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Posts posted by MattM

  1. Being ranked in general is a nice recognition of your hard work and ability.  in recent years some of these Freshman have put together a very impressive national resume over the last couple years against cadet age group competition.  So I can see some ranking coordinator may consider plugging a few in, especially at the lower weights.  Not every talented wrestlers will have their name out there enough to get that recognition later in the the year, let along at this point of the season.  Our ranking guys do a great job and are pretty accurate with their picks by the last rankings, but even they will point out how a couple unranked guys (mostly due to lack of info on them) who qualified for state slipped by them. 


    However, getting too caught up in where you are rank isn't necessary, especially in the first month of competition.  That ranking maybe a curse to some if they feel if they value it too much.  Heck I've seen kids get so nervous about trying to keep a ranking they finally earned that they drop matches they probably shouldn't have by being too conservative or failing on a mid-match desperation move after being down a couple points early.  I've also seen ranked wrestlers let their foot off the gas and drop a match because they began to assume that ranking meant they have already proven they will make it to state.  


    The rankings will all "come out in the wash" as the season progresses and more results start come in. If anything use your lower or non-ranking as motivation to keep improving your craft so you can prove your ability doesn't match your ranking when that time comes.  When a wrestlers season ends, and they looked back at how they did, believe me they they won't be reflecting on where they were ranked during the course of that year.

  2. 24 minutes ago, Dmsmelby said:

    I coach middle school so I doubt I gotta worry about that 

    True for the good or bad of it MS wrestling in Indiana follow some Wild West type code of rules at best.  

    with that said Jeff at E.I. Sports is a stand up guy and has never once let me down.  

  3. Other than the state series itself, the Al Smith Tournament has been touted for years as the toughest in-state individual tournament.  


    Team State would be the toughest in-state dual tournament.  

    Traicoff is usually considered the toughest in-state multi-dual.  


    A few IN teams also attend some very tough individual tournaments and duals across the boarder in neighboring states.  



  4. DI Signings for Indiana wrestlers and for Indiana Colleges

    What I found from a quick search.



    Jacob Rundell (OPRF, IL): 133   Ranked #11 on Flo.

    Gerrit Nijenhuis (Canon-McMillan, PA): 174/184  Ranked #2 by Flo and recent Super 32 Champ



    Silas Allred (Shenandoah, IN): 197  Ranked #2 on Flo



    Jacob Moran (Portage, IN): 125 - Took a  “grey shirt” OTC year this season.

    Santos Cantu (Crescent Valley, OR): 197 - Changed to IU from his commitment.  Ranked #7 on Flo and recent Super 32 Champ


  5. 1 hour ago, AdamsCoBuschhh said:

    I forget which Baker boy from the evil school a few miles north of me (Bellmont), but they had a kid in the late 90's that beat quite a few former state champs but never won it all.  I'm pretty sure he won the Al Smith all 4 years too.  My sons were in High School during his time, can't recall that kid losing much.  I can't remember what happened to him at State though.


    Randy was the 4x Al Smith Baker boy.    



  6. Last I heard he was considering taking a “grey shirt” year out at the Olympic Training Center before starting at IU.  Not sure if that is still the car or not.  Could be an attempt to help in grow into a true 125, as well as, give IU an opportunity to make a lineup spot and/or scholarship available for him.  

  7. 15 minutes ago, Galagore said:

    Was talking with someone about that today, and that's what we thought...expected to win as a senior and placed fifth? Does that sound right? Guess I could just look it up haha

    I just recall his senior year that he fell victim to part of the Eppert vs Wright finals trilogy.  Pretty talented bracket that year. 

  8. 12 minutes ago, Y21AB said:

    If we are talking about the best to ever come up SHORT we gotta include... Jarred Brooks, Danny Hamm, Mason Todd, DJ Smith, Cody Phillips, Colton Cummings, Hayden Lee, Kris McKinley and of course Nick Wiesjahn.


  9. Not to say the 4xers didn’t have some good competition, but off the top of my head I can recall many of those 3x champs losing to an eventual DI wrestler in their none title year.  

  10. From what I’ve heard the word in West Laf. is that Patriott has spent some time cleaning up a few thing and should make a big impact this year.   Based on his expectations out of HS that is something I’m sure the Boiler faithful like hearing. 

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