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  1. I've got lots of questions about wearing the uniforms for weigh-in. Do the weights of uniforms vary? i.e. Is a two piece uniform heavier than a singlet? Even .1 pound could make a difference to some guys who are borderline. We had a freshman miss weight last year because he didn't take off a pair of heavy socks before stepping on the scale. The rule doesn't say the wrestler has to wear the same uniform in the match that they wore for weigh-ins, so will we see a new line of "lightweight" singlets? Will wrestlers wear uniforms when they establish their prime weight for weight management purposes
  2. Tony - I started to do something like you did, but got lazy.
  3. Couldn't let Prairie Heights be the only Class A posted. Here's out highest placer at each class: 106 Troy Roe (105), Champion 113 Lynn Fiechter (112) 2nd 120 Ray Ashley, Quaifier, 2nd 126 Mark Griffiths (125), 2nd 132 Leroy Striker, 4th 138 Andy Bertsch (135), 2nd 145 Tony Currie, 2nd 152 Tony Currie (151), 3rd 160 Jeff McCullough (155), 4th 170 Todd Yoder (171), 4th 182 Jack Bertsch (185), 4th 195 Ryan Wolfe/Dustin Mitchel
  4. Unless things have changed in the past few years the wrestler or coaches can't choose to go on or not if a trainer is called onto the mat. It's the trainer's call. That caused a big problem a while back when a trainer didn't know they only had a limited time to make the decision and refused to let a wrestler continue. Also, didn't know saying they wouldn't release the wrestler caused a default situation.
  5. Heard on the local news (I think) that FW had champions from 14 different schools. No one got a second champ. Don't know if I've ever seen that before.
  6. Friedt from Bellmont went up to 195
  7. There's another Fiechter, William, who qualified for state last year. I think they may now lead the way in family victories. William has at least one more year, maybe two.
  8. AC is similar to Garrett. We don't give a MVW award, but give a BAGUBA of the year, since BAGUBA involves more than just winning. It typically goes to the wrestler who advances the farthest in the tournament, but this year Macklin and Mosser shared it. Macklin placed while Mosser was eliminated Friday night, but Mosser had a better regular season and embodied the personality of a BAGUBA.
  9. Gray finished 6th, so that should have pushed Norwell past Bellmont.
  10. Jashawn Berlanga set a new school record for Adams Central Saturday with his 30th fall of the season. Probably not close to the state record, though.
  11. The ACAC has moved to Friday as well. Weigh-ins at 5:30.
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