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  1. Can someone post the Vega/Shaffer matches?
  2. Does anyone know where I can locate the previous year's state wrestling brackets? They were up for a short period of time last year and then they were taken down. They were fantastic to read since the whole bracket was filled out for every weight going back to 1985 or so.
  3. What is the name of your podcast and where can we locate it?
  4. I guarantee someone is doing stats at some of these levels.
  5. I thought that I have read about this topic in the past. I realize that there are different kinds of shots and good/bad shots. I am just talking raw numbers. Percentage of shots that are successful at different levels such as High School, College, Olympics?
  6. What is the success rate for take downs at the different levels of competition. What % of shots taken equal points scored? I am trying to get our guys to realize that not all shots are going to translate into points scored.
  7. How many schools participate in morning conditioning?
  8. Congratulations to McCutcheon Mavericks Drew Linder and Carlos Lopez for signing with Wabash College! Drew is projected to wrestle 133/141 and Carlos is projected to wrestle 165/174.
  9. I had two brothers miss our end of the season banquet. They said that they were home making food for the banquet and had to stay home until it was done. So, they skipped the banquet to stay home cooking for the banquet!
  10. Are there any videos out there of these hyped matches? I was looking for the Vega Schaefer match yesterday.
  11. The Individual Weigh In Form is outdated as well. It states 2014-2015
  12. Chuck Wallace Head Coach at McCutcheon High School
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