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  1. Y2 you looked good with your horns! Put them back on!!
  2. I see knapp and miller will wrestle in ticket round at Fort Wayne semi state any other crazy match up ticket round?
  3. Was it my eyes or was Y2 not there tonight! I'm very sad!
  4. Hinshaw only beat Coshow 3-0 a few weeks ago.
  5. Looks like they have changed up the brackets a little might want to check them out.
  6. I hear Columbia city can't travel so the NHC is called off for tomorrow! :-[ ???
  7. Post all tournaments postponed times here. I know ACAC has a new start time of 11 A.M.
  8. Seeding meeting is Monday. I'm sure there will be more talking about it when the brackets come out.
  9. Dang I almost got myself a free meal at the berne McDonald's if only bellmonts heavyweight could of held on that last 25 seconds!!!!
  10. SA wins maybe 120 maybe maybe 182 Bellmont a lot SA very few
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