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  1. The first match, ehh I understand he was up… Second match Ayres had him broke and seemed to be in control… Weak move, sad the better wrestler went home.. Remember there to life than winning, character matters!
  2. It pains me to say this, but I think AC is still going to be really really good next year! I believe they have a fair amount of juniors but only graduate a handful of seniors(Currie, Heyelrly). Those guys ate tough to replace but they could have 3 state qualifiers coming back next year They are my pick to win the semi state this year! All of their wrestlers got phenomenal draws!
  3. I did hear a “rumor” that their middle school team had over 30+…
  4. I agree! Give Cody maybe a year or two more and they are a huge threat to Belmont!
  5. Pretty chalk.. So not any upsets?
  6. I have reffed some matches/tournaments.. I didn’t find it fun or enjoyable for a source of income for my life. That doesn’t excuse fans/parents! No room for that 100% agree! Ultimately it is a job and knowing rules or making the right calls is part of any job. If you don’t believe me I’ve got an application I can send you!
  7. Didn’t know how it works for sectionals..
  8. It would be wise for the AD for Jay co to not have the same ones, just my two cents. Im sure the place would erupt and I could see the Patriot statue being taken down..
  9. I think the real question is does Belmont win regional? Does Dull finally get curries number? Does Johns get pushed at 106? Who doesn’t advance at 138 since it’s such a meat grinder? I think the Jay co sectional dominates the incoming sectional and has 12 out of the 14 champs!
  10. I haven’t researched their regional… Any chance they have 14 regional champs?
  11. Sorry for the poor wording… It would be interesting to know that, can’t imagine with 14 champs they gave up many individual!
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