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Posts posted by MattM

  1. Ayala over Seltzer 10-9.  Lots of action.  Few points for both early.  Ayala 2 point tilt from a ride and a takedown a little while after widened the gap and put him in the drivers seat.  Seltzer spend most of the rest of the match trying to play catch up with takedowns and cuts.  He got a few but couldn’t quite get there.  Still showed he’s right there with the Pound for Pound guys. 

  2. Seltzer in the semis vs #1 Drake Ayala. A few weeks back at Who’s #1 Ayala knocked off Flos #1 Pound for Pound wrestler.  This is a statement match for Seltzer in terms of showing here right there with the best of the best in the county. Get after it. 

  3. Clearly with the Covid precautions spreading the divisions out is the safer option if at least some spectators want to be able to watch.  Schools with a decent size fieldhouse with moveable bleacher or multiple gyms with decent bleacher sets would be the likely option. But even with that type of space the spectator list maybe limited to immediate family members.   

  4. 1 hour ago, Galagore said:


    My major concern is Saturday meets...not so much in the safety, but in getting several schools together who may have varying degrees of safety measures. Hopefully our coaches and parents will react well if the host school has more stringent mask enforcement, etc. than their home school. Hosting a tournament is hard enough, let alone now, let alone if you are constantly having to ask people to follow basic safety guidelines.

    I can say the biggest issue Covid safety protocol we have had with football this year have been with opponents fans.  Our schools football protocol was to limit seating to just immediate family members and require masks when not distanced.  However, most of the visiting schools brought what I would consider their typical traveling fan base that was beyond immediate family and many were not wearing masks at any point.   Not sure it resulted in any more cases occurring, but it definitely was some type of communication/enforcement breakdown between the ADs and fans.  

    Luckily for our indoor sports our gym seating allows fans to spread out slot better when not holding really large events.  

  5. 12 hours ago, Mattyb said:

    Willie Saylor (the best ranker in the USA) has named Jesse top pound for pound high school wrestler in the USA. I have had the pleasure of seeing Jesse wrestle since he was very young. It’s been amazing to see the progress that he has made and continues to make. Sky’s the limit for this awesome kid. Great kid and great family. Keep it up champ!!! 

    Great honor for him and well deserved after his showing at Who’s #1.  Though I’m guessing Jesse would like another shot at Van Ness in order to solidify that ranking.  

  6. 1 hour ago, Y2CJ41 said:

    Coming soon!

    Golden Girls Rose GIF by TV Land

    IndianaMat was the high bidder on the Golden Girls House auction today!?!?!?!  Shelling out 4Mil is quite a lot of cash, but that pre-season open has been doing well. 

  7. Seymour Middle School has a English/Language Arts opening for this school year that needs to be filled in the next couple days.  
    As well, Seymour has an Assistant Wrestling Coaching opening at our High School as well as a possible Middle School coaching and Elementary Coordinator openings.  We are looking for a young, energetic, passionate, and hard-working coach to help with our middle school program continue to grow and improve.  The ideal candidate would be someone with head coaching aspirations at the high school level. 

    Please get your applications in via the school job opening website (posted below), contact Coach Todd Weaver weavert@scsc.k12.in.us  and continue to monitor the job opening website for specific position you would like to checkup on.

    Seymour Job Openings Website: https://www.applitrack.com/scsc/onlineapp/

  8. Some of the warm weather states will have a lot more options for shifting their sports seasons around since they are not constructed as much by winter weather.  Those state probably could find a way to get all their sports in without shortening the season too much or even overlapping most sports seasons.  If the rest of the rest states move seasons though they will run into those types of issues.  Which as mentioned above could cause some multi-sports athletes to make some decisions on what to play.  That would suck, but at least it’s a better option than not getting many of the sports seasons in at all. 

  9. 1 hour ago, Short Jay said:

    Kenney with a 1st round submission victory over Smolka.  

    Nice.  Missed the prelims. I’ll have to catch the replay of it. 

  10. Sorry didn’t realize it was under the paywall.  

    Due to the subscription factor I won’t provide the full detailed article or honorable mentions, but the main DI only lineup according to their criteria and twitter responses are:

    125 - A. Escobedo - IN

    133 - S. Micic - Mich

    141- R. Humphrey - OSU

    149 - J. Tsirtsis - NW 

    157 - D. Lilovich (80s) - PU

    165 - A. Howe - Wis 

    174 - R. Voliva (30s) - IN 

    184 - B. Palmer (70s) - Iowa
    197 - C. McDaniel (30s) - IN

    285 - G. Wagner - Mich




    Again we have some current DI guys able to make a run at a couple spots if their next few seasons are able to go through as normal. 

  11. Little insight into Cronin personal struggle during this past season.  


     It was nice to see him qualify after mental/emotional factors that were hindering his wrestling focus when he first entered the lineup this season. Hopefully things work out for him at Nebraska.  

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