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  1. Hard to tell who was the best but J. Tsirtsis beating Quiroga as a freshman might put him at the best of all time. Quiroga went on to win Fargo that year after that loss. Didn't Red lose to Brandon James at FloNationals one year 6-3?
  2. Just read this, so sad. Thoughts and Prayers with Tsirtsis family.
  3. Crazy Angel wrestling at a heavier wt. in his sophmore year of high school than he is now.
  4. Just wondering what was the score before the fall? Was this a good match. Surprised by the pin that is a tough ticket round match
  5. Who are some of the other wrestlers over the years that have been number 1 in the nation? Micic, J. Tsirtsis, Sliga?, Howe, A Tsirtsis?, Escobedo, Larimore, Coughlin, Im sure there were some others and I could see Nick Lee there in a year or two. Congrats to Red great accomplishment
  6. Don't think he will AA just hope he qualifies for the NCAA. I thought he would adapt to college wrestling a lot better than he has with all his high school accomplishments. He gets horsed around in most of his matches. He is really tentative in his matches and can't get off bottom.
  7. What was the score of the Dustin Schlatter match and Macke? Great article.
  8. Did Darden Schurg lose? Did Forte bump up to wrestle him?
  9. Is Roach not wrestling anymore or is he hurt?
  10. How about Devon Jackson? He probably gave Tsirtsis his toughest match in high school besides Quiorga. I know Naples beat him but Tsirtsis controlled that match. Is Jackson still wrestling anywhere?
  11. Micic going to struggle if he can't get off bottom. His neutral game will be fine at this level, but I saw him get ridden in some high school matches. I think a red shirt for him is a good thing.
  12. Mitchell Port was in that bracket at Fargo and was 5th or 6th. He was a NCAA runner up last year and 3rd this year. Delgado 2 time NCAA champ, Deringer NCAA champ and 3rd last year, Tsirtsis NCAA champ and Port NCAA runner up. Tsirtsis beat port in that tournament. Great weight class. Tsirtisis was only going into his Freshman year. Tsirtsis beat Wright at Indiana freestyle state that year as well they wrestled in the first round 6-0, 2-0 Tsirtsis.
  13. I think Tsirtsis won Fila Cadet that year. Both great wrestlers at that time.
  14. Listening to Pico on the flo interview after the match it did not sound like he will be wrestling Tsirtsis. He did not rule it out but did not sound like it will happen. Too bad really wanted to see it. Maybe at the WTT in Madison it could happen.
  15. Actually it was a Lat Drop. Chalfant shot in and McMullan hit a lat drop. It was pretty sweet. It is on Mat 3 during the medal round on espn 3 wrestling replays at about the 1:01 hr mark. Here is a good interview with McMullan talks about the lat drop and about Tsirtsis.
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