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Everything posted by FCFIGHTER170

  1. Says the Wingchung master that claims MMA is boring but lists it as a hobby..
  2. When you look around the room and don't see a fool that means you're the fool.. You can keep being a legend in your own mind that I better ask around about.. funny thing is, is you're the only 1 thinking you're "killing" it lol At least you did 1 thing right and made us all laugh..I honestly can't even take you serious anymore.. Glad you got forum famous so you can feel like Frank Lucas in his prime..
  3. -5000 more like it..I don't even know why this little man is still talking.
  4. Him talking about cutting weight in the masters division is like bragging about WingChung and calling MMA boring only to find out he has MMA as a hobby on his social media.
  5. Ready to wrestle 167 vs Forfeit... The only unhealthy thing you're guilty of is making threads talking tough and dressing like Carolton...
  6. Lol now you're the Boss huh? You just better bulk up or bow down..
  7. Aww you want it so you can't get launched.. sounds good..HW? I'm good wherever.
  8. Freestyle State let's set it up... Launching him bk to men's warehouse.
  9. You're the only person that "thinks you're winning" Something... You start trash then wanna be the victim.. Get on the mat or shut your flap... I'm more worried about this fly buzzing around my job site than I am Rueben Studdards stunt double..or should I say Quasi-Reuben
  10. There's no veiled threats.. you're not going to do ANYTHING.. I don't need to ask around ,Tony Montana.. You're not scaring anybody... you're the 1 making threads running that flap.. don't be sad you got unveiled.. You're not tough just stop the act.
  11. Smh... you tagged yourself in a post to tell yourself you won? Sounds about right.
  12. You need to worry about your own clothing before you worry about my undies.
  13. @DrunkJoeNamath is the fashion police and apprehended this Cereal Killer and yes I meant to spell it that way! I might get this guy a hemp necklace as a souvenir of our bitter rivalry..
  14. General Heavy Scarf better stick to Men's warehouse modeling and less tough guy antics...since he wants to talk about my "projects" shortcomings I'll tech fall him..ISWA state we can sign up for the grandpa division and let's see how that WingChun kung Pao chicken Kumite style works out for ya @GenHeavyHandz
  15. I have no clue what he's rambling about.. it must be somewhere in FW...us NC folks go to the Field House.
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