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  1. Congratulations to your son! That is a great accomplishment, in my opinion!
  2. That was awesome! He wrestled his match, and is a National Championship as a Freshman!
  3. I thought he beat Hernandez in the semis and lost to Hector Mendez in the finals?
  4. Thomas Hammock - Bishop Luers. 3rd as both a JR and a SR.
  5. I think I have seen it posted that Jade McCammon lost in the ticket round at SS all 4 years.
  6. I believe that it is stretching it to say that Reece would have won State at 112, if not for Angel. More likely, he would have won it if not for his own teammate at 103.
  7. Galka looked very young as a Freshman.
  8. hammer


    184 makes the most sense, but I have no inside knowledge.
  9. If their line up closely resembles this, it could get ugly!
  10. Better in state competition, here, likely. But I am guessing that KY doesn't share IN's stupid travel rules.
  11. Was that the one that Garner spent 5:30 minutes attacking, while Myers did no attacking, and then Myers scored right at the end to win? If so, that match should be under the "losing with class" topic. Garner never complained, and he had every right to. He just shook hands in the middle and walked off.
  12. I guess I have a difference in opinion, because of the size difference. Sliga taking 3rd as a freshman, at that weight class, in my opinion, is as impressive of any freshman performance that I have seen. He was a 14/15 y/o kid wrestling mostly 17/18 y/o kids. I don't knock him for losing the few matches that he did. Does anyone have any knowledge of Howe defeating opponents as much larger that Sliga is as a senior, when Howe was a senior?
  13. Senior Duckworth vs. Freshman Sliga is not a good thing to go on, in my opinion. You have to compare wrestlers when they are the same age, to have a fair comparison. Senior Howe vs. Senior Sliga would be a good match. I would expect low scoring, because Howe would be giving up a lot of size. Howe is one of the greatest, but Sliga is in that discussion, too.
  14. Do you know how hard it it is to place at 189# as a Freshman in IN? I would guess that over the past 30 years, that has happened less often than a true freshman to place in the NCAAs at 165.
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