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  1. New Castle Semi State Predictions

    So true. Jake Garcia also is very good. He lost to Harrington but majored Mancera. He also beat Kitko. His record is deceiving as all his losses are to either Mulkey, Westfield's 138, Avon's Miranda, Melloh, and Harrington. Some more than once. Should be an absolutely fantastic opener between him and Lowery tomorrow, with the winner getting another shot at Melloh.
  2. New Castle semistate preview

    Great preview! I disagree in some areas, but that's cool. Good luck to everybody this weekend! Just a little more to those 8 with HSE on their singlets.
  3. Isn't Attica in East Chicago this year?
  4. Moorseville Regional Talk

    My thoughts overall: Great Regional, obviously the best with great top talent and tons of depth! I honestly don't think it's close. Below are my predictions: 106: Montgomery (BB), Dalton (MONR), Allen (PL) and Bechert (FRKL) Good chance for 2-3 of these guys to get to the bank depending on draws. 113: Petro (CG), Conley (AV), Overton (GW), Carrington (GC). One of the more intriguing matchups for the title here. I'm not as tapped in as I used to be so I'm not sure if Avon and Center Grove have seen each other at all this year, but my gut tells me to take the Junior over the Freshman. Could definitely see it flipping though. Conley is tough! 120: Boe (DV), Campbell (BB), Rioux (AV), and Fuqua (FRKL) Super deep weight here, any of the top three could be interchangeable. 126: Garcia (AV), Mills (BB), Denny (MONR), and Cox (MRSVL). Another awesome weight here. Probably six kids that could be regional champs in a different scenario. Alas, only 4 move on. I like Garcia to avenge his loss from Sectionals in the final and Denny to hold off Cox in another final rematch (those two have wrestled nearly as many times as Garcia and Mills dating back to their Freshman year). 132: Kreitzer (BB), Reynolds (AV), Burdon (PL) and Galvin (DC). Avon sectional might sweep this weight, but I think the raw strength and just plain awkwardness that Galvin has will best Weddle in one of the best opening round match-ups of the day! 138: Mulkey (BB), Miranda (AV), Campbell (BD), Clark (MONR). The Mooresville Sectional may have cost themselves more spots at Semi-State with a couple Sectional Upsets. McGowen losing in the quarterfinals cost him a winnable match at Regionals, even though he wrestled to 3rd and I was shocked to see King lose to Clark in the final. Good on Austin for making the leaps he needs to! I think he's Semi-State bound because of it. 145: Conley (AV), Pruett (CG), Asbury (BB), Hudson (CASC). I think this is another tough one to call. Pruett v Asbury will be a doozy in the semis but Peyton has to beat a tough as nails Dexter Grubb in the opening round first, so the nod goes to Pruett. I like the Senior Hudson to beat the Freshman from Plainfield because he'll be fighting for his career. Cascade is a program on the rise! (Just what Hendricks County needs, right?) 152: Lee (BB), Schrader (GW), Craig (MRSVL), Reynolds (AV). Part of this is biased, I'll admit. I coached Craig for years and just want him to succeed. He may not be able to beat Reynolds if they match up, but he's a kid you just have to root for. Obviously, Lee runs away with this one. 160: Mappes (CG), Osho (AV), Thomas (GC), Schubert (DV). Mappes wins this one, but it may be a little tighter than expected. Osho has some great defense. Thomas is very dangerous as well! 170: Brewer (AV), Willham (GW), Hays (CG), Carson (DV). Wow! Stacked up and I had trouble picking here. Willham is out of his mind good right now, but I don't know if he can beat Brewer. Hays v Carson ( or TJB v Carson) will be a great matchup as well! 182: Walton (BB), Conde (AV), Dodson (MRTVL), Byrd (CG). Could be a couple first round "upsets" here and I could see Dodson beating Conde if he gets a few breaks. 195: Stine (MRTVL), Spears (PL), Whitney (MONR), Frank (AV). This is probably the weakest weight of the regional and I think Stine wins it with few problems. I honestly don't know how the other first round matches are going to go. 220: Hammond (WL), Aiken (BB), Williams (AV), Walker (MRTVL). Another tough one to pick. I think I have the right guys in the right matches, just unsure of the winners of the championship and the 3rd place bouts. Hammond is tough as nails, but hasn't really been pushed often this season. We'll see if the schedule pays off for Aiken. 285: Peterson (BB), Comer (MRSVL), McCubbins (MONR), Cheam (FRKL). Wow! I think Peterson and Comer are definitely getting through to Semi-State, whether or not they make it to each other in the final is very much in doubt though. McCubbins will pose a great threat to Peterson in the semi-finals, assuming he gets past Curtis in the opener and EITHER Cheam or Biddle have both beaten Comer earlier this year, so there's definitely parity here. I could see all 4 who get through here making it to state if the draws are good. Best Heavyweight Regional in the state for sure! Team Race: Brownsburg, Avon, Center Grove, Monrovia, Mooresville, Franklin. Probably in that order though the last 3 could be interchangable and Greenwood could sneak into the top 5 as could Martinsville.
  5. New rankings

    Good wrestler. Might be top 20, but Simone dominated that match, 7-2, only points came from being cut. Looked great against Teusch though. Probably just not getting enough exposure with the schedule. He’ll get his chance to prove himself.
  6. States Without Wrestlebacks

    Or those better kids went to a different part of the state in the regular season, beat 3 state qualifiers (1 medalist), but go through a different semi-state so they ran into somebody that was legitimately better than them in the ticket round. When I coached at Mooresville, I had a state qualifier at 132 that returned to that weight for his senior season. He won all his matches at 132 that year aside from losing to Brayton Lee in the finals of Regionals, earning him a 2 seed. Probably the third best wrestler in the semi-state, but he draws into Nick Lee for the Ticket Round. Season over. Career over. Had to watch not 1, not 2, but 3 kids he beat that season medal over him while he sat in the stands, not to mention others he defeated that lost on Friday night. This is a rarity, I understand, but it wouldn't happen near as often if we had true wrestlebacks.
  7. Regional first round death matches!

    I’ll definitely take the over on that one I think Avon sends more but I think of the 56 spots, Mooresville Sectionals sends at least 20. Just very few spots where a 3 from mooresville beats a two, but lots of spots where the 1 and the 2 both get through. I’d have to look at the actual brackets to give an estimate, but definitely more than 10 kids getting through.
  8. Best and Worst Sectionals

    I tend to agree with you, however doesn't it go deeper than that even? Is a sectional really hard if there's only one challenger in each weight class to the favorite? Look at both the Avon sectional and the Southport sectional. Noone would argue that those have a TON of talent at the top two seed lines, but beyond Avon and Brownsburg and beyond Roncalli and Perry, what's the third best team in each? Probably Plainfield and Beech Grove (a team with 4 forfeits of their own). To me, if you are all but guaranteed a spot in Regionals (like most members of those four teams are), then how tough can the overall sectional really be? Again, not arguing the talent at the top is lacking, how could I? I think the 3rd and 4th placers at both will struggle (in most weight classes) come Regional time though against the Sectionals they feed into. Is there a Sectional across the state where they may advance two times as many kids to SS than their partner sectional? That, to me, may be the strongest sectional (or paired with the weakest one). I guess it depends on definition. EDIT: Made the caveat of "most weight classes" in second paragraph.
  9. Deepest Weight- Sectionals

    I think depth of a sectional is far more important when determining overall strength than does how many ranked kids are in the sectional. In both the Avon Sectional and the Southport one, 2 teams bring excellent teams in, then there's a bunch of very average to below average teams. It will be a walk in the park for most of those ranked kids to get through to regional, and for that matter, Brownsburg and Avon, as well as Roncalli and Perry, all probably take 14 to Regionals because of the overall lack of depth in the sectionals. Now, it's a far cry better than it used to be when Plainfield was in the other sectional (Mooresville) and Roncalli as well was in Shelbyville, but those are still top heavy sectionals. I guess it's just in your own definition. IS the sectional with the most depth the best or the one with the most State placers?
  10. Regional first round death matches!

    At Mooresville, 285 has 4 state ranked wrestlers (McCubbins, Comer, Cheam, and Curtis) at Mooresville alone and throw in Brownsburg’s Peterson and Biddle of Plainfield, 2 kids that could potentially get to state will not even make Semi-state.
  11. Mid-State Conference

    That is correct. Starts next season.
  12. Notable wins 1/13

    Sorry, I mean 138.
  13. Notable wins 1/13

    Both 132 and 160 will be crazy at the New Castle Semistate
  14. Notable wins 1/13

    How about 138 at the HCC today? Mulkey wins it over unranked Streuder of Fishers who beat #5 Miranda of Avon in the semis, 4-3. Meanwhile #14 Gary Kitko loses to both Westfield’s Noah Robinson in the consolation semis and again to HSE’s Jacob Garcia (a two time semistate qualifier himself). All 6 should see at least semi-state. Tough weight for a conference tourney. Any other crazy deep weights at conference tourneys this weekend?
  15. 01/14/2018

    Jacob Garcia