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Everything posted by FCFIGHTER170

  1. That's my buddy Calvin Tankman and I am actually about to start training him this summer.. Great talent for the squared circle and I'm happy for the cause it's helping.. I wish y'all the best.
  2. Very well good be right I just know regardless the wrestler EMD kids rise to the occasion most of the time..I think Baumann wins as well but not with ease in the slightest..Boarman a stud just don't see him majoring scott.
  3. I don't see Nosko getting tossed, he was very savvy every where but Baumann is a physical yet technical stud at the same time and I think his strength would be the difference paired with his speed..Nosko could hit big moves every where and time and time again did stuff to show he was never out of a match... Almost like Bill nye science guy that would tech you while smiling being respectful yet dominant lol
  4. Hayhurst vs Lehman would be money too..Nosko was ice cold and his mat IQ was top notch..Baumman is a monster and would put a pace on him..Milius was a specimen and a takedown machine into until he ran into Noskos chin Whip! So many great match ups and I'm telling you Aaron Scott and Boarman is another sleeper that goes either way.. Seeing then both a ton, i like that match up with Boarman in a tight one.
  5. I like these proposals, thanks to everybody involved for contributing!
  6. Will strawberry or apricot perseveres be suffice in that recipe? Asking for a friend.
  7. These HS kids better get the scoop on one the nastiest cradles in Indiana history from the man Himself! Love seeing the greats give back to the up and comers.
  8. Garcia wasn't there so Bang bang wasn't letting his 6 shooters ring out, isn't that right @Mattyb
  9. TTT, gotta show love for all the schools trying to get better!
  10. Awesome to see, congrats young lady, give it hell kid!
  11. That's great news for that program! What a stud to lead the young guns that are there, Love seeing the legends give back to the sport the excelled at...I know Reiser will be pumped about this and this just assures us that Chesterton will be a murderes row for years to come.. This is what generational pedigree looks like, from the youth level up, the culture breeds success and great leaders of tomorrow.
  12. Congratulations and couldn't have picked a better school.
  13. Love how the stars of yesterday are giving back to the Young men/women of today.
  14. Good opportunity for wrestlers, I'd loved this when I was on school having so many open rooms and quality coaching is a blessing.
  15. Your brother was tough I remember him! You don't get better not completing vs s studs year round.
  16. The old Pal Club had tons of studs! Da Regions Galka was a machine and lightening fast! If you don't mind asking who's your little brother? Mullins lost to lik Tshirts his sophmore year at ihsaa state.. another stud I worked with and trained in MMA even he was a youngster was Devon Jackson lost to Lil tshirts in OT at ihsaa state too.. Jason was so clutch in big matches.. Beating #1 ranked nationally Cashe Quiroga his freshman year at state was a huge foreshadowing of the success he would have in his career... Indiana has really came along nicely producing high level guys, especially us not being that big of a state.
  17. I remember seeing middle school Lil Tshirts beat HS State Champ Wright at iswa state when Jason bumped to Jr. Division to test himself.. That was his official coming out party amongst the entire state.
  18. So many factors go into this, but I'd imagine that getting burnt out can play into the ones that never won a state title.. Mullins being a 4x placer (5,3,2,8) and runner up as a jr losing 1-0 to welch in the finals, then his senior year had a rough rough year mentally, physically, emotionally, lawfully and socially.. He tore his lat badly in season and never was right after that..losing at state to Richey then inj def the rest to finish 8th.. I remember that year before he got hurt he mauled and stuck the 6th placer Brown from Laff Jeff... He Was a great kid that got into the wrong scene and it cost him dearly paired with his heart not being in it anymore...I remember Mullins dad added up all his matches over his entire life and it was crazy crazy like over 2k wins and under 70 losses.. When he did lose in his youth years it was after being a all American placements... That article I posted had staggering credentials by 12...Revin Dickman really reminds me of young Mullins by his maturity and technical prowess. I know he was def burnt out.. Was going to Stanford om scholarship until he got in trouble.. Then lost the offer and went to D2 Notre Dame where he started the season doing great.. had the starting spot at 165 after beating some guy named Joey Davis handily.. Then just left and never wrestled again.. Started a MMA career dominating everybody in his way going 5-0 as ammy but has been on a hiatus after moving out West... He is part of the laundry list of What ifs in NC history.. Mullins, Bubba Dickerson, Jason Sayre(2x SQ that Would've been ranked top 3 if not 1 going into their senior year at 112n losing a late lead to multiple time placer Tim Hunt) the year Hump won his first title at 112 Sayre was in top shape before getting kicked off and watching the very guy he dominated not long ago, go on to win the state title. That also hurt Jaggers big time losing a high level partner all while training to go against the Arguably best ever ay time Angel Escibedi.. Not that it would've helped Matt win but it def can't be good losing your career partner, who I'll say was a tank at 112. Sayre at semi state semis the year in prior beat Hump by 12 .. He was booted for drinking crap being a buffoon in public.. Never was right after that either.. Makes my stomach turn thinking about the wasteland of talent this town has become honestly.
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