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  1. NE8 Conference

    True, but it is done in the NCC...Lafayette to Richmond. Although I am not sure how they handle week day events.
  2. NE8 Conference

    Jay County should be in this conference, fits their school size better than the ACAC.
  3. What is the most wide open weight class? No clear favorite, any of the Top 10 kids could win it, an unranked kid making a ton of huge upsets could win it. Thoughts?
  4. ISWA Elementary Team Duals

    Wow, looking at team score comparison (and I know you can't really go by this) but its looks like the 5th place team Evansville Mater Dei and 9th place team Jay County may have been the third and fourth place teams. Both were with Avon in Pool B Avon 48 Jay County 39 Avon 43 EMD 36 EMD 45 Jay County 42 In the Championship Pool; Avon 71 New Pal 18
  5. TEC - Most Underated Conference

    However, I do think its important to get all small schools recognition to help grow the sport. It does put me off when I see comments like the one made by Fabio Jr. above about teams he "didn't know existed", I think that is condescending comment in regards to small schools. #theTEC
  6. TEC - Most Underated Conference

    Were am I asking for a team to get more recognition? I said Union City may not be a Top 5 team in their own conference. So clearly I don't believe I am asking for them to be recognized.
  7. TEC - Most Underated Conference

    I don't believe the post states "one of the better conferences in the state" ...it says "may be" the most underrated. So to clarify "may be" the most underrated as a 1A conference ... Union City has a win over #9 Shenandoah and may not be better than 5th or 6th in their own conference. So my thinking is if a middle of the pack conference team can beat a "Top 10" 1A team it "may be" underrated. #theTEC
  8. ISWA Elementary Team Duals

    Does anyone know when will the pools and schedule will be released for ISWA Elementary Team State this weekend?
  9. The TEC may be the most under rated conference, Union City has beaten some top teams and may not finish in the Top 5. #theTEC
  10. ECIC

    The kid from Jay was a state medal winner last year, and defending champion I think. Also a semi state champion which there are only 4 in each weight class...so probably a pretty good seed.
  11. ECIC

    Coldwater and Greenville are both Ohio as well... correct?
  12. ECIC

    Who are the teams entered?
  13. Holiday Tournaments

    When and Where are the holiday tournaments and who are the teams in each?
  14. Information from Raven27 on a different thread. Delta Dual Results 1. Jay County 2. Columbia City 3. Northeastern 4. Delta 5. Noblesville 6. Alexandria 7. Cowan 8. Yorktown
  15. Elementary Duals Results

    Wondering why this forum is used to promote elementary duals but not to post results. Can results be listed from Roncalli, Columbia City, Daleville, Northeastern, Franklin, Perry etc....? Am I missing this information anywhere? I noticed Rochester used Track.