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  1. I just spoke to coach Black and he's emailing you today! Thank you sir.
  2. I seen on Facebook Coach black said they accepted for New Castle... east central will be a great addition at 3A and do very well.
  3. You're not frikkn jokin! Winning it once is 1 of the greatest achievements you can attain let alone be a 2,3 or 4xer! I wonder if the winning it the 2nd time a and so on is as joyful as winning the 1st? Need find a multiple time state champ to ask.
  4. Even though Ethan Raley is a 2xer to speak on how tough it is to win it, He didn't win state the year he was Super32 Champ! That is a true testament to how unreal it is to win a state title let alone multiple.
  5. I'm waiting on Keys age to pop up.. Didn't he start at 15 or 16?
  6. Can't wait to see Big Move Boe bring the cradles and Spladles for whomever Illinois sends to that scorers table!


    Brevan Thrine
  8. Really surprised only wabash only qualified 4 for the national tourney! Regardless congrats to Champ Hatch, runner ups Darden Schurg and Max Bishop and placing 3rd Alex Barr... Looking forward to their runs and to what the future holds for the rest of the underclassmen! T.Carson will be making noise for the next 3 years and had a very solid freshman campaign winning nearly 20 matches at a tough 184 class and placing at all but 1 tourney!
  9. Btw list SN of guys that contribute to this so I can make it rain nanners like Donky Kong! 1k of nanners a day will keep the Muscle cramps away! Call me Prince Potassium!
  10. The commitment it takes to obtain, sort and formulate all this information is very special! The love it takes for y'all to dedicate yourself to this never ending task speaks volumes about your devotion to the sport.. And the way its broken down into layman's terms is even more impressive! Without y'all we as a state wouldn't be evolving and improving at the rate we are... This stuff is every bit important as what a good coach does for his guys and i'm sure y'all are too involved with teaching wrestlers on top of compiling this plethora amount of data is another testament to the tireless work
  11. Plus i'm a firm believer in preserving the culture and brotherhood of the sport as a whole.. even bring on new legendary wrestlers along with say the champs from their same weight class but from the early 2000s and before to talk about the similarities and differences among eras and how we got from then to now... imagine getting Ellis and Alex Tsirtsis on at same time and talk about how the pioneers gave the future studs something to shoot for and how it affected their quests.
  12. I like the idea mentioned about bringing on legendary wrestlers and coaches.. Have like a Q and A type episodes so ppl that are newer to the sport that wanna hear insight about the eras before they got involved... plus old school fans can chime in and drum up memories with the legends and get their insight on the evolution of the sport and their involvement.
  13. Hate to hear all this about the venue.i attended the very first 1 ib 2017 and loved it.. I'll be there tommorow coaching Thrine at 126 in semis! There's been some good wrestling going down..Aj gunn vs Brevan Thrine was a wild 1 with Thrine landing a big 5. Pointer to the pin in the 3rd..Glithero vs Miller was another barn burner with Miller locking up a stud/ reinforced cradle and sticking Glithero! Padilla and Ruhlman both took care of business to make up the other Semi final@126! Let's hear some other run downs on different weights and good matches!
  14. He was a stud.. him and Jon decker had a really good match their senior year.
  15. FCFIGHTER170


    Brevan Thrine
  16. FCFIGHTER170


    Trizton Carson
  17. FCFIGHTER170


    Brevan Thrine
  18. FCFIGHTER170


    Brevan Thrine
  19. FCFIGHTER170


    Brevan Thrine
  20. FCFIGHTER170


    Brevan Thrine
  21. Congrats they got a great 1! Indiana as whole is doing a lot better keeping our studs home and i'm really happy about it!
  22. I'm so happy for Coach Black and New Castle! We got another few years until we will be where want to be but this right here will be a huge boost in our Programs morale! I look forward to our young team to Improve a lot of the summer and be ready for team state! I'm elated!
  23. Nosko chin whipped The state champ move in from alabama I believe , Brad Milius.
  24. I know that raggedy old ring well.. couple times in there with William Lee and Carvin had me wanting to wrestle too so tell Blaze he wasn't the only 1
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