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  1. hammer

    RANKINGS UPDATED AS OF 12/5 at 3 A.M. Eastern

    That coach sounds like an idiot. It's a shame to ruin a kid's athletic career through stupidity.
  2. hammer

    Biggest wins by less heralded Indiana wrestlers

    Someone else probably has better specifics on this, but I remember that Colin Warner(Tipton) beat Deron Wynn from Missouri the year before Wynn would win Fargo at 215.
  3. Snider Hwt. Greg Wagoner was All-State in Football and Track, winning a State Championship in Wrestling.
  4. Mauer should have 3 Team State titles, and one football state title.
  5. hammer

    State champion with most losses?

    O'Brien lost to Moore, twice. The other 2 losses were SS defaults. I think I remember him being sick or having mono. It set up a match up on Friday night with Bauhman(sp?) of Portage, who was the next best kid in the weight class.
  6. hammer

    Favorite Match You Ever Wrestled Or Seen?

    I would agree on Mauer vs. Dolly. Another one that comes to mind is Carr vs. Harper.
  7. hammer

    IHSWCA Hall of Fame 2011 Inductees

    I agree. Glad to see my old coach get in!
  8. hammer

    Isn't it too late to drop weight?

    Here in lies the problem. The IHSAA wrote the rule one way, and chose to interpret it another way. On how it is worded, ACComputer is correct. However, the IHSAA gets the final say on it, and they choose to disagree with their own rule that they wrote.
  9. hammer


    The rankings look solid, as usual. I do have a question for the Rankings Guy. You have the HN HWT. ranked, who hasn't wrestled all year, but will be returning. Would you rank the backup, too, if you felt like he was one of the 16 best(not saying that he is) in the state?
  10. hammer

    *Official* Undefeated Wrestlers List

    That deserves a Wahoo!
  11. hammer

    *Official* Undefeated Wrestlers List

    Wouldn't that be a loss via DQ?
  12. hammer

    Offense or Defense?

    The highest level wrestlers that I have coached all had much better offense than defense. More often than not, great offense will be harder to stop. I used tell one of them, who placed 3rd at State 2X, that his best defense was his offense. A good offensive attack could take him down, but a good defense couldn't stop his great offense.
  13. hammer


    I wasn't aware of that, but I am glad to hear that he is back on the mat.
  14. hammer


    I thought Brooks was sitting out the whole year. Was it only the first semester?
  15. hammer

    Al Smith invite

    I may be incorrect on this, but I believe that Randy Baker(Bellmont) might be the only 4 time Al Smith champ, and he didn't win state.

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