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  1. Got to be impressed with the whole Jay County wrestling team! They won a lot of close matches and wrestled really good all the way through their lineup. Congrats Patriots on your sectional title!
  2. That kid is so much fun to watch!! Can't wait to watch his tournament run this year... STUD!!
  3. Team Race should be close and exciting!! I'm not ready to count Bellmont out just yet. They always have kids in their lineups that put it together and make a run at a Sectional championship. Hurts them with out Shaw at heavyweight.
  4. That is correct grade and record. He has a big win over Martz from Woodlan that seemed everyone else at that weight lost to.
  5. Good tournament. They guys enjoyed competing against some tough competition. The music, announcer, and spotlight for the finals make it an exciting atmosphere! I thought the Shearer vs Zadylak final match was one of the best of the day! Back and forth match with Shearer scoring reversal and nearfall at the end.
  6. So I know you can only bump up one weight class so my question is do you have to be over the scratch weight class or the weight allowance for that meet to bump up? Example...kid weights 147.8 however the team was not allowed to practice the day before so there will be an extra lb over the two lb allowance. So does he need to weigh in over 148 to wrestle 160?
  7. Southern Wells
  8. How many mats will be going at the North regional? Is it double elimination, wrestle back to 3rd? Will be our first year there so kind of curious?
  9. Coaches are suppose to be getting final results emailed to them on Monday. I will pass them on when I get them.
  10. Southern Wells
  11. Southern Wells
  12. Southern Wells
  13. Southern Wells
  14. I would like to see the 120lb match up between Brooks (Wabash) and Morrisett (Eastern)...should be a good one
  15. Southern Wells
  16. Southern Wells
  17. Southern Wells
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