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  1. Everyone...I've got the form signed. Emailed Robert yesterday. My AD emailed him the day before. The only thing I can think of is that the minimum weight says 120.3...that's the lowest he can be at 7%. That would be the only sticking point I could see. But that hasn't been mentioned as the issue. Here is our back and forth... Good Morning Mr. Faulkens, Yesterday, you spoke with my AD, Ryan Johnson, concerning a young man that has 6.74% BF with an Alpha Weight of 120.0. In reading over the doctor's clearance form and the explanation sheet we gave to the doctor, I still can't give an accurate reason to the wrestler and his parents as to why he can't wrestle 120. If his Alpha Weight is 120.0 and the doctor's clearance form gives him permission to wrestle at his Alpha Weight, shouldn't he be able to compete at 120.0? On the explanation to the doctor, it states "If you give permission for the wrestler to compete at his Alpha Weight, please circle A." A states that he can compete at his alpha weight or the weight class above. The example given in A doesn't account for a wrestler with an Alpha Weight at an exact weight class. Ex. Wrestler weighs 110 and is under 7% BF, so he must wrestle 113. That's easy to understand. But what if the wrestler was at 113 and under 7%. Wouldn't he still be able to compete at 113? Any clarification you can give would be appreciated. As you can probably tell, I'm confused and I want to be able to communicate effectively to the wrestler and the parents. I appreciate your time and look forward to hearing from you! From RF... First of all, the Physician’s clearance simply notes that he can wrestle without having to gain the weight to be at 7% body fat. The rule is that an underweight wrestler wrestles at the weight class which immediately exceeds the alpha weight.
  2. I've already made the call. My AD as well. Faulkens says 126. I still disagree with him.
  3. I have a 120lber that has 6.74% BF, so he is below 7% (obviously). His Alpha Weight is 120.0. Does he wrestle 120 or 126? The IHSAA says 126.
  4. Haydn Prater of Rochester finished 2-2 at FS 71kg
  5. Three Rivers Conference has been moved to Friday at 5pm. Maconaquah HS.
  6. I'll be completely transparent. Our 106 just got back from a broken wrist suffered in PE. Saturday was his first match. Our 113 from last year quit. Our 126/132 has been very sick. He was there but not healthy. Our 138 has pneumonia. Our 160, 182, and 195 are serving a suspension and will be back for Conference and the post season. Christmas Break was not very kind to us this year. Oh, and our heavy weight just quit right after team state because "It's just too hard" (Been wrestling since elementary school.). Oh, and our 126 freshman broke his arm on Saturday in the second round. Yep, I think I got it all... We'll regroup...we still have some good wrestling left in us.
  7. Isn’t Fielden at 170? You probably have the inside scoop but he’s 170/182 all year?
  8. Clint Gard

    Rochester vs. Peru

  9. Clint Gard

    Rochester vs. Whitko

  10. Clint Gard

    Rochester vs. Knox

  11. Any idea why Manchester isn't represented?
  12. Thanks for the clarification Riley! I don't think Ed violated anything. Just struck me funny and brings to light an issue that I know is out there with others.
  13. "I am not calling you out, P, but we both know that Mitch Sliga spent 2x more time in CIA's room than he did Fishers. He did not need to go searching elsewhere to receive support or partners because you provided that to him through CIA, and he was in there on a year-round basis." Yes, I know out of all of the comments, this struck me. But I thought during season, wrestlers couldn't train with each other. I ask because I know kids are not only training in Academies together but now it has morphed into kids training together at their schools. Isn't this against IHSAA Policy? Asking for a friend.
  14. Lol...you spoke too soon! I'm not mad at Nick. You gotta fight for your program. But, I do believe I have a good argument as well.
  15. If you are going to go in to specifics then lets be specific. Your 152 teched my 152. Your 152 might be better (was on that day) but my 152 had 2 losses to Calhoun from Plymouth, a loss to the Merrillville kid, and lost in OT in the ticket round. He didn't wrestle punks. Our 182 beat your guy pretty handidly at the Al Smith and he was pretty highly touted in the SS Rankings. I think we have some kids that would beat some of your kids as well that might have a better record. It goes both ways and I think we have earned our right to be there based on the data and the information everyone is provided. You do too and should...I have no argument with that. You seem to be hung up on the fact that we came out of the Peru Sectional and Regional. So what's your solution? My understanding is that calculations are adjusted for your argument. Do we just not let those teams from a perceived weaker sectional/regional in for consideration? The question you asked above could very easily be turned around and asked...does your 6 regional qualifiers automatically make you a better team than the team with 10 regional qualifiers (which we didn't have)?
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