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Everything posted by Eagle2

  1. This season is a disaster. I know a team that has 4 weigh ins scheduled now due to quarantine and other events getting canceled.
  2. Has anyone heard of the IHSAA making any adjustments to how many weigh ins a kid needs to have to qualify for State? I believe you have to have 5. With matches getting canceled it’s starting to concern me. Any help would be appreciated.
  3. No Eli Pack. Only Junior on the podium @ 195, finished 4th. Wrestled last 2.5 matches at state with a torn UCL, partially torn LCL and dislocated elbow. Time for the toughness questions to go away. Only losses this year were to the 1,2 & 3 kid in the state. Would love to see that 3/4 place match if he wasn’t wrestling with one arm. 1-1 with 7 seconds to go.
  4. Tyler Wagner wrestled Brady Welch. Great match. Eli Pack beat Jacob Huffman 4-1.
  5. Brennen Cernus is a 1st class young man. People should get their story straight before posting such stupidity. Good luck Brennen you will be missed. Culver lost a great one!!
  6. I thought I saw somewhere that East Chicago will be streamed live this weekend. Can anyone please share the link I can’t find it. Thank you in advance.
  7. Any word on weight/ allowances ?
  8. Question Is there a maximum weight allowance @ Regionals if kids don't have school this week? I was thinking that the max would be 2lbs even if they missed all week. Can someone please clarify that for me please.
  9. What’s funny is your the only one complaining of the seeding of a HS tourney & its 2 days past now. I’m sure Jim had the info he needed @ the time of seeding. Can’t control what happens after seedlings are out. Why don’t you try to get the IHSAA to fix things like wrestle backs & seeding. While your at it see if they will start seeding in football for playoffs. Now that is the real Joke!! Having an 0-9 team get a first round bye are you kidding me. Or how about the stupid 300 mile rule for competeing Jim is doing just fine. We need to spend energy on more important things. Keep up th
  10. Ok, well your wrong. 1 kid had testing. Coaches found out the day before. 1 kid has a knee issue, one kid hurt his back during the week. 2 kids got a concussion this week & another kid had to take care of family things. Cant control these things. Cracks me up how grown adults get upset about these things. Indiana has more things to worry about than a teams seeding at an in season tournament. Keep up the good work Jim. You can only go off the info you have @ the time.
  11. Absolute joke? What do you know about the team that Jim doesn’t know? Not Jim’s fault they had 26,38,45,52,95 & 220 all go down within a couple of days. Beating Wawasee want a Joke. Ask Cathedral if the kids they wrestled from CMA was a joke.
  12. Eagle2

    Culver Academies vs. Knox

    Culver Academies
  13. Culver Academies
  14. CMA 48 - Plymouth 31 CMA 66 - Knox 12 CMA 60 - South Bend Adams 24 CMA 48 - Rochester- 18
  15. Culver Academies
  16. Where do we order the magazine? I don't see a link for it. In the store section the latest one they have is 2015.
  17. Love the Buzz about the CMA Wrestling program!! Teams have no clue what’s about to hit them. You add 3 of the top incoming freshman & a top Ohio Junior along with a top Indiana kid to what they have coming back it’s a GREAT TIME TO BE A EAGLE!!
  18. Adam Davis of Culver Military Academy is wrestling @ Navy.
  19. Yes, 8 hours after it happen.
  20. Watched it. All the coach can go off of is what the kid told him & the trainer. Spasms don’t always start the second something happens. AGAIN IF IT WASNT AN ILLEGAL MOVE WE WOULDNT BE HAVING THIS DISCUSSION. PERIOD
  21. I can tell you the coaches have never told any of their kids to fake anything. If the coach did tell him to take the dive then shame on him. But you sir are putting words in the coaches mouth without knowing what was said. His job as a coach is to protect their kid is it not. They had a kid that wrestled with an injured back all year and they pushed him through it and people on THIS sight were calling him soft or a kid that quits so I know they would never tell Bryant to take a dive I’ll fight that all day!!
  22. Was the move on Bryant illegal or not? Rules are rules for a reason. I know the Coach & Bryant. Culver teaches toughness everyday on & off the mat if you know anything about the school. Bryant is as tough as they come if he could have gone on he would have. If there wasn’t an illegal move this wouldn’t even be a discussion!!
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