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  1. ckwallac

    Morning Practices?

    How many schools participate in morning conditioning?
  2. ckwallac

    McCutcheon Signings

    Congratulations to McCutcheon Mavericks Drew Linder and Carlos Lopez for signing with Wabash College! Drew is projected to wrestle 133/141 and Carlos is projected to wrestle 165/174.
  3. ckwallac

    McCutcheon JV

    McCutcheon HS is looking to join a JV tournament on 12/15/18. Please contact Chuck Wallace with any details. 765 532-9307 ckwallace@tsc.k12.in.us
  4. McCutcheon HS is looking for a JV tournament for 12/15/18 and another one for the Holiday Break. Please contact Chuck Wallace ckwallace@tsc.k12.in.us or 765 532-9307
  5. ckwallac

    howe out for season???

    How did his injury occur?
  6. ckwallac

    Favorite pair of wrestling shoes ever?

    Asics Ultra Flex!! The best shoe ever made. I wish that they still made them. I suppose that they do but only in leather.
  7. ckwallac

    How did you get into wrestling....

    A flier from our fourth grade teacher was the initial introduction which led me to the sport. After 2 years away a very overweight friend was going out for the team and I felt ridiculous that he was going out and I was not. My life has been altered for the better due his indirect peer pressure.
  8. Jason Smith 125lbs. from LN in 1991 I believe that he had not made it out of regionals before his senior year.

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