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  1. Thanks for the link. There appears to be a mistake in the Regional feeders for Pendleton Heights, it shows Elwood and Lawrence North sectionals, but there is no Lawrence North sectional listed, so I assume they mean the Arsenal Tech sectional instead? That would match the teams from last year's Pendleton Heights Regional.
  2. My son wrestled for the first time in 8th grade last year. He weighed 320 when practice began, and he lost over 30 pounds all on his own with no pressure from us as parents or from his coaches. He did it with diet and conditioning. He's now finishing his freshman year and even though he's taller now at 6'6", he's still under 285 and has been all year. Only pressure he's had is from the football coach who wants him at 290, lol.
  3. Is the "Central" event also considered a qualifier for the State Finals? It's described differently than the North and South qualifiers.
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