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    Indysportsfan got a reaction from bidfarewell in Pletcher/Red off   
    Selfishness at its finest
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    Indysportsfan reacted to Dingo Brigade in 132 Classic   
    I haven't heard a peep about backflips, imaginary championship belt mimicking, flexing biceps, angrily slamming down ankle bands in a loss...not a peep. It's hard to explain why people would be so selective about demonstrative acts after matches under the lights. Perhaps someone from the outraged group could explain this to me
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    Indysportsfan reacted to Dingo Brigade in 132 State Finals - You KNOW IT!   
    It's weird to me that people are focused on things that took place after the match, considering what we were just treated to. We have a lot of spoiled fans in this state.
    As far as what constitutes classlessness, I've never seen Red do anything dirty. Ive seen him take on challenges that few from Indiana have equaled or excelled. I don't see or hear anything from Red that I haven't seen or heard before. If emd fans or fans from any other school hate such 'classlessness', all you have to do is beat him to shut him up.
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    Indysportsfan reacted to IUrasslin in 132 Classic   
    Confident and brash is not the same as arrogant and rude.
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    Indysportsfan reacted to julio in Uhh oh Fort Wayne is catching up!   
    The goal is to win, not place. The Region wants championships!
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    Indysportsfan got a reaction from FWwrestling1996 in Who sent the most....   
    Carroll participated in the FW SS where Avon & B-South had to come from Evansville -- big difference in depth.
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    Indysportsfan reacted to Mattyb in IHSWCA MS State results and IHSAA Champs   
    2011 Champs:
    75- Will Egli
    80- Chad Red
    85- Drew Hughes
    90- Jake Tucker
    95- Tommy Cash
    102- Nick Lee
    110- Darden Schurg
    117- Bailey Lahue
    125- Tommy Forte
    132- Evan Smiley
    140- Isaiah Kemper
    150- Jacob Stevenson
    160- Scottie Sopko
    175- Robert Stevenson
    195- Mason Morningstar
    220- Sam Steward
    275- Shawn Streck
    2012 Champs:
    75- Graham Rooks
    80- Colton Cummings
    85- Joe Lee
    90- Brayton Lee
    95- Chad Red
    102- Broack Hudkins
    110- Nick Lee
    117- Gaige Torres
    125- Blake Jordan
         2nd- Jacob Cavaciu
    132- Bryce Bumgartner
        2nd- Jordan Vaughn
    140- Blake Rypel
    150- Ben Stewart
    160- Kyle Schaffer
    175- Alex Ragains
    195- Evan Ellis
    220- Quinn York
    275- Colton Page
    Taking the list from 2009 to 2012. I would say that winning this thing is a HUGE indicator of future success. Does anyone want me to post the last three years???
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    Indysportsfan got a reaction from Bulldog89 in Possible 4 over 1's?   
    To be the 4 seed out of a sectional a wrestler would have lost twice, correct?? Simply looking at the record you should surmise Rhodes is not a 4 seed.
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    Indysportsfan reacted to Redwoods in Possible 4 over 1's?   
    1. Raypole 14-2
    2. Doster 36-3
    3. Ross 23-16
    4. Rhodes 36-1
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    Indysportsfan got a reaction from Bruins2013 in FINALLY Fort Wayne....   
    Once again Connersville refusal to get automated has screwed another kid in the rankings!!
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    Indysportsfan got a reaction from hook and half in Joe Lee bumps up to face Steven Lawrence!   
    I stood for 12 hours in the balcony, no seat provided, BUT I was able to watch every mat clearly. In hindsight i want to say THANK YOU to all those fans / teams holding seats even though they were asked multiple times to stop the practice.
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    Indysportsfan got a reaction from Bruins2013 in And Team State is underway...   
    Rules are rules, it was highly emotional but you have to keep your headgear.
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    Indysportsfan reacted to Y2CJ41 in 3A Team State Draw and Discussion   
    Since all the Penn fans are getting on here crying about their draw and calling it a conspiracy. 
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    Indysportsfan reacted to LongBlackLine in 3A Team State Draw and Discussion   
    Malarkey. If that were the case it'd be a purely blind draw. Literally no organized professional, and most amateur (IN high school athletics being one of the few exceptions and most widely ridiculed all in formats), sports use blind draws for championship contention. Rankings are a factor.
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    Indysportsfan reacted to maligned in We have the headgear thing backwards   
    I'm an economist.  There's extensive research into the fact that being taller as a man and more beautiful as a woman correlates to career advancement.  I'm absolutely sure decision-makers generally don't hire or fire based solely on physical appearance, but the data have a long history and are inarguable: physical appearance affects hiring decisions on a subconscious level.  
    I have no desire to get into the headgear/no-headgear discussion.  That's up to coaches, individuals, and families.   But if we're just dealing in facts, it's short-sighted to think that having deformed ears won't affect someone's first impression of you and potentially have a tiny subtle effect in people's minds when they're deciding between you and 5 other qualified people.  
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    Indysportsfan reacted to Y2CJ41 in Al Smith   
    Then it should be unseeded
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    Indysportsfan reacted to wrestlenewbie in State 4 over 1's and Death Draws   
    Is there any such thing as an un-biased opinion? All opinions are affected and formed by biases, acknowledged or otherwise. So allow me to acknowledge my bias for Nick Lee as best pound for pound. The good news is that there is no bias to my bias. It is purely biased.
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    Indysportsfan reacted to Alias in Team State Talk and Predictions   
    Great day of wrestling. My only complaint about the tournament was the LONG breaks in between rounds. I understand the need, but it seemed silly that so many 2 hour plus breaks existed in between some wrestlers matches. Also, I thought it was unfortunate that red and his father did not decide to bump up and take the challenge. The match would have been one for the ages, and although I believe lee would win, the match would allow two of the pound for pound best wrestlers in the state and maybe in state history to challenge one another. At the point the match would have occured, the dual was decisively over. It would not have made any difference in the dual. Nothing against the kid, but I believe that to be the best you must beat the best. These two kids are the best, and it would have gotten a lot of attention and gained both kids a national competition quality opponent. There are wrestlers around the country that travel thousands of miles to get quality competition, with an opponent like lee in front of you, you've got to take it.
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    Indysportsfan got a reaction from Y2CJ41 in IHSWCA ROUND ONE THREAD   
    Track Wrestling is the best thing since sliced bread.
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    Indysportsfan got a reaction from BeastMode#31 in PREVIEW - week of Dec14 to Dec20   
    I look at Track Wrestiing, no seeds/brackets .... Any help would be appreciated.
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