching the HWTs. I personally will stick around until the end regardless, but I don't see why this hasn't happened yet. You would only have to decide on Friday night and let the kids know. Think about the number of people (and the amount of money they lost in concessions and such) who would NEVER have left early if 132 was the final last year.
  9. Twitter has draw posted

    The 120 bracket! Second quarter bracket has a two state runner-ups, 40 match winner Noehre and Demien. Someone isn't liking their placement (or non-placement for 2 of them
  10. I'm not certain Sullivan over Denny is a huge upset. Denny is surely good, but Sullivan outplaced him at the Holiday classic this year and has been extremely good this year. Denny will bounce back and be in the thick of it again next year for sure.
  11. Notable 1st round matches at Regionals

    Cox vs Weddle at 120 will be a good one between two SSQ from a year ago too
  12. Mooresville Sectional Thoughts

    I don't have an issue with either but usually if you go down it's a cut to a more competitive weight for state. Bumping up is generally done to avoid a certain kid or kids at your weight. At least in this case, all the kids that dropped would have won their weights before easily and are now in more competitive ones. Like I said, would rather we all wrestled the same weight all year, but it's part of the sport.
  13. Mooresville Sectional Thoughts

    I should rephrase: we have not had the second best season. We surely could win against anyone in any given match I believe in all my wrestlers, but I want the right seeds. If we just didn't seed Mosconi or Coyle then yeah, we'd get 2 seeds but we may end up wrestling either of those guys in round 1, making our chances of advancement much more difficult. Is it frustrating when people drop at the end of the year? Yeah. But it isn't like they are bumping up, they are dropping down I don't think it's avoidance, at least not in these circumstances You gotta beat who lines up-bottom line I think we got the seeds we deserve Sucks that we got a couple 4s but we have to beat them at some point anyways
  14. Mooresville Sectional Thoughts

    I really don't think that anything will get reseeded here. Would love to have two of my kids get 2 seeds, but they aren't the second best wrestler at that weight, so why would I complain? Seeding is, as it says, a way to separate the best wrestlers from each other. Not to mention that if we seeded that way Drake, the Martinsville 145, would be the 1 seed. Adamson pinned him twice in the first period in pretty dominant fashion and would be the two? That's silly. I understand the intent, but weight changes are part of the sport. This just messes things up more as some kids will certainly end up on the same side of the bracket that should be separated.
  15. The following are just thoughts on the weight classes. You can make your own picks. If I neglected to mention a wrestler or you think a team has a better chance to win than it appears I do, it wasn't personal, I promise. Just a discussion starter: The Mooresville Sectional has been one of the deepest, if not the deepest, of all of the IHSAA Sectionals and this season looks to be no exception with multiple weight classes boasting 4 or more returning Semi-State Qualifiers or better. As a coach, I’ll refrain from making picks, but rather just give a bracket run-down: You all can make your own picks. 106: The 1 and 2 Seeds here in Sego and Overton both look to punch tickets to State this season after Overton was a Ticket Rounder a season ago and Sego has had a fantastic Freshman campaign with just a singular loss. The other wrestlers here look to be headed by Franklin’s Hargis at 22-16 and Plainfield’s Gage Dunbar at 11-9. The Darkhorse here could be Dylan Young from Mooresville (maybe slight bias) whose 0-1 record is deceiving as he was out on academic suspension and could definitely find himself wrestling next weekend. 113: CG’s Petro appears to be the head of the class here but Mid-State Champ Reams of Plainfield will look to topple him in the title match, if he can get past Whiteland’s Adkins in a rematch of the conference title bout from 2 weeks ago. Morgan Jones of Decatur could throw a wrench in that mess as he is a talented wrestler with just too few matches to land a seed. Mooresville’s Noah Davis looks to have an inside track to Regionals as he owns wins over all the lower seeds with the exception of Morgan Jones, who he wouldn’t see until the Semi-finals or 3rd place match (depending on how Jones’ match with Petro goes, should he beat Franklin’s Vandeman in the pigtail). Anything can happen at this weight. 120: Our first of the truly deep weights, all 5 of the Top 5 seeds have single digit losses and 4 have qualified for Semi-State, 2 for State. The number 1 seed is undefeated Brave Alex Mosconi, making the drop down from 126 to wreak havoc on an already tough Regional field. At 2 and 3, Morgan County rivals Keaton Fisher of Martinsville and Brycen Denny of Monrovia look to meet up in the semi-finals if the seeds hold. Fisher (a ticket rounder at this weight a year ago) owns a head to head win over the State Qualifier Denny. The 4-5 matchup pits opponents with a combined record of 53-13 (not too many 4-5 match-ups in the state with that) in Mooresville’s Cox (wins over Homestead’s Rushing and Castle’s Bealmear as well as Memorial’s Seth Horty) and Whiteland’s King. Cox has a head to head over King in the Mid-State Semi-finals 2 weeks ago. The Jockeying for Regionals will be what’s most interesting here as Ty Mills will likely be waiting for the 4th placer here. Expect 1st-3rd to advance to Semi-State though and have a really good shot to get to state if they can avoid Cayden Rooks or Luigs in round 1. 126: Though not as prestigious as 120, this weight should provide plenty of intrigue as match-ups may be what proves to be key in advancing to Regionals. Trojan Peyton Pruett claims the 1 seed here and if seeds hold would face Mid-State Champ Williams of Whiteland. The semi-finals should be solid here with Pruett facing the winner of Decatur’s Galvin (runner up at conference) and Mooresville’s Wymer (regional qualifier last year). Galvin does own a head to head over Wymer, giving him the upper hand. On the other side, Williams will face off with Indian Creek’s Gabe Pitzulo, who was at 120 most of the season, but is a solid wrestler. Jockeying again here for Regionals will be important as 4th placer likely gets Mulkey in opening round of Regionals. 132: Franklin’s Ethan Nash claims the 1-seed by virtue of a head to head win over Whiteland’s Hughes (the 2 seed). They may get a chance at a rematch in the championship if Hughes can get past LJ Burdon of Plainfield, who made the drop from 138 and is a regional qualifier from a year ago. The fourth advancer is a toss-up with the likely candidates being Luke Bradley of Martinsville and Liam Kelly of Indian Creek, who square off in the first round. Winner should get the inside track to another week of wrestling. 138: Another really fun one for parity as Indian Creek’s Brad Trietsch (always impresses me) claims the 1 seed over Greenwood’s Jacob Schrader (possibly the most muscular 138 in the state). They look to be on a collision course if Schrader can get by Gage Jacobs of Plainfield (up from 132 with Burdon dropping) and Trietsch past the winner of the 4/5 between Michael Craig of Mooresville and Dexter Grubb of Martinsville. Craig owns the head to head but Grubb and Craig have traded pins over 6 matches during the past 2 years, so it’s the definition of a toss-up. Winner likely has the inside track to Regionals, though both will be in the mix regardless. Center Grove's King (owning a head to head over Craig) may also be in the mix. Don't be surprised if it is he in the semifinal facing Schrader. 145: A weight we thought might be a little down this year had really beefed up with the dropping of Center Grove’s Logan Coyle and Indian Creek’s Tony Mosconi from 152. Those two claim the 1 and 2 seeds respectively as Coyle owns a head to head over Mosconi, thought rematch has to be on the mind of the older Mosconi brother. The Semi-Finals will likely pit Mosconi against Mid-State Champ Trevor Reese in what should be a great match-up and Coyle against 22 match winner Adamson of Mooresville. Of course, avoiding 4th place is important here as the returning champ Lee likely awaits the 4th placer in Regionals. 152: A weight we thought would be solid turns into a wide-open field with the aforementioned Coyle and Mosconi making the cut to 145. The number one seed is Greenwood’s Willham with 30+ wins this season and a conference title on his resume. Others in this race to Regionals include Quaker Seth Santiago (2 seed), Brave Tyler Weltich (3 seed, up from 145), Pioneer Augie Newkirk (5 seed), and CG’s Brada (4 seed). Good luck making picks here! 160: Another truly deep weight starts off with returning 4th placer and 2 time State qualifier, Gleason Mappes as the top seed. Ethan Stock of Monrovia comes in with only 2 losses as the 2nd seed over 3rd seeded Jaylen Adkins of Decatur Central. Those three should be favorites to advance although the fourth spot is anyone’s guess as ALL remaining wrestlers have the capability to beat each other and have exchanged wins throughout the year. 170: Possibly the best of all the weights at Mooresville, 170 offers some very high end talent starting with number 1 seed and returning state runner-up Burk Van Horn of Franklin. Martinsville’s Ethan Runyon is a very talented 2 seed that was mere seconds from qualifying for state last year and he may face off against 3 seed Jonah Hays of Center Grove, who is highly touted coming in. The 4 seed is Eli Stock, who won the Mooresville Holiday Classic at this weight over Cicciarelli of Brownsburg, a match that would reoccur with a trip to semi-state on the line should the seeds hold true in both Sectionals. Add in Danville’s Sophomore Trizton Carson with only 4 losses and the regional will be a doozy. 182: Franklin’s 1 loss Jake Moore will be the favorite here and is seeded first over Monrovia’s Camryn Smith, who has had a superb Senior campaign after missing his Junior season with an injury. Smith will have a tough test with either Indian Creek’s Joe Clevenger or Mooresville’s Andrew Sanders, who have wrestled two tight ones already this season, in the semifinals. On the other side, Greenwood’s AJ Montgomery has to be thinking upset as he squares off against Plainfield’s Danny Reams (up from 170) with the winner getting Moore in the semi-finals. The top 6 here are very solid and all have the ability to wrestle at least 2 more weeks into the Semi-State rounds. 195: Although a little top-heavy, the top 4 here ought to produce some solid Regional matches next week and solid Semi-Finals and Placement matches this week with the 1 seed being undefeated Ryan Hammond, returning from injury as a Sophomore after qualifying for State at 182 as a Freshman. His likely Finals opponent would be Indian Creek’s Junior Grant Goforth, another returning State Qualifier from last season. The Semifinals would be pit Goforth against 3 seed Jack Biddle of Plainfield, who has made significant strides this year and Hammond would likely square off with Monrovia’s Clay Whitney. Any and all could upset each other and make an easier path for themselves to Semi-State. 220: This weight leaves a lot of intrigue as to who the 4th person to qualify is going to be. The top three are a good measure ahead with Undefeated Clayton Scroggs of Martinsville sitting at the first seed opposite of 2nd seeded Garrison Lee of Monrovia, whose only losses are to Scroggs. At the third seed, Franklin’s Manny Cheam, who has only taken 3 losses this season, will look to upset Lee to make his way to the title bout. Scrambling for 4th place looks to be between 3 competitors in Plainfield’s Booher, Whiteland’s Watson, and Mooresville’s Henson, all of whom will be looking for a big upset or two to avoid Gunnar Larson and Isaac McCormick at Regionals. 285: The final weight is another very intriguing one, with good top end talent, but also a mention that of the 4 semi-state ranked wrestlers here, only 3 can advance due to CG’s Heinrich not being able to be seeded. Heinrich will actually start the day off with the 1 seed Biddle in a quarterfinal where the winner will face off against either Mooresville’s Danny Camden or Decatur’s Travon Starks (the winner of that bout likely will sneak into Regionals, while the loser has to wrestle either Heinrich or Biddle—ouch). On the other side of the bracket, 3 seed Garrett Curtis of Whiteland will square off with Jacob Lamping of Franklin for the right to wrestle for a Sectional Title. With Henson and Clark feeding into the Regional, this weight is one of the most loaded at the regional level. Team Race: May be one of the tightest and most intriguing in years. Center Grove has the opportunity to win titles at 113, 126, 145, 160 and even at 170 and HWT if the chips fall right. If that happens, they’d win. However, many of their non-champion wrestlers will likely not place high if at all. Because of this, they have to be only slight favorites over Franklin (could have champs at 132, 170, 182, with high placers at 145, 220 and 285) who are sort of in the same situation where many of their lower weight wrestlers may not place highly. Another competitor could be Indian Creek with the Mosconi brothers, Trietsch, Clevenger, and Goforth placing very highly or maybe winning titles, they should be in the mix. Martinsville could compete to be in the top 4 with Scroggs, Runyon, Fisher all expected to do really well and a few other high placers may really help it out. Plainfield has the Biddle brothers, who should both compete well, as well as the Reams brothers, LJ Burdon, and Seth Santiago that may place highly and put Plainfield in the mix to compete. Monrovia has some solid top end talent with Lee, the Stock brothers, Camryn Smith, and Brycen Denny all expecting to perform well to put them into the mix for a top five slot as well as Greenwood and Mooresville who each have several 3rd-5th place guys. Whiteland and Decatur Central will both have a few guys get through to Regionals as well. Should be a great day of wrestling! Pack the Curry Center and check it out.